Crashed and lost in space, Star Cat wishes to see his family again and return home. At the cusp of giving up, a glimmer of hope appears and a light descends to help. Follow the Star as it leads you through a fantastic adventure unlike any other - Seven beautifully illustrated galaxies with 43 unique worlds Adventure through: Juicy Fruity Moon Delight Cluster Funk Candy Gloss Deep See Crystal Glare Flame Thrilled- Every level is a totally different experience and no enemy is repeated- Use power-ups: Shooting Stars Moon Rocks Rockets Flaming Marshmallows Water Bubbles Inflatable Planets Ice Cubes- Featuring an irresistibly original soundtrack- Dont worry Star Cat, the fun has just begun >-<

STAR CAT Adventure alternatives

Spite & Malice HD

Spite & Malice HD, the fiendishly addictive father of Skip-BoThe competition is heating up with new turn-based online multiplayer Spite & Malice supports up to 30 games with friends or random opponents at a time. Play on the go, and receive a notification when its your turn to be devious Race your opponent to play cards from your pile. I have deleted it twice because I was getting eye strain but I keep re-installing it I cant put it down, and its been about a weekSuper addicting and just plain fun.Follow us online for news and promotions:- Facebook: Twitter:

  • rating 4.76604
  • size 74.5 MB


4.5 of 5 stars. Connectrode is everything I look for in a puzzle game - TouchArcade.comGorgeous in design and both smooth and challenging in play. This game was developed completely independently by a small team in Austin, Texas - we appreciate your support of indie game development

  • rating 3.07692
  • size 41.8 MB

Sky to Fly: Faster Than Wind 3D Premium

If you like scroller and runner games, this flying arcade full of epic battles and sky racing is your choice. Set sail for a breathtaking 3D adventure. Guide your character through multiple battles from a total noob to a skillful ranger in this sky-high adventure game

  • rating 4.7381
  • size 164 MB

Fox Eats Chicks

FOX EATS CHICKS is pixel style action platformer with a mix of stealth and puzzles. A tale of vulpine gluttony.

  • rating 3.46154
  • size 15.2 MB

Shaky Totems

The classic tower building game is back with a new and exciting design. Test your patience and reflexes and see if you can build the highest tower in the jungle. Other: Optimized experience for iPhone Supports iPad tablets Game size under 12 MB Contact: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

  • rating 4.28571
  • size 11.0 MB