Draw amazing spirograph art with this fully featured app. Each of your drawings is unique, colorful, and beautiful artwork. All screenshots created by real users Features: * Preview spirograph pattern before you draw * Unlimited control of shape, size, thickness and other features * Unlimited number of colors* Glow, Solid, and 3D color blending effects * Special rainbow mode for amazing drawings * Convenient Erase and Undo buttons This version is ad-supported, download RotoDoodle Pro for the ad-free version.

RotoDoodle : Ultimate Spirograph Drawing alternatives

SpinArt Free

One of the top iOS apps of all-time now has a FREE version Join millions of SpinArt fans around the world and find out what all the fun is about The New York Times says if you and your child were stuck on a desert island with just one app, youd want it to be SpinArt SpinArt Free is based on one of our favorite childhood crafts Its fun & creativeyoull spend longer than you think playing with this App Whether its waiting in line at the bank, at the dentist, or on a really boring date, you can always take a spin. Enjoy And now SpinArt Free has been updated for the latest and greatest iOS devices & technologies. Then switch back into Paint Mode (the paint roller button), and choose a color from the palette, then use your finger to splat some paint and watch some amazing patterns emerge When youre done, go back into Spin Mode, double tap on the spinning canvas to stop it and admire your final artwork

  • rating 3.18605
  • size 13.1 MB

Spiral Painter - Colorful Aura of Your Name

Draw a wonderful geometric figure of your name, nickname, company name or the word that describes you. WITH TODAY EXTENSION Choose the word for your design. Switch to the screen saver mode (available after purchase Remove Ads), you can relax contemplating changing spiral-patterns.

  • size 41.0 MB

3D Shape Shifter 2 HD

3D Shape Shifter II HD is a brilliant morphing particle simulator Watch with awe as you witness colorful particles morph between different 3D geometric objects with a touch of your finger Fun for kids or anyone else in your family Features: - Optimized for iOS 10 - A dozen different 3D objects - Choose from four different textures - Adjust color saturation and number of particles - Pinch to zoom.- Rotate the shapes.- Adjustable blur.

  • size 5.0 MB

Symmetry Lab Basic

This application is AMAZING One of my favorites One thing led to another and now I design and sell jewelry.Symmetry Lab lets anyone make beautiful art. By instantly applying two-fold up to 128-fold symmetry, you can create intricate patterns with just a few strokes. - Two new grid styles, torus and fisheye, to warp and stretch your art.- Presets: find the perfect combination of settings instantly.

  • rating 4.71429
  • size 4.0 MB