Sailing Tracker to track your sailing trips for iOS and watchOS. Say Sail with Sailing Tracker and Siri will lunch this appAfter each session you can see it on the map and check detailed statistics of your session such as:- distance- duration- max speed- average speedNew features:- playback session and analyse it in details- save notes about each session- analyse heart rate data- high speeds- splits- siri integration- possibility to add photos- audio feedback on distance and duration every mile/kilometerSupported units:- Imperial- MetricCreator of this app is not responsible for any damages that might occur to your Apple Watch or iPhone. Creator of this app is not responsible for any damages that might occur.

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Relive Running & Cycling

Relive turns your runs, rides, hikes and other outdoor activities into 3D videos for free. Share the highlights, stunning views and best moments of your adventures in a new way Just find the nicest roads and trails, track your activity, take some pictures if you like, and enjoy the day. Terms of use:

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Golfshot: Golf GPS

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