What if you could be a character in your own romance novel and you could control the fantasy the way you want?What if you could choose from thousands of stories and have a romantic fantasy with a man, in a simple chat-like app? He will play any role you want him to play, and hell be amazing at it Itll slowly build-up to a hot and steamy outcome. The best romance novel might just be the one you write yourself.


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XianXia-Chinese wuxia,fantasy,martial art novels
Shifter: Interactive Graphic Novel
How To Write A Novel # Novel Writing Tips
Otome Game: Love Story - Dating Sim for Girls
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FanFiction Plus

FanFiction Plus gives you access to millions of FREE Fan fiction stories, from fanfiction.net, right at your fingertips, anywhere in the world. Features: Discover, read and download millions of stories, for FREE A fast and beautiful interface Stories in your library are available offline and synced across all your devices Get notified when stories are updated Post story reviews A variety of different fonts and background colors for your ultimate reading experience Resume reading where you left off Sign in to your fanfiction.net account Follow & favorite stories Read story reviews Browse crossover categories 3D touch on selected devices Listen to stories while driving or doing housework using Text-to-speechAvailable Fan fiction categories:- Anime- Books- Cartoons- Comics- Games- Misc- Movies- Plays- TVIf you have any suggestions or comments, visit our feedback page, or open Feedback from the settings menu.https://fanfiction.helprace.com

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Meet your Man - Interactive Erotic Sexy Story book

Romance novel Meet Your Man Youre a young and beautiful girl, you must choose between 3 guys to start a new relationship. Find more information about the app and other projects by living a book please visit:www.livingabook.comWho would you like to have a relationship with?Steve Russel: He is super sexy, with a sculpted body, deep green eyes, and light brown hair. Visit our website:http://www.livingabook.com

  • rating 4.33333
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Steamy is for the hopeless romantic in all of us. This innovative new storytelling app features original romance stories written by best-selling authors, designed just for reading on your iPhone. Email [email protected] for help

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Yarn - Interactive Stories

Yarn lets you read thrilling, interactive stories on your device, for free. Solve puzzles, help characters make important decisions, and decide how stories end. Email us at: [email protected] using Yarn, you agree to the terms of service found at: http://www.useyarn.com/terms

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Inkvite - Chat Fiction with Friends

Become part of the best writing community on the Appstore. Share your stories, collaborate with others and find new friendships through fiction, all on Inkvite. Join a story that someone else has started and see where the story takes you - Promote your profile and stories for other people to notice you and get more reads and reviews.Key Features:- 3 collaborative story sizes: Micro (4 turns), Standard (8 turns) and Epic (16 turns).- Collaborate with up to 3 writers on a short story- Tag stories for others to find your topic of choice.- Upload images for your story covers and add images within stories too.- Read trending stories and find recommended people to chat and create with.- Follow your favourite story writers and message them directly.

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XianXia-Chinese wuxia,fantasy,martial art novels

1.About the apps:We focus on the translation of Chinese WuXia, XianXia, campus and other hot-blooded novels.2.About content: We now have thousands of novels, dominated by hot-blooded and Chinese culture, on various fantasy, Urban romance, WuXia, XianXia, Youth-campus, military, officialdom and so on.3.About updates: We aim to update with thousands of chapters per day. Please help yourself to experience, you can experience Chinese life phenomena from the novel, the good must be what you want. Magnum opus:GuLong Full series, Jin Yongs kung-fu novels and so on.

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  • version 1.0


Hottest Role-Playing app in iTunesKinkySex is a hot way to spice up any romance With role-playing fantasies you get to be anyone you want so be creative and let your inhibitions go. This app has everything you need to get started: Lots of role-play & fantasy ideas Descriptive scenarios for role-playing inspiration Prop ideas to enhance the mood Beautiful retina display graphicsTestimonials5s Super Hot, Super Kinky. Money well spent

  • rating 2.6
  • size 10.3 MB
  • version 1.5

Shifter: Interactive Graphic Novel

SHIFTER the Interactive Graphic Novel has arrived Innovative use of parallax animation and interactivity is masterfully woven together to create a multimedia experience of unparalleled scope, featuring the amazing voice talents of WIL WHEATON NOTE: Compatible with iPad 2 and later, iPhone 4s and later, and iPod touch (5th generation) What if you could soar with the birds not in a man-made contraption or by using virtual reality, but as an actual bird? What if you could literally be a fly on the wall in a top-secret meeting? Turn them off This is as close as any graphic novel can possibly get to the theater experience without being fully animated

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What if you had to survive in a zombie apocalypse? In this riveting interactive novel, you make the story. Its your choice, choose carefully or itll be your last.

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  • version 1.1.0


SEXTIBLES welcomes you to Date Night for the Electronic Couple Near or Far, a sexy romance doesnt have to be put on hold. With Sextibles role-play games you and your lover can heat things up in a playful, passionate, and private way This release is the first 3 of 36 games to come. If youre at home and your play partner isnt; perhaps on a business trip or overseas serving their country, Sextibles can set the mood for some steamy entertainment FEATURES:- Adventurous and Playful role-play games to spice up your sexting- Hot, titillating words to tempt your lover- Sextrology for the Astrologically minded player- Sextibles T&D for the game player who loves a dare- Sextibles How Far start up a new conversation with your lover about how FAR you would go- Sexting Game Play guides to take the game to a HOTTER Level of Excitement- Privacy code to keep the game private- Log out feature that removes the gameplay for added privacy- 3 Free Chatrooms- Free background music, romantic, hip-hop, smooth jazz, and more.

  • rating 3.4
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  • version 1.1


Book Notes allows you to easily keep notes for books you read. The notes you write might be of an important detail you would like to take a look at later or if you have long breaks between readings you might write a short summary chapter notes so you could get back on track after youve been on a long reading break. Features: - Write notes for each book organized by chapters - Keep track of books you read - Keep a bookmark for each book

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  • version 1.0

How To Write A Novel # Novel Writing Tips

If you have the question how to write a novel in your mind right now then this app will be useful for you. Having your own novel published is a great feeling and its our dream. We hope that your find this useful.

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  • version 1.0

Otome Game: Love Story - Dating Sim for Girls

Welcome to the visual novel with attractive characters and interactive story episodes YOU can read the whole story for FREE YOU are the one to decide whom you want to date.We will recommend you if you* Love the movies, dramas, and romance fictions* Want to fall in love with a handsome guy* Want to enjoy a dramatic romance in APP* Interest in romance game or otome game* Like the shojo(girls) comics and animation* Like the romance drama* Want to experience the nervousness about love* Have interests in the mysterious love story and love adventure * Want to read a story with complex relationship* Want to read the sweet words which make your heart beating fast* Cant resist on Japanese style ikemen and Korea charming oppaFeatures- INTERACT with your crushes - FLIRT your way to the top and find love - FIND romance by dating and fall in love - UNRAVEL mysteries and survive the dangers that lie ahead - MAKE a choice on critical moment- DECIDE who will be your boyfriend- ENJOY your wonderful adventures with your boyfriend.- EXPERIENCE pleasing music and vivid sound effect.StoryAs a brilliant surgeon living with your beloved boyfriend who is also your colleague, you have nothing to complain about your current life. However, suddenly your perfect life is shattered when a man in uniform crashes through your window, covered in bloodHe seems attractive yet dangerous. Music: www.bensound.com;www.purple-planet.comAbout Hanabi MediaHanabi Media aims to provide high quality interactive romantic love story for all people who enjoy having a daily dose of romance in their lives We are the home for visual novel fans, where you can choose your own love journey Our Website: www.hanabimedia.netOur Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hanabimedialtdvn/

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  • version 1.6

Emergency Info App

No one wants to be in an accidentBut what if you do get into one. Dont you want the best help possible?The Emergency Info App aims to play a role in this situation by providing accurate and easy accessible information to the first help responder that is treating you. The info that could save your life.

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Timmy Tickle

Timmy Tickle wants to play Cheer him up with tickling, pick him up when he falls over on his rollerskates and help him count and wash up. If you teach him some tunes on his xylophone and hell treat you to a game of fruit or costume snap, and when he gets tired dim the lights so he can get some rest. - Digital-Storytime.com * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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  • version 1.8