Can You Escape - Deluxe - Out Now It doesnt really matter how many wrong decisions have you made in your life and where you are now if you want to change your life Having a proper plan, even a hobo can get a yacht Of course, as Rome wasnt build in a day, its gonna take some time Still worth it, right?Start believing now and youll see how easy your way to success can be

Road To Success alternatives

Wild West Escape

Can You Escape - Deluxe - Out Now Are you brave enough? In this Escape game you will travel to the Wild West - the land of adventures, feats, Indians and, of course, bandits. Challenge yourself and youll experience one of the greatest adventures of your life.

  • rating 4.50725
  • size 136 MB

World Wonders Escape

Can You Escape - Deluxe Out Now Have you ever wanted to go on a journey around the world? To visit the worlds most famous and captivating places, the tallest buildings, the most breath-taking historical and religious monuments? Start the journey now World Wonders Escape offers:Escape from the worlds most famous placesChallenging puzzles and riddles Beautiful graphics Amazing gameplay 100% fun

  • rating 4.68421
  • size 85.1 MB

Texas Hazard

Can You Escape - Deluxe - Out Now Howdy, amigo We know that this aint your first rodeo, but you have to escape that god-forsaken city come hell or high water That sorry, good-for-nothing sheriff and his men are after you, but Yankees aint gonna get ya. So, are ya fixin to run or ya will stan still so he can shoot that apple often yore had?Game features:- Wild West atmosphere - Versatile brain teasers - Amazing graphics - 15 different rooms - Tricky puzzles- Its fun - and much more

  • rating 4.58678
  • size 114 MB

Magic Escape

Can You Escape - Deluxe Out Now Welcome to the mysterious world of Magic In this new escape game youre a descendant of a druid and you have an important mission. You have to save your Celtic people of impending Roman invasion. Amazing puzzles Addicting mini-games Stunning graphics and beautiful locations Keep the app for updates Escape

  • rating 4.62946
  • size 81.1 MB

Escape Genius

Ladies and gentlemen We are glad to present you - Escape Genius The evil professor has locked you into this strange building with 20 carefully built rooms full of tricks, traps and puzzles. If you believe you have what it takes to escape all those rooms and become the escape genius then accept this room escape challenge Special features: Test your logical thinking Solve amazing puzzles Challenge yourself in this huge adventure Hours of pure fun And thats not allDownload this game now and be the first one who escapes all the rooms to become the Escape Genius

  • rating 4.59804
  • size 87.1 MB