Rule your own country, steal money, get kickback and build your own Russian Empire This funny game will make you smile Get kickback even if your phone is switched off Challenge most popular and powerful gamers in online ratings This game has no relation to the real politics


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Clicker: tap, stork, people

The easiest game that you wont pass. Join the millions of players and build your civilization right now Please rate our game in AppStore

  • rating 4.65822
  • size 79.1 MB


Sheikh - is fascinating TAP strategy that makes the game unique in a raw. You will learn how oil extracting and consumption influence on its price. Ask your questions on our page in Also, you can always contact our technical support at [email protected]

  • size 39.0 MB

Rupie: city clicker hero

Really simple and addictive economics strategy in your phone Rule the world financial system. Join the millions of players and make money right now Please rate out game in AppStore

  • rating 4.77778
  • size 51.3 MB

Cars Dealer Simulator

Buy, repair and sell cars, to buy a sport car of your dreams. In our game, you start out on the lowest rung of a car dealers career with a small initial capital and unlimited capabilities at your disposal. You learn how to diagnose mechanical problems and fix them cheaply.

  • rating 3.89362
  • size 82.8 MB

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Explore the world, build settlements, trade goods and steal in Merchant, the real location based massive multiplayer game. In Merchant the real world is your playing field. * Become Knight, Count, Duke or Prince and rule the city you live in, or even the state or the country.

USA Simulator

Welcome to the USA Simulator Experience yourself as a politican - earn money, evade taxes and exceed authority Develop your country, extend the sphere of influence and lead the country to the world domination Use more than 50 unique game activities Manage economic processes Compete with your friends in the online rankingsThis game has no relation to the real politics. Just have fun

  • rating 4.28402
  • size 69.1 MB
  • version 1.22

Legend of Empire

Legend of EmpireNow Available Free for all players from all over the world Conquer the ancient realm, build your powerful empire, evoke the lost glory Legend of Empire is a brilliant mixture of fast-paced strategy and tactical combat. Just PLAY FOR FREE in this addictive simulation and strategy MMO game BUILD YOUR EMPIRE- Build and Customize your own mighty Empire. If you have any problem or suggestion, please feel free to contact us via: [email protected]

  • size 103 MB
  • version 2.6.0


How fast will your flappy empire grow? Download today and find out Tap your way to victory as you start to earn hundreds, thousands, millions However, you cannot do this all on your own Purchase Factories, Presidents and even Aliens to help As you continue to procedurally gain money, you gain the power to buy more and more outlandish powerups Game features:Tap to navigate the coin through obstacles Purchase multipliers to expand your money-making empire Use in-game money to make your flappy coin experience easier and more rewarding No annoying popups Compete with your friends and show off your wealth Experience the incremental game of a lifetime

  • rating 3.83333
  • size 15.9 MB
  • version 1.1

Coin Push Casino Tycoon

Coin Push Casino Tycoon is the next level in coin push apps Unlike other games, with CPCT, players work their coin drop magic to win the resources needed to build their own casino empire 16 grand casinos await your skills at collecting the money and deeds needed to see your dream realized and build your own Las Vegas. And each casino you build, from the Hollywood Casino to the Rock and Roll Resort to the Casino Paris, gives you in-game bonuses on the main board. In addition, special coins let you earn slot maching spins that can pay off big with coins, deeds and cold, hard cash With a regeneration feature, even if you run out of coins, soon youll be back in the action and watching your casino empire continue to grows

  • rating 3.69231
  • size 24.8 MB
  • version 1.2

Pirates of Everseas

Ahoy, Captain Embark on an epic adventure to rule the untamed waters Create a seafaring, swashbuckling empire in Pirates of Everseas Develop your city, construct ships, explore the open sea and raid enemies in this exciting strategy game BUILD A POWERFUL CITYManage your resources to design and construct a thriving territory. Expand your lands as you collect loot. FOLLOW US atTwitter

  • rating 5
  • size 136 MB
  • version 2.8.5

Realtor Tycoon : Agent Empire

Become the biggest tycoon in town and own hundreds of properties and make millions. You have the role of a real estate agent who has a certain amount of cash, and has to buy and sell buildings to make a profit. Right now the game has 8 levels, more to come Properties Tycoon: build your empire FEATURES: you have the role of a realtor- real estate game - exquisite graphics and mapping- 3 game modes- interesting rules- lovely and appealing typography- free gameGo and make a lot of money and become the most successful agent Build your own empire, get Properties Tycoon for FREE

  • size 61.2 MB
  • version 1.5 Tycoon

Build your online empire right now with Tycoon Start off with enough money to buy your first domain for your Personal Website and build a huge portfolio of 25 websites Upgrade them, get profit and speed multipliers, hire managers to run them and sit back and wreak the rewards Features- 25 different websites to own- Create your own unique domain names- Over 400 upgrades to purchase to bring in more cash- 40 Unlocks for each website to speed up revenue times- Hire managers for each website, including 2 more members of staff for each website to reduce costs- Gain knowledge while you bring in cash- Earn even when offlineKnowledgeYou gain knowledge the more money that you produce, this comes from learning what makes you more money. You can take that knowledge and reset the game gaining an extra 2% profit on earnings per knowledge gained Come start your online business today

  • size 57.6 MB
  • version 1.02

Aviation Empire

Rule the skies with this 3D strategic airline game Your mission: choose destinations, invest in aircraft and design your airports to create your very own airline. Use your business instincts and conquer the globe to build your aviation empire Imagine: youre back in the historical year of 1919, when KLM Royal Dutch Airlines first started flying. Oops Questions or suggestions?

  • rating 4.14286
  • size 142 MB
  • version 1.8.2

Empire Builder

Merge the same blocks to build great Empire With a simple slide you can go through the history and experience great historical moments. Experience a new feeling while building a city through different eras in the puzzle game Empire Builder - base on 2048 gameplay Simple gameplay and exciting challenges* Swipe blocks to merge them in advanced buildings * Build a Wonder to develop your Civilization * Travel through multiple Civilizations from the many country A variety of props to help you to build a great empire- Undo time-reverse, continue building your perfect layout.- Upgrade evolve your building instantly - Remove - remove building, make more space wisely to upgrade.- Clean - remove low-level buildings and construct Provide building level tags for easy visibility to control layout. Easy and addictive 2048 style control Challenge all players and friends all over the world with high scores to see whose empire is more flourished Free download Empire Builder, and start building your own Empire

  • size 28.9 MB
  • version 1.1