Saimum Series!

Saimum Series written by Abul Asad is a popular novel series of Bangladesh. Unlike other series of its kind Saimum not only thrills its readers but also provides various informative and educative stuffs. This series has inflamed the love of Islam in many youths heart

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Get the most incredible experience reading Bangla eBooks using your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Guest users can experience the joy of reading Bangla with 7 free books offered with the app. -Free in-app dictionary Install Sheiboi and join us on a journey to re-invent the Bangla reading experience Please mail us if you find any bugs or if you want to send any feedback at [email protected]

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Quran Commentary - English Tafsir Uthmani

Latest Quran software with complete English Tafsir/commentary for iPhone and iPad Complete Arabic text, English and Urdu translations, proof read by a Muslim scholar (alim). Elegant Uthmanic script; combination of featurestranslation, recitation, indexing, and much more Free version features: Complete Quran Arabic text Option to display side by side English translation of Tafsir Uthmani Beautiful Uthmanic script font Optimized for iPhone 5 screen size Hi-resolution retina graphics Ability to share selected ayah via email, twitter & facebook (iOS6) Advanced audio options (repetition of aya, interval, recitation speed, AirPlay) Audio recitations Bookmarking (upto 3 bookmarks) Bulk download (for last ten sura only) Portrait and landscape mode Scalable font sizes Sura and Juz index High quality audio recitation with ayah highlighting Pinch/zoom feature for changing font size Fast audio playback through robust download method with progress icon Colored ayah marking to show downloaded audio Contextual toolbar on double tap Goto aya featureQuran Commentary free version has complete scalable Quran Text in Uthmanic font with all diacritical marks. Also check our app Quran Pak on App Store that contains Quran font for non-Arabs and Urdu tafsir

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Bangla eBook

Read various Bangla novels and stories from famous writers from both sides of Bengal i.e. from both Bangladesh and West Bengal in PDF format with style Keep in touch with Bangla novels and stories from your favorite writers on your devices wherever you go Thanks to our application which will allow you to read your most favorite Bangla novel and story eBooks easily, conveniently and effortlessly on your devices. Some of the features include:- Stylish way of reading PDF files- Easily zoom in option while reading the PDF file for a closer view- Split view of all the pages in a document- Quick page browsing- Select single page or continuous scroll modes- Print PDF option- Scrolling navigation- Quickly navigate through large files using thumbnails- Page flipping navigation- Email PDF documents as attachmentsGet all these exciting features and hundreds of free eBooks absolutely for free Copyright & Disclaimer Related Information:All of the contents provided in this app are free PDF documents gathered from the internet. If you have any legal issues please contact appropriate media file owners/hosts.

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Bangla Dictionary +

Bilingual English to Bangla and Bengali to English dictionary Bangla to English word and phrase translator and translation Over 350K words and phrase can be used in offline Offline pronunciation and translate any sentences Scan text in image by pointing camera to search in dictionary Designed for student, teacher, tourist and language learners Having thesaurus, synonyms and antonyms Translate individual words, phrases, or whole sentences Tap a word for cross searching Bookmark and Recent history for instant recall Word of the day to learn IELTS, TOEFL and SAT words Multiple games help to improve English and Bangla vocabulary Offline Pronunciation helps to learn words properly Flash card and Word of the Day helps to improve vocabulary Phrase book, Phrase of the day and Phrase Card helps to speak common phrases Quote of the Day improves wisdom and motivation

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More alternatives

History of Chinese Civilization

History of Chinese Civilization, a series of bilingual books, will win over its readers with interesting and inspiring historical facts and stories, told in accurate yet vivid, simple yet thought-provoking words. Many color illustrations throughout the series will give their readers a better understanding of those facts and stories which tell them about not only history but also how to learn from history, thus getting readers even closer to history. History of Chinese Civilization will help ordinary westerners know more and better about China so that we can expel the sense of bewilderment, bridge the cultural gaps and enjoy the increasingly harmonious world.

  • size 78.1 MB
  • version 1.3

The Hound of the Baskervilles!

This reader is equipped with various auto scroller speeds to make a more pleasurable reading experience. Written by: Sir Arthur Conan DoyleThe Hound of the Baskervilles is a crime novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle featuring the detective Sherlock Holmes. The doctor also reveals that he found the footprints of a gigantic hound near Sir Charles dead body, but did not report it knowing that no one would have believed him

  • size 4.6 MB
  • version 2.3

True Visage

True Visage is an unique mirror app. Unlike other apps of the kind True Visage provides you not only with a common mirrored picture, but also with a real un-mirrored image and video of you. FEATURES- Mirrored & un-mirrored live video and photos- Both Face and Back cameras- Built-in Flashlight utility- Night mode backlights- Save photos to camera roll

  • size 13.2 MB
  • version 1.10.1

Children World Teaching 1

App 1The Adventures of Pinocchio (1880) is a children novel written by Carlo Collodi, an Italian writer. The story was recognized as a classic children literature and has appeared in many adaptations in other mediums including movies for more than 20 times. She successfully avoids their intentions before falling in love with a flower-fairy prince just her size.

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Children World Teaching 1 "for iPad"

App 1: The Adventures of Pinocchio (1880) is a children novel written by Carlo Collodi, an Italian writer. The story was recognized as a classic children literature and has appeared in many adaptations in other mediums including movies for more than 20 times. She successfully avoids their intentions before falling in love with a flower-fairy prince just her size.

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Mechanix is an mobile educative application in support to an high-school or university course of statics and dynamics. It contains not only a memorandum of the basic equations, but it also contains several animations illustrating the various concepts of mechanics. Dynamics of Rigid Bodies-System of particles,-Kinetics of rigid bodies,-Dynamics in plane,-Dynamics in space.

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  • version 3.1

Dogs - Everything for Dog Lovers!

You can live without a dog,but its not worth itBEST APP FOR DOG LOVERS An app to fall in love with:Youll love the cute animal pictures,and lovely quotes & sayings FEATURES LOVELY QUOTES & SAYINGSFor all kind of social networks,emails, SMS, messages and more USABILITYEasy navigation MULTILINGUALYou can change the languageof your device also toSpain, German, Italian, French,Dutch and Russian

  • size 109 MB
  • version 1.1

Quran - Word To Word - Urdu

Quran with word to word urdu translationThis app is one of its kind Quran Reading App. This allows you not only to read Quran in Urdu translation but also shows Word to word meanings of Arabic words. The translation was done by Hafiz Nazar Ahmed (May Allah fill his grave with Noor)So Please download as we will be adding many more features in next version as well.

  • size 232 MB
  • version 1.0

Brainstate - Binaural Beats & Brainwave Entrainment

Brainstate is the ultimate tool for binaural beats and brainwave entrainment. It provides you with not only a wide range of binaural beats but also quite a bit of knowledge about the subject, making it unlike any other binaural beats tool. Tell us whats on your mind You can contact us at [email protected] or reach us at or

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  • version 1.2.0

Lal Kitab Horoscope

Lal Kitab is wonder book of practical astrology with remedies. The informative articles of Lal Kitab App not only introduce the readers with the basic concepts and utility of Lal Kitab astrology but also make them understand the reason of its effectiveness and popularity in modern context. Similarly if any planet is in debilitation or affliction then the mount of the same planet on your hand shall be depressed or deficient.

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  • version 1.1


Al Boom for Diving and Marine Equipment Co. WLL, known in short as Al Boom Marine was established in 1987 by Mr Adel Al Sumait and since grown to be the biggest distributor and dealer in Kuwait for luxury yachts and pleasure craft; largest number of workshops; marine engines; diving equipment; spare parts and various other marine equipment & accessories. Al Boom Marine has various workshops and showrooms situated throughout Kuwait and caters not only for the recreational market, but also provides its services to commercial as well as various governmental departments and institutions.

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  • version 1.0

Vibration analysis

The application analyzes the data from the phones accelerometer and builds a vibration spectrum. This allows the evaluation of not only the strength and frequency of the vibration, but also the speed of rotation of various mechanisms: fans, motors, various rotating components; since the vibration frequency often (but not always) coincides with the frequency of rotation. Unrealistically high speed or large displacement may be a sign of this kind of false frequency.

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  • version 2.5.1

NANYOU Singapore

NANYOU is Singapores first Chinese Fashion & Lifestyle magazine for stylish men. NANYOU not only brings to its readers the latest fashion insights but also acts as the definitive guide for those looking for a style transformation. The coverage of latest trends also include other core lifestyle interest subjects such as technology, wine & dine, and travel, not forgetting interviews with celebrities and successful men, helping NANYOU reader to establish a current identity in many aspects.

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  • version 6.16

Jewels of Wisdom

Jewels of Wisdom is an interactive application to help you understand the message of Islam through informative articles. The articles touch upon many topics but the main focus of all of them is the spiritual development of the heart. Features of the Application:-A list of thought provoking articles touching various aspects of life.-Ability to download the articles and read them later in offline mode.-Ask sheikh feature to ask general and specific questions.-Provide your opinion on the articles by means of comments and rating.-Email and share articles.

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  • version 1.1

The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer by Mark

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain is a popular 1876 novel about a young boy growing up in a small town along the Mississippi River. The story is set in the town of St Petersburg, inspired by Hannibal, Missouri, where Mark Twain grew up. Huck Finn is drawn from life; Tom Sawyer also, but not from an individualhe is a combination of the characteristics of three boys whom I knew, and therefore belongs to the composite order of architecture.

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  • version 1.0

Heat & Work

Heat & Work is an educative application in support to a high-school or university course of thermodynamics. It contains not only a memorandum of the basic equations, but it also contains several animations illustrating the various concepts of thermodynamics.45 screens of thermodynamics For teachers Connect your iPad with a video projector and show the animations to your students in classroom. Each section contains at least one animation or illustration.

  • size 32.1 MB
  • version 3.0