SCW EasyView Mobile is the best mobile app out there to view your Security Camera Warehouse brand surveillance system. With SCW free, US based, tech support, setup is quick and easy. Here are a few of the features of SCW EasyView Mobile:Remotely view your system liveRemotely view recordingsMonitor audio and video (with audio capable cameras)View up to 4 live or recorded streams at one timeControl Pan Tilt Zoom cameras directly in the appAccess multiple NVRs and DVRs on the same screen


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SCW EasyView Tablet
SG View
Exacq Mobile 3
Provision PnV
Remote Patrol
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SCW EasyView Mobile alternatives

Heden VisionCam - IP Security Camera

This application is specially designed for IP camera Heden brand. Other brands like FOSCAM, Tenvis, Wanscam and many others use the same commands and are likely to work very well. This, like the ads, helps to finance development, thank you for your understanding.

  • size 54.1 MB

Smartvue S12

The S12 mobile app is part of Smartvues comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) video and cloud surveillance solution. It provides mobile access into any Smartvue S12 cloud server, HD network cameras, as well as DIY camera-to-cloud cameras for live and recorded cloud video surveillance. *Requires Smartvue S12 server and Cloudvue account.

  • size 49.9 MB

Eagle Eye Viewer

The Eagle Eye Viewer allows you to access both live and recorded video from your Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS. Like the web application, you are able to access multiple locations in a single view. The Eagle Eye Viewer does require a subscription to the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS for one or more cameras.

RTSP Player

RTSP Player is a very simple and fast application to playback network streams from IP cameras, video servers and surveillance systems. CCTV client and IP cam viewer with simultaneous playback of four online streams. Key features of RTSP Player: - CCTV viewer - Simultaneous playback of 4 streams - Supported types of streaming: HTTP-HLS, RTSP, RTP, RTMP, MMS - Powerful camera list control add, delete and modify your streams - Preview video while browsing in camera list - Hardware decoder using hardware acceleration with processor optimization high speed rendering for modern platform - Multi-core decoding provides the dual-core devices performance - Smooth playback of FLV files, you do not need to install the Flash Player plug-in - Multicast/Unicast UDP stream playback - RTSP with using HTTP tunneling and TCP transportFor more info please refer to our page on Facebook:

  • rating 3.33333
  • size 44.7 MB

IP CAM Controller

The famous IP CAM Controller is now available on Apple App Store The iOS version of IP CAM Controller continues the philosophy of straightforward and much simplified control for your IP camera by providing Tap to Center (or Tap to Move, depends on camera model) - just tapping on the image and camera moves. We are actively adding more features, please stay tuned. for support and more information.

  • size 38.3 MB

More Information About alternatives

SCW EasyView Tablet

SCW EasyView Tablet is the perfect mobile surveillance companion application for your SCW Surveillance System. The key features of EasyView Mobile HD Mobile Surveillance Application include: Real-time video preview of up to 16 channels; Swipe for PTZ control and camera movement, pinch to zoom in and out in preview mode; Support for preset activation and configuration, as well as calibration for brightness Device profiles can be added / deleted / modified; Support for PTZ control.

  • size 33.6 MB
  • version 3.4.6

SG View

SG View is a Surveillance (CCTV) Application that allows real-time viewing of up to 16 security cameras from SG View NVRs/DVRs on your Apple device.- Manage, watch and control your business or home cameras live anytime from anywhere in the world.- Store snapshots to your camera roll of incidents as you view them.- Control pan, tilt or zoom of your cameras to view any area of your premises that you desire- Bookmark your favorite cameras and access them with single tap- Connect to your cameras and watch live video on 3G, EDGE or WiFiIf you have any question about using SG View, please visit for details, or feel free to contact us at [email protected]

  • size 7.6 MB
  • version 1.0

Exacq Mobile 3

The Exacq Mobile app allows users to view live and recorded video from exacqVision IP and hybrid servers. Connect and view up to 48 surveillance cameras from multiple exacqVision servers through the free exacqVision web service. Control pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, monitor and control triggers, view and search video, and more from your mobile device.

  • size 7.0 MB
  • version 8.8.1


IP camera surveillance and monitoring software for A-MTK IP cameras. For more information about IP cameras, please refer to http://www.a-mtk.comFeatures:* Control Camera PTZ (Pan / Tilt / Zoom)* 4-channel Live View* Free And Fluent Zoom View of Video* Easy add devices * plug and play

  • size 73.4 MB
  • version 1.4


IP camera surveillance and monitoring software for A-MTK IP cameras. For more information about IP cameras, please refer to http://www.a-mtk.comFeatures:* Control Camera PTZ (Pan / Tilt / Zoom)* 4-channel Live View* Free And Fluent Zoom View of Video* Easy add devices * plug and play

  • size 36.0 MB
  • version 3.0.3

Provision PnV

Application Description:Provision PnV application by Provision-ISR will allow you to quickly connect to any of Provision-ISRs Plug and View cameras, and effectively gain full control over it. From basic Pan/Tilt/Digital Zoom controls to Bi-Directional audio, playing back recorded video and setting up the camera. Applications Main Features:Live ViewGesture control for Pan/Tilt/ZoomSnapshotLocal video recordingRemote PlaybackCamera Settings

  • size 29.1 MB
  • version 2.1.3


ISS MOBILE is the mobile surveillance application on the iPhone/iPad, which supports streams from DVR and IP camera. Key features: View live video from one or multiple devices; Support audio decode; Record live video on the mobile device and play the video that recorded on the device; Remotely playback the record files on the DVR or IPC; Control pan-tilt-zoom cameras; Prompt the alarm events; Take a snapshot of the video and save it in the folder; Connect via WIFI and 3G network.

  • size 8.8 MB
  • version 1.0.2


IP camera surveillance and monitoring software for A-MTK IP cameras. For more information about IP cameras, please refer to http://www.a-mtk.comFeatures:* Control Camera PTZ (Pan / Tilt / Zoom)* 4-channel Live View* Free And Fluent Zoom View of Video* Group Management: Group Cameras into Groups* Easy Switch Live View for Groups* Right side ListView can change order* Image setting support non mjpeg cameras* support push notification

  • size 54.4 MB
  • version 5.6

Remote Patrol

> Works great with iOS 8, looks great on iPhone 6 & 6 Plus tooRemote Patrol is a full featured professionally designed and developed camera surveillance program for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This application is built upon the latest iOS and hardware for maximum flexibility. SecuritySpy can be downloaded at: Patrol features include:- Unlimited servers- Live audio- Motion detection real time notifications- Automatically detects if you are local or remote to best use bandwidth- Rearrange server into any order- Unlimited cameras per server- Rearrange cameras into any order (which will reorder the multi-view windows)- Cameras are automatically created from the server (no data entry )- Integrated with the address book for contact information at each server site for two touch phone dialing- Integrated shapshot of live camera image to built in photo library, including a rapid fire mode- Multi-View column view (1, 2 or 3 columns)- Full device and camera rotation, Landscape support- Check on the status of cameras in real time- Swipe to move between cameras in camera view mode- Double tap to control pan/tilt and snapshot when viewing a camera (if camera is pan/tilt capable)- View captured (history) footage using the iPhone built in media player- Optimized for the latest iOS version- Pinch to zoom (digital) is now supported in camera detail view- Double tap to fill screen- 8 way pan/tilt on cameras that support pan/tilt- Optical zoom controls for cameras that support optical zoom- System Settings are now available for: Network timeout Disable idle timer History type (movie or Image)- History is now available for both movies and images- History can select * All Cameras * from the camera list -Cameras can now be configured in Remote Patrol as: Pan/Tilt capable Optical zoom capable Excluded from multi viewPlease send feature suggestions to:[email protected]

  • rating 4.35484
  • size 5.0 MB
  • version 2.30

DIVAR Mobile Viewer

Use the Bosch DIVAR Mobile Viewer app to view your security camera images real-time on your iPhone. Simply connect to a Bosch DIVAR network / hybrid recorder or DIVAR AN to view live or playback images and use the app interface to control focus, pan, tilt and zoom on any selected PTZ camera. Features: - Easily view live video feeds from any camera- Multi-screen live video mode- Multi-screen playback with multiple DVRs & cameras- Finger touch or button control Pan, tilt, zoom for PTZ cameras- Remote control of local configuration- Easy access to stored video and snapshots- Favorite channels makes quick connection of desired cameras- Free of charge- Multiple language support

  • size 46.9 MB
  • version 1.3.1