Quickly measure the size of a rectangular room. Simply scan the camera around a room to get its dimensions without using a tape measure. See the sizes written right on the room floor Save a photo and refer to it when shopping for flooring or paint.

Room Size alternatives

WiFi Pal - Scan Wifi Passwords

How many times have you asked a friend or family member for their Wi-Fi password? How often do they either forget their password or force you to walk to their router just to enter a long, random sequence of letters and numbers?WiFi Pal takes the hassle out of connecting to new Wi-Fi networks. Connect to Wi-Fi in seconds, never type a password again * Scan a code to automatically connect to a network* Create unlimited codes for all your networks* Enjoy the Wi-Fi connection If you have any feedback or questions, contact us Website: http://www.wifipal.xyz

  • rating 4.3125
  • size 35.8 MB

Textify - Don't listen.. Read!

Turn voice messages you receive into text, with Textify. Works with WhatsApp, Telegram, iMessage, Threema and LINE MessengerSurprisingly powerful. I further take no responsibility for damages caused by misunderstandings due to incorrect voice recognition.

  • rating 4.2
  • size 75.9 MB

Text Scanner (OCR)

OCR-Text Scanner is app to recognize any text from an image with 95% to 100% accuracy. Gave support for 50+ languages. Please send mail if you find any bugs , issues or want any feature.

  • rating 4.4
  • size 7.7 MB


Communicate in over 100 languages without switching apps TransKey lives inside your keyboard and lets you translate your messages directly in the text field with only one tap. As featured on CNET, Product Hunt, Addictive Tips, and many others I didnt think something like this was possible, but Im happy to say Ive been proven wrong. Terms and Conditions: http://www.alekapps.xyz/transkey/terms.pdf

  • rating 4.2