Use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as a wireless keyboard and trackpad for your Raspberry Pi This universal application lets you send keystrokes and mouse events to you Raspberry Pi computers over TCP/IP via a wired or wireless network. Remote Pi is ideal for making the best out of a Raspberry Pi in the living room, or office too. Visit for more information.

Remote Pi alternatives


Control all devices through the local network or 3G NetIO is a generic remote controller for your iPhone/iPad which simply sends and reads strings over a network socket. You can easily communicate with micro controllers connected to your LAN (for example AVR-Board, Arduino Board, reembox, raspberry pi, self made hardware) or with other computers. (Demo )If there are any problems please write a mail

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SimplePi - Monitor, Control and Manage your Raspberry Pi

SimplePi enables you to monitor, control and manage your Raspberry Pi using your iPhone and iPad. Monitor ActivitySee what is going on your Raspberry Pi. Were happy to take SimplePi on the next level with you

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  • size 7.6 MB

Dataplicity - Terminal for Pi

Remotely access your Raspberry Pi shell from any network without dynamic DNS, portforwarding or VPN.For more information, visit* DOES IT WORK BEHIND NAT?Yes. The client initiates a secure websockets connection to the Dataplicity service. When you log into the Dataplicity shell you still need to explicitly ask for super user rights to gain full control.

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BerryCam | Take images with a Raspberry Pi camera

* This app requires a Raspberry Pi with installed Camera Module to work *Use your iOS device to control the Raspberry Pi camera module. Control exposure modes, special effects for still images with the simple interface - no need to learn complex SSH commands. A great way to experiment with the possibilities of the Raspberry Pi camera or to kickstart that IoT project you always wanted to do.

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SimpleSSH - SSH Commands, File Viewer & Terminal

SimpleSSH is a powerful tool tailored for your needs when working with SSH servers on your iPhone and iPad. When youre on the go, most often you dont want to work a lot in the shell. Were happy to take SimpleSSH on the next level with you

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