Played the Harp? Try the Santoor - A Traditional Musical Instrument. Switch to play Semitones to truly play out all of your melodies (Pro Version) Record And Playback your own creations Options to Loop playback of recordings and also to play them at Fast Forward Speeds Touch the four corners for four additional fun soundsQuestions/suggestions/bugs?Email us at: [email protected] fun times with Santoor HD

Santoor HD alternatives

Tabla HD Free

Free, universal tablas using Ratatap Drums cutting edge engine The harder you hit the drums, the louder they sound. Swirl your finger around for slower or faster rolls. - Review (Ratatap Drums)

iTabla Pandit Lite

iTabla Pandit is the smallest and most realistic Digital Tabla, Tanpura and Shruti Maestro. With it, you dont need anymore your electronic tabla or tanpura. It takes it roots in Tampura Generator, a digital tampura and shruti for computer, which started its live in 2005. Great battery life This version includes a new sound engine improving the sound and saving battery: Now, you can play tabla+tanpura for up to 24 hours continuously (Details of the test on our website) Full compatibility Important : our software is compatible with iOS 3.0, so youll be able to use it even on your old device And abviously, it will run the latest iPad and iPhone 4Youre invited to visit for more information.iTabla Pandit, iTabla Desktop, Tampura Generator, Tanpura Generator Desktop are trademarks of Christophe BARATAY - Vidya Multimedia

  • rating 4.0
  • size 74.9 MB

Tabla - Indian Percussion

TABLA is a free application for iOS that simulates a real tabla on your mobile/tablet screen. To play it, just drumming your fingers on the pads of the drums and the sound is played simultaneously. Features of Tabla: * Multitouch* 12 drum pads* Studio audio quality* 10 examples of rhythms with tutorial mode* 9 backing track songs* Record mode* Complete Indian percussion kit* Export your records to mp3* Works with all screen resolutions - Cell Phones and Tablets (HD Images)* FreeThe app is free, but you can remove all advertisements buying a license Try the Tabla app of the App Store Made for drummers, percussionists, professional musicians, amateurs or beginners


Tabla is the fun and easy way to play the Tabla and Pakhawaj. Perfect for both beginners and pros alike, Tabla Free utilizes the latest technology and decades of real drum experience to create the ideal tabla app for the iPhone or iPad. Tabla is by far the most fun, easy to use, and realistic tabla app available today FEATURES: 7 professionally recorded 44.1 khz high fidelity kits The harder you hit the drums, the louder they sound Reverb and Delay Controls - slider adjustments allows limitless drum sounds Pitch Control - lower or raise the pitch of the drums Realistic visual effects - drums visually correspond to your every touch Retina Display for both iPad and iPhone for incredibly crisp graphics 25 Percussion Beats and 10 Music Beats to play along to, with more to come PlayAlong Beats: 16 new loops with basic bass drum, hi-hat or snare beats, to play along for added rhythmic expression Realistic Rolls - simply swirl your finger around to create slower or faster rolls Double beat feature with slider adjustment 24 Metronome Sounds and 4 Time Signatures to choose from, with BPM adjustment Multi-track recording - easily add or delete tracks, save and loop recordings Share your recordings through email, Facebook, and Twitter Export your recordings to your computer (optional in-app purchase) Lefty Mode - reverse the entire drum layout Play along to the music on your iPod