Ringbell Plus for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch let you make voice call worldwide with the finest voice quality App Benefits: Works from all over the world Uses iPhone contacts Crystal Clear Quality Lowest International Rates Satisfaction guaranteed With this application, user can make cheap VOIP calls. Main features: * Making and receiving VoIP calls. Launch Ringbell Plus and dial destination number using any of the Dial formats or directly from Contact list.

Ringbell Plus alternatives

Voillo Dialer

With its simple and intuitive user interface, Voillo Dialer is the solution to making high quality calls for a fraction of the cost. Utilizing the latest advances in VOIP technology, you can be ensured that all your communications are secure and affordable. In addition to your cost savings, Voillo Dialer offers: Secure and reliable communication Compatible with VOIP switches supporting SIP Unique anti-block solution Advance Echo Cancellation Flexible integration with your phone book contacts Screen display for your call history, call timer and balanceFor Users:While starting the app, you will be prompted for the following:Operator Code Collect Operator Code from your VoIP service provider.

  • size 7.5 MB

Malayalam for iPhone

Using the Malayalam editor you can create text in Malayalam script and share it to the world via Facebook from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This is a very simple and easy to use application that converts the English characters you type into Malayalam script. Just type in the phonetic word in English and press the Space key or the Return key and the word will be translated to Malayalam.

Platinum Dialer

Platinum Dialer is a VoIP mobile dialer application that allows to make VoIP calls. It uses Internet connectivity and currently works only over cellular data and not over WIFI.Platinum Dialer is developed based on the requirements of VoIP Providers business needs, all you need is Operator code, and start using the Platinum Dialer application. * Integrates with mobiles Phonebook.

  • size 10.5 MB

iTel Hybrid Dialer


YourDialer is an universal VoIP dialer, which supports a wide range of VoIP services. Simply log on using your excisting credentials and start saving on your national and international calls anywhere you go, anytime you want Most of the cheapest providers are already supported. All you need is the YourDialer app and a 3g or WiFi connection.

  • size 10.2 MB