Easy positioning and installation of your dish antenna with accurate satellite display:Dish alignment, pointing and Installation has always been a complicated task, especially if you do not have a clue. That is why I posted this application that will simplify this task and allow you to install and align your antenna without the need to call a specialist. Augmented reality and compass orientation are only available in the full version here: https://appsto.re/fr/Gb6Hbb.iContact : [email protected]

SatCatcher Satellite Dish Installation & Alignment alternatives

SatFinder - Adjust your dish in few seconds

With SatFinder, you can set up your satellite antenna quickly and easily in four simple steps:STEP 1 SELECT YOUR ANTENNASelect one of the three types of antennas:- Offset antennas (the most common is slightly oval, the LNB is not in the middle) - Flat or planar antenna (small camping antennas)- Parabolic antenna or satellite dish (rare, typically larger than 100 cm)If you have an offset antenna, enter the height and width of the antenna. If you know the exact name of your antenna, check to see whether it is already in the database. These coprocessors are currently used in the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone SE, iPad Pro 9.7, and iPad Pro 12.9.

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  • size 60.9 MB

SatFinder 3D Augmented Reality

SatFinder 3D is a tool for satellite dish alignment to help installers with finding a satellite direction. Description:You no longer need to search for desired direction, just choose your satellite from a list, tap AR button and choose your offset or prime dish type. When your real south direction match to device 3D world direction just move your device as usual.

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SatFinder Lite - Find TV Satellites

Locate TV satellites in the sky with your iPhone or iPad. SatFinder Lite is a tool for finding TV satellites and aligning satellite dishes. - Touch screen to take a screenshot of Augmented Reality view

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Sat Scope

This app shows you the position of satellites. If you are installing or adjusting a satellite dish it shows the direction to point it for your chosen satellite. The satellite position is shown as a red dot over the camera image so you can also check if there are obstructions between you and the satellite.

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Satellite Transponders

This program is a data base of all TV satellites in the world. You can easily find a satellite parameters. More than 12,800 video channels, 3900 radio stations and 180 Internet service providers 4in1 in-app purchase- Augmented reality- Smart searching with sound indication- Sorting by frequency- Satellite calculatorAvailable professional version SatFinder PRO with augmented reality feature at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/satfinder-pro/id523233755

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