Custom dictionary with sound, tests and gamesThis app contains many things to help you improve your English reading, writing, listening and general comprehension of how English is used in context. The dictionary is extremely simple to use; to understand a word you simply click on it and you have an image and two examples of how the word is used in context; as if that were not enough, you also have the sound files to learn the pronunciation of the word and the sentences in which the word is used. The videos in the app were designed to enable any level of learner to understand the vocabulary in a clear context - these videos contain over 1000 words, including irregular verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and morelearn English in context contains a games page with educational games designed to use the vocabulary and grammar in the app.


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161 irregular verbs
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Vocabulary level A1-A2 alternatives

English Irregular Verbs game - the fast and easy way to learn verbs

Learn Fun Easy English Irregular verbs The app contains all important English irregular verbs. It is an essential app for everyone learning the English language Try it now FEATURES- 8 exercise levels;- Translation, Retranslation, Writing and Listening Skills;- Full list of English irregular verbs;- Native voices;- Easy-to-use;- Designed for iOS 7 and iOS 8;LANGUAGES: - Russian - German - French - Italian - Spanish- Korean- Japanese - Chinese - English- Greek- Ukrainian CONTACTFor questions or suggestion, e-mail [email protected] iOS 8

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Verbs in English

Learn and practise many of the most commonly used verbs in English. TOP FEATURES: Focus on the verbs youre weak at Take quizzes and test yourself Get instant results to help you improve Suitable for all levels (beginners, intermediate, and advanced)

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500 English words challenge quiz game with picture - learn english words fun and easy.

Here it is 500 English words challenge game with challenging puzzles. Can you guess the english word having one tricky picture? Learn words - learn english 500 English words challenge game is a real brain teaser |Support: [email protected]

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  • size 17.5 MB

LearnBots English - Verbs = Pronunciation by a Native Speaker!

This is the perfect kick-starter App for learning those difficult verbs and conjugations. This highly stimulating Award Winning memory App will show you how to learn the verbs and their key conjugations 7 times faster than any other traditional method. Most apps make you pay twice but with LearnBots, you get two for the price of one * Worlds easiest way to practice and remember your verbs * Remember your verbs 7 times faster than Any other method * Pronunciation by a native speaker * Add and hear your own verbs and even hear them * Create your own favourites list * Animations for each verb * Write and then check your conjugation spelling * Colour memory pictures for each verb * Native index translation in over 30 languages * Skill button to test ability * Most commonly used verbs * Perfect for all age groups * For beginners to advanced * Very easy to use * Award winning brand * Compatible with your iPhone & iPad

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161 irregular verbs

Would you like to improve your fluency in English? This app contains all of the most important irregular verbs, complete with videos to understand the verb in context, tenses, stories and quizzes to check comprehension. The videos in the app were designed to enable you to understand the verbs without translating.

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  • version 2.7

English Grammar Quizzes - Grammar Games

English Grammar QuizzesIt contains 1102 Question and 55 test about English grammar. These English Grammar Games are listed in alphabetical order:* A vs An - The difference between A and AN* Adjectives ending in -ED and -ING - The difference between adjectives ending in -ed and adjectives ending in -ing* Adjectives with Prepositions - which prepositions go with different adjectives and the different meanings and contexts of them* Adjective Word Order - Basic - Simple word order of Adjectives* Adverbs of Frequency - Always, Usually, Often, Seldom and more* Adverbs vs. Adjectives - The difference between Adverbs and Adjectives* Another vs Other vs Others - The difference between Another, Other and Others* Both, Either and Neither - The difference between Both, Either Neither* Can - Cant - Cannot* Comparatives & Superlatives - Bigger or More Big? * Your vs Youre - The difference between YOUR and YOURE in English

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B2 Listen & Learn

This app has several features to help you test and improve your English.listening, speaking and comprehension. We have taken 1000 key words and 80 grammatical subjects and put them into 200 muliple-choice questions split over 20 levels with 10 questions per level. All the vocabulary in this app is essential if you want to go to level C1.- Word Order- Articles- Present Tenses- Past Tenses- Future Tense- Passive Voice- Modal Verbs - cac, should, will, could, would and might- Phrasal Verbs- Irregular Verbs- Pronouns- Adjectives- Adverbs- Noun plus Preposition- Prepositions- Adjective plus Preposition- Nouns- Some, any, a lot of, many, much etc.- Conditionals 1+2- Gerund- Infinitives- Confusing Words- Linking WordsAll the exercises were designed by the English in context team who have a combined classroom experience of 52 years.

English Usage Rules

English Usage Rules is helpful app to you can present yourself in the best possible light . It is English grammar handbook and contains everything about English usage rulesFeatures:- Grammar Rules- Punctuation Rules- Spelling, Vocabulary, Commonly Confused Word- Most Common Verbs- Most Common Irregular Verbs- Most Common Phrasal Verbs- Nouns - Verbs - Adjectives - Adverbs- Other Rules- Quizzes - Grammar Pretest

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  • version 3.0

English Grammar Test

This English Grammar Test app is perfect for Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels. The test is divided into two levels. Features:- 60 tests and 1200 english exercises- 20 English grammar units in every test- simple explanations- total score and progress analytics- clear user interface- beautiful designSyllabus covered in english test:- Word Order- Articles- Present Tenses- Past Tenses- Future Tense- Passive Voice- Modal Verbs- Phrasal Verbs- Irregular Verbs- Pronouns- Adjectives- Adverbs- Relative Clauses- Noun plus Preposition- Prepositions- Adjective plus Preposition- Nouns- Some, any, a lot of, many, much etc.- Conditionals- Reported Speech

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English Dictionary - Offline

+ Full English Dictionary - Offline +Features:- More than 172000 words.- More than 180,000 senses and 49,000 sample sentences.- Includes the Hang On, man Game- Include a flash card system to facilitate learning new words and several articles about English grammar.- You can create your own flashcards and word lists.- Includes quality sounds for phrases and words.- Full list of regular and irregular verbs- Fast, as it works offline; internet is used only for a few features.- Includes bookmarks and history.+ Learn English with the lessons of English grammar included in the dictionary:- Verb tense - Simple Present- Verb tense - Simple Past- Verb tense - Simple Future- Verb tense - Present Continuous- Verb tense - Past Continuous- Verb tense - Future Continuous- Verb tense - Present Perfect- Verb tense - Past Perfect- Verb tense - Future Perfect- Verb tense - Present Perfect Continuous- Verb tense - Past Perfect Continuous- Verb tense - Future Perfect Continuous- Irregular verbs- Conditionals - Zero conditional- Conditionals - First conditional- Conditionals - Second conditional- Conditionals - Third conditional- Conditionals - Mixed conditional- Conjunctions - Coordinating conjunctions- Conjunctions - Correlative conjunctions- Conjunctions - Subordinating conjunctions- Comparative and Superlative Adjectives- Singular and Plural Nouns- Count Nouns and Uncountable Nouns- Possessive Nouns- Pronouns- Action Verbs- Adjectives- Adverbs- Active / Passive Verb Forms- Mood for Grammar- Auxiliary Verbs Be, Do, Have- Auxiliary Verbs Will/Would and Shall/Should- Auxiliary Verbs Can/Could and May/Might/Must- Prepositions On, At, and In- Prepositions Of, To, and For- Prepositions With, Over, and By- Indefinite and Definite Articles- Interjections- Capitalization+ Keywords:* English Dictionary * Diccionari Angls * Fjalor Anglisht * Engleski rjenik * anglick slovnk * Engels woordenboek * angla Vortaro * inglise snaraamat * Ingles Diksyunaryo * Englanti Sanakirja * Dictionnaire Anglais * dicionario de ingls * Englisch Wrterbuch * inglise snaraamat * Ingles Diksyunaryo * Englanti Sanakirja * Dictionnaire Anglais * Englisch Wrterbuch * angle Diksyon * Angol Sztr * Dizionario Inglese * Kamus Inggris * anglicus Dictionary * angu vrdnca * angl kalbos odynas * Bahasa Inggeris Kamus * Dicionrio de Ingls * englez Dicionar * * Anglick slovnk * angleki slovar * Diccionario Ingls * kamusi ya Kiingereza- Improve your vocabulary by learning new words- Improve your vocabulary by learning new words- Improve your vocabulary by learning new words - Free English Dictionary - Offline - Free English Dictionary - Offline- Free English Dictionary - Offline - Learn English Grammar - Learn English Grammar- Learn English Grammar - Flashcard System- Flashcard System- Flashcard System- Irregular Verbs - Irregular Verbs- Irregular Verbs- Hangman Game- Hangman Game- Hangman Game - KET Examination- KET Examination- KET Examination- PET Examination- PET Examination- PET Examination

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English for Success - complete

This bundle includes 10 applications:- Greek and Latin Roots- English Collocations In Use- English Prepositions In Use- Mastering English Idioms- Ultimate Guide to Phrasal Verbs- English Root Dictionary- Vocabulary Builder - Learning English in Context- English Prefixes and Suffixes- Synonym Master - Quiz, Flashcard and Match Game- Common English Grammar and Vocabulary Mistakes

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3rd Grade Language Arts

3rd Grade Language Arts improves your vocabulary,reading comprehension, and writing composition. Students learn phonics,spelling,grammar,& speech. Each question has detailed explanation.3rd Grade Language Arts covers the following topics:1)Foundational Skills:Prefixes and Suffixes2) Writing:Linking Words and Phrases.3)Language:a)Abstract Nouns Quizb)Adjectives Quizc)Adverbs Quizd)Capitalisation Quize)Comparative and Superlative Adjectives and Adverbs Quizf)Coordinating Conjunctions Quizg)Nouns Quizh)Plural Nouns Quizi)Pronoun Antecedent Agreement Quizj)Pronoun Functionsk)Regular and Irregular Verbsl)Sentence Types Quizm)Verb Tense Quizn)Subject-Verb Agreement Quiz and many more

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  • version 1.0

English - Elementary

The best of Grammar and Spelling Games from Tap to Learn can now be downloaded in a single education bundle Get all the three games at a discounted price of $5.99 - 45% off the regular price for a limited time. The best and most fun way to teach your children to spell and learn english grammar. SYLLABUS COVERED- Parts of Speech- Articles and Tenses- Review Of The Articles- Present Tense- Past Tense- Future Tense- Verbs- Am, Are, and Is- Active Verbs With Passive Meaning- Phrasal Verbs & Prepositional Idioms- Modal Verbs- Adjectives & Adverbs- Gradable & Ungradable Adjectives- Adjectives & Adverbs- The Infinitive Without to- Large & Small Quantities- Prepositions & Pronouns- More Prepositions Of Time- Review Of Prepositions- Personal Pronouns ; Possessives- Countable & Uncountable Nouns- Articles & Determiners- A, An, & Some- To, At, & In - Expressing Place & Time- Tell, Say, & Ask- Determiners- Interjections- Confusing Words- Punctuation

  • size 231 MB

Grammar Express: Correct Usage

This app measures several factors of English language, namely adjectives, adverbs, articles, prepositions, pronouns, verbs etc., and it reveals your key cognizant strengths and weaknesses. The Correct Usage contains over 618 questions on different topics. Special algorithm that randomizes questions every time you take a test.

  • size 6.4 MB
  • version 1.0