This is a perfect tool to tune your Santoor.


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Santoor Tuner alternatives

Tabla HD Free

Free, universal tablas using Ratatap Drums cutting edge engine The harder you hit the drums, the louder they sound. Swirl your finger around for slower or faster rolls. - Review (Ratatap Drums)

Santoor HD

Played the Harp? Try the Santoor - A Traditional Musical Instrument. Switch to play Semitones to truly play out all of your melodies (Pro Version) Record And Playback your own creations Options to Loop playback of recordings and also to play them at Fast Forward Speeds Touch the four corners for four additional fun soundsQuestions/suggestions/bugs?Email us at: [email protected] fun times with Santoor HD

  • rating 4.25676
  • size 28.1 MB

Shehnai HD - A Trumpet like Indian Musical Instrument

Played the trumpet? Try the Shehnai Traditional Indian Instrument In a reviewers own words: Relaxation at your fingertipsEnjoy the unique sound of a Shehnai. Recognizes multiple touches with both hands*>>*Record And Playback your own creations*>>*Options to Loop playback of recordings and also to play them at Fast Forward Speeds*>>*Touch the four corners for four additional fun sounds *

  • rating 4.46429
  • size 30.3 MB


Played the Guitar? Try the Sitar - A Traditional Indian Musical Instrument. Email us at: [email protected] To fun times with Sitar

  • rating 3.33333
  • size 20.3 MB

iTabla Pandit Lite

iTabla Pandit is the smallest and most realistic Digital Tabla, Tanpura and Shruti Maestro. With it, you dont need anymore your electronic tabla or tanpura. It takes it roots in Tampura Generator, a digital tampura and shruti for computer, which started its live in 2005. Great battery life This version includes a new sound engine improving the sound and saving battery: Now, you can play tabla+tanpura for up to 24 hours continuously (Details of the test on our website) Full compatibility Important : our software is compatible with iOS 3.0, so youll be able to use it even on your old device And abviously, it will run the latest iPad and iPhone 4Youre invited to visit for more information.iTabla Pandit, iTabla Desktop, Tampura Generator, Tanpura Generator Desktop are trademarks of Christophe BARATAY - Vidya Multimedia

  • rating 4.0
  • size 74.9 MB

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Saxophone Tuner

- Precision tool that quickly will help you tune your saxophone- Designed and tested by professional musicians- Two modes: Tuner & Pitchfork- Perfect both for professionals and amateursMaster Saxophone Tuner is an easy-to-use application with which you will be able to tune your saxophone quickly. The algorithm has been adapted to recognize sounds of saxophone most effectively. If you will have any problems, please contact us: [email protected]

  • size 69.3 MB
  • version 1.0

Guitar Pitch Tuner

Tune your Guitar or other music instruments as accurate as less than 1Hz. This app is based on robust pitch detection algorithm. You dont need a gold ear to perfect your Guitar.

  • size 0.6 MB
  • version 2.0

Master Guitar Tuner

- Precision tool that quickly will help you tune your guitar - Designed and tested by professional musicians - Two modes: Tuner & Pitchfork - Perfect both for professionals and amateurs Master Guitar Tuner is an easy-to-use application with which you will be able to tune your guitar quickly. The application includes sets of strings sounds characteristic for different types of guitars. If you will have any problems, please contact us: [email protected]

  • size 62.0 MB
  • version 1.0


ENGLISHBecome a Cavaquista Tune your Cavaquinho Portuguese or Cavaquinho Brasileiro. Use the microphone in your device to tune your instrument to the perfect pitch. Para comentrios ou sugestes entre em contato: [email protected]

  • size 46.3 MB
  • version 1.0

Pitch Graph

Pitch graph is a versatile tool for musicians to tune instruments and practice intonation. Use it when practicing the violin, viola, cello, trumpet, singing and much more. I hope you enjoy this app and find it useful.

  • size 2.2 MB
  • version 1.0.3

Chord & Triad

This App, Chord & Triad is a comprehensive learning tool for all levels. This is a perfect tool for ear training and for improving your improvisation skills. Chord formula table

  • size 35.4 MB
  • version 5.5

Trunky Tuner: Guitar Slam

Introducing Trunky Tuner - a fun and easy way to tune your guitar and ukulele This game makes tuning a fun challenge - get in tune to shoot some hoops Perfect for beginners of all ages, all you need is a guitar or ukulele to play Join Trunky and his fun-loving jungle friends: grab a real guitar or ukulele and tune each string in turn. Our animal friends give you hints to go higher or lower with responsive feedback. Privacy Policy: of Use:

  • size 187 MB
  • version 1.0.2

Chromatic Tuner Fx

Chromatic Tuner Fx easely helps you fine tune your acoustic or electric instruments.- Very easy interface.- Great accuracy.- Listening and tone generator mode.- 7 instruments simplified tune: guitar, bass, violin, mandolin, banjo, country guitar and ukulele.- Extremely useful for all instruments: if you can sustain a tone, you can tune it.- Intuitive design. A beautiful must-have tool for any musician.

  • size 5.1 MB
  • version 1.0.0

RAV Tuner - Orchestral string chromatic tuner

This is a easy and professional tuner for viola, any one can tune it easy, but this is also a pro can tune it so easy and have the right point out when you should stop tune .and how to tune. Best tuner get it Now is on sales

  • size 11.5 MB
  • version 1.0

Drum Tuning Calculator

SOUND LIKE THE PROS The tune-bot tuning calculator will help you determine the notes and frequencies to reach your perfect sound. Based on your drums and your personal preferences the tune-bot will provide recommended settings based on musical intervals. See for a list of dealers.

  • rating 2.33333
  • size 26.2 MB
  • version 1.2