Create and CustomizeUNLIMITED Ringtones, Text Tones and Alert Tones Now you have the ability to personalize your iPhone creating your own ringtones, text tones and other alert tones. Choose the soundtrack you want to use as your ringtone, specify the type of your alert, then choose the required segment from the audio track and tap save. - iPhone 3G is not supported due to iOS restrictions.

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Complete to do list and tasks

Complete AlexaAppleComplete -Complete complete + + + Alexa Complete + +

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Magic Contacts Pro with Notification Center Widget


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Simple Repeat Timer.

The simplest timer available. Beautifully designed and repeats over and over again. Whether its timing yourself to get out the door in the morning, that early coffee brew, your tabata workout, grilling your steak, or even just reminding yourself to standup every 30minUSE IT FOR Gym workout or yoga sessions (20sec pushup, 10sec break, repeat) Going on a 30min run and know how long its been without having to stare at the clock painfully like we do Keeping track of cooking times Time-boxing yourself to 30min windows for doing focused work, then 5min break Drinking games (like power hourand if youre a minor then ignore this we didnt say anything) General time-keeping without ever looking at the clock Plus anything else you can think of for a countdown timer Wed love to see other great ideas FEATURES Add up to 3 timers as a set that repeats Save your frequently used timer sets Revolutionary double-buzz when timer is up so you dont mistaken it for some other unimportant notifications (how brilliant And we should totally patent this) Works even in the background AppleWatch support coming as a free updateSUPPORTJust head to our site and email us, wed love to hear all the bad things you have to tell us (and some positives, please): [email protected]

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Group Text Easy

Here is the easiest and quickest way to send group messages With this app, you can send text messages, iMessages or emails to a group or all contacts without having to add contacts one by one. You just need to pick a contact group, some contacts or all your contacts You can create and manage your own contact groups. On iPad, you can only send group iMessage and group email.