Make smarter with the Robo app. This is a full-featured 3D printing app optimized for Robo printers, but will work on any printer powered by OctoPrint. *Connect and print right from your mobile device*Manage multiple prints and printers at once*Monitor the progress of every print on a single dashboard*Video-stream and take timelapses of your print right to your phone (only available for 3D printers with onboard camera)*Manual control panel lets you handle every detail with precision*Cura-Engine control that allows onboard slicing of STLs no computer needed*Change filament before or during a print with a handy one-touch command*Connect to cloud libraries and access thousands of 3D models*Make purchases of filaments, accessories, print kits, and more*Monitor OctoPrint server settings and handle printer connection*QR code based API handling for quick authorization of your OctoPrint enabled printer

Robo 3D alternatives

Adafruit Bluefruit LE Connect

Wirelessly connect your iOS device to Adafruit Bluefruit LE modules for control & communication with your projects. Features: Send iOS sensor & GPS data wirelessly over Bluetooth LE (Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life) Control Pad for simple directional control of your projects Control Arduino Digital, Analog, & PWM pin input & output Send & receive messages via UART monitor in Hex or ASCII format Control NeoPixels individually with an interactive color picker Scan & list nearby Bluetooth LE peripherals with RSSI and Advertisement data Connect & List peripheral Services & Characteristics in Info mode Serial Plotter to plot numeric data graphically Multiple simultaneous connections (UART and Serial Plotter only) Update your Bluefruit device to the latest firmware version from within the app Use Apple Watch to control Bluefruit with Color Picker & Control PadLearn more about Adafruit Bluefruit LE at:

  • size 47.9 MB

Nautilus for OctoPrint

Nautilus for OctoPrint provides a customised user interface, that has been optimised for iOS devices. The application will manage the printer configuration (URL and API key) and load the Nautilus plugin web application which provides all the rest of the functions. Read the documentation available at and report problems via Github issue tracker at

  • size 3.6 MB


This is the official companion app for the Structure Sensor Made-for-iPad accessory. The Structure Sensor is a groundbreaking accessory that allows your iOS device to capture the world in 3D. Check your Structure Sensors battery level.

  • size 11.7 MB

MP 3D Printer WiFi Connect

MP 3D Printer WiFI Connect will make connecting your Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer to WiFi a quick and painless process. Follow the steps below to get your Select Mini connected to your existing 2.4 GHz wireless network.1. For the initial Wi-Fi setup try moving the printer closer to the Wi-Fi router.

  • rating 4.28571
  • size 2.6 MB

OctoClient for OctoPrint

OctoClient for OctoPrint lets you easily control 3D printers right from your iOS device, via OctoPrint. Start, stop and monitor prints with just a tap, as well as using advanced controls. Full Feature List:- Live webcam monitoring- Monitor print status- Notifications on print completion- Monitor bed and hotend temperatures- Control and home the X, Y and Z axes- Start prints from GCODE files- Extrude and retract filament- Set bed and hotend temperatures- Control fan speeds- Send custom GCODE commands- Invert axis directions- Customise webcam streaming options

  • rating 4.44444
  • size 20.1 MB