Tired of paying outrageous rates for international calls on your carrier? Look no further. Features: VoIP Calls via Wi-Fi, EDGE / 3G / UMTS / 4G Fastest connectivity and Carries your original caller-id Call more than 200 destinations around the world with the cheapest rates SIP-based softphone with exceptional voice quality Fully integrated with the phone dialer Easy to buy credits and top-up Proprietary compression technology makes it usable on any kind of internet connection Compatible with VOIP switches supporting standard SIP Unique anti-block solution Flexible integration with your phone book contacts Advanced Echo Cancellation Screen display for your call history, call timer and balance

Ringup alternatives

iTel Mobile Dialer: VoIP SIP Calls, SMS, IM

iTel Mobile Dialer Express is a mobile app for iPhone and other smartphones, offering a range of functionalities like VoIP Calls & SMSs, cross-OS Instant Messaging, automated Calling Card usage and much more from data enabled mobile phones (3G/4G or WiFi). For using this app, end users will need an Operator Code, which they can obtain from a VoIP Service Provider. For assistance on finding a Service Provider please email us.2.Mobile Number to be entered with country code.3.Password Received via SMS / IVR after entering your mobile number.

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TP Smart

TP Smart for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch let you make voice call worldwide with the finest voice quality App Benefits: Can make calls by using Social Data packages in UAEWorks from all over the world Uses iPhone contacts Crystal Clear Quality Satisfaction guaranteed With this application, user can make cheap VOIP calls. Main features: Making VoIP calls Built-in tunnel for passing through VoIP blockades Connectivity through WIFI, 4G/3G,2G EDGE Integrated contacts from the phone Loudspeaker Balance information Call cost information Time, call status logs How to Activate: 1. Launch TP Smart and dial destination number using any of the Dial formats or directly from Contact list.

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Do you want to make the cheapest international phone calls straight from your mobile?Tired of bad VoIP connections or of paying other internet calling providers expensive connection fees?Travelling while on a business trip and hate paying huge roaming fees?We have the solution Check out Rinboo iPhone Application Just download Rinboo and sign up for a free account and start calling at a fraction of the rate charged by your usual phone operator. Rinboo is free to download and easy to use - its just like your normal phone but with Free Calls and super cheap International rates. FREE CallsUnlimited FREE calls between Rinboo users anywhere in the world Save Loads of Money Call family, friends, or colleagues abroad at some of the lowest rates in the world Only Pay for the Calls You MakeThere are no monthly fees, no trickeries, no behind the back charges, no setup fees, no hidden fees, and no extra charges Call Anytime, Anywhere Works on any phone Call from your mobile, landline, or smartphone - anytime, anywhere, at a great rate Live 24/7 SupportRinboo iPhone Application Features Accounts Balance Display Destination, rate information (Ability to check the cost to any destination) Can be used with any Internet Connection like WiFi, 3G/4G and EDGE networks Free unlimited Wi-Fi & 3G mobile broadband VoIP calls to other Rinboo users anywhere in the world Integrated with your phones address book Calls to Mobile and Landline numbers (using our Pay-As-You-Go PAYG credit and Calling Plans) Making and receiving SIP calls from behind any VoIP blockades/firewalls Multitasking, receiving calls in background and sleep mode(using TCP connection) Multitasking, receiving calls in background mode using Keep Awake feature Redial button Call History (Last calls log) with call duration Loudspeaker Favorites Call Hold Call Forwarding Auto Answer (AA) Do Not Disturb (DND) Echo cancellation Built-in tunnel* for passing through VoIP blockades Summary window showing last call cost and duration

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iTel Hybrid Dialer

Malayalam for iPhone

Using the Malayalam editor you can create text in Malayalam script and share it to the world via Facebook from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This is a very simple and easy to use application that converts the English characters you type into Malayalam script. Just type in the phonetic word in English and press the Space key or the Return key and the word will be translated to Malayalam.