Refracto is a user friendly tool for homebrewers that will help you to convert your refractometer measurements during a fermentation process from Brix to SG or Plato. It automatically compensates the alcohol effect during fermentation of your beer. Refracto then immediately computes the following values:- Original gravity- Final gravity (apparent and actual)- Attenuation (apparent and real)- Alcohol by volumeAt any time you can switch between four different modes of computation:- Standard- Kleier (a modernized version of the Standard formula)- Linear formula according Sean Terrill- Cubic formula according Sean TerrillPlease note:- In addition to this App you will also need a Refractometer with a Brix-scale.- The supported input range for refractometer readings is 0 to 32Bx.

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The Grainfather is the easy to use, all in one grain brewing system perfect for home use. This electric unit ensures your brew day is simple without removing any of the fun The Grainfather App turns this process from simple to a breeze and makes creating and recording recipes easy. Comes with pre programmed Grainfather recipes too to get you started.

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Fermenticus Brew Log - Home Brewing Calculator & Logbook

Fermenticus Brew Log is a logbook, calculator, and recipe formulator for homebrewers and small craft brewers alike. Optimized for both iPhone & iPad. Every rating and review is a big help Cheers and Happy Brewing

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Brewers: never miss adding a hop, adjunct, or fining addition to your boil ever again Check out the boss features of this deluxe brewers countdown timer Brew Session Editor Lets you create any number of custom brew sessions (think: the boil-time part of your brewing recipe) Easily create a boil duration of any length. Cheers

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