Runator imports your runnning data from multiple running apps in a social environment. A user can have all the running apps combined to create a unique runner profile. Follow the latest running activities, records and how they are improving in the Runsfeed section.

Runator - Running alternatives


+Finally the first social game for CYCLISTS is here +Players over the world play it RIDING THEIR BIKES Use Kappo every time you cycle to be rewarded according to your real performance and personal improvement. We measure everything: time, speed even jumps and weather Join the adventure to become a KAPPO and remember we help you to build the habit of use your bike more often and stay motivated to exercise in a fun way :)Well add new Equipments, Super Powers, Achievements and cool stuff soon, stay tuned Warning: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Mammoth Hunters: Fitness App

Mammoth Hunters makes it a snap to pick up a healthy lifestyle. - AppsZoomFully guided, gym-free workouts, thousands of healthy recipes and a lot more. Follow our blog to learn more about us and the basis of our program: blog.mhunters.comSupport: [email protected] of use can be found at: policy:

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InstaFit - Home Workouts

The world is in constant motion and so are you. Take your exercise anywhere and get in shape with over 270 workouts (and counting) led by the best coaches in: HIIT, dance, kickboxing, yoga, meditation and more With InstaFit Workouts youll be able to get in shape in your own terms, like never before. InstaFit Privacy Notice: Terms and Conditions of use: you have questions or comments about the app please email us at [email protected]

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Runister - Earn Money by Running & Walking GPS

Get paid for running and fitness walking with the Runister app and treat yourself. We provide you with a ground-breaking approach to boost your healthy routines and help you stay fit. Visit help.runister.comLike us on Facebook at us on Twitter at Note: Continued use of GPS running in background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Pace Calculator

Want to know how fast you need to run to finish a Marathon in 4 hours? What about running 5km under 25 minutes? The Pace Calculator is the essential application for every casual, elite or hard-core runner Features include:Determining pace given target time and distanceDetermining speed given target time and distanceDetermining required splitsSwitching between kilometres and miles

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