RappelNote is a summary note. Where the records belong to several categories. Make a note of simple functional and protected PasswordPlease feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have suggestions, feature requests, or bug reports.

Rappel Note alternatives

abc Notes Lite - ToDo, Checklist & Sticky Note

abcNotes - Simply the most realistic & user friendly notes in the world abcNotes Lite - is a freeware, feature limited version. The limitations are: Only one desktop (paid version supports up to 15 virtual desktops) Only 10 note skins (45 in paid version) Only 32 desktop backgrounds (88 in paid version) Synchronization is NOT supported A bit of advertisements.abc Notes Lite - Checklist & Sticky Note Application for iPhone and iPad (share, email and synch your lists, memos, projects and school notebooks) free versionBellow is the description of the abcNotes full version:abcNotes was designed to become your stylish and highly customizable, functional and easy to use assistant in taking notes and managing To Do lists. Give it a try

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  • size 9.4 MB


- The dead-simple way to do notes and to-dos -Have you tried Evernote, Remember the Milk and other notes/to-do apps for your phone but think theres just too much going on getting in the way of the actual note-taking? Tags, due-dates, categories, projects, font-styling, notes on the notes, and what-not. Make plans together, share a shopping list or write a novel together.- BACKED UP AND SYNCED ACROSS ALL YOUR DEVICESOther phones, Macs or PCs, edit your notes wherever you want and your notes stay synced and backed up.- SHARE NOTES PRIVATELY OR PUBLICLYShare notes with anyone using a simple URL, keeping them updated as you edit them.

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Scanner App - PDF Doc Scanner

Scan documents in seconds, draw lines, enter texts, fill forms, and sign. Share as PDF / JPEG by email, WiFi file sharing, cloud storages, webdav, and fax. Please contact ScannerApp customer service at [email protected] for resolving problems before submitting feedback in Appstore.

Mailpod for Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail

Simple, fast and easy to use app for Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. Attach photos and files from Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and Box. Strong privacy controls, for example - Mailpod uses information about contacts only for helping with auto completing addresses- When attaching files from your account at Google Drive, Box, SkyDrive or Dropbox, Mailpod does not use the file content for any purpose other than sending the file attachment.- Mailpod does not copy any of your personal information, including email addresses, contacts, etc., to its servers.

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  • size 14.5 MB

Reminder with Voice Reminders

Aida Reminder lets you create reminders very easily and quickly. RECURRING REMINDERS Repeat every X hours, days, weeks, months or years (e.g. Every 4 hours, Every 2 days, Every 3 months, Every year) Repeat on selected days of the week (e.g. Every week only on Mondays and Fridays) Repeat on selected days of the month (e.g. Every month on the 15th, 3rd Monday of the month, Last weekday of the month) Repeat every X hours (e.g. From 8 AM to 8 PM every 4 hours, From 9 AM to 4 PM every 2 hours and 20 mins) Repeat every half hour (e.g. From 10 AM to 2 PM, every 30 minutes) Repeat at specific times (e.g. 9:15 AM, 1:30 PM, 8:50 PM)MAIN FEATURES Super fast, set up reminders in seconds User friendly interface 9 different categories to choose from: One-Time, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Wake-Up Alarm, Voice Reminder, Music Reminder Voice Reminders: Use your own voice to record reminders. If you have iOS 8, you will have to open Aida Reminder to listen the voice reminder) Music Reminders: Pick a song from your music library and set it as the reminder sound (Available on iOS 9 and later) Snooze reminders directly from the notification banner or from the lock screen Auto-Snooze: Automatically repeat the alarm up to 5 times at regular intervals (e.g. 1 min, 10 mins, 30 mins) until you take action Pre-Alarms: Receive up to 5 notifications prior to the actual due date Add images or photos to each reminder for easy identification Option to skip the current alarm and reschedule it for the next repeating date Has a calendar to view all reminders by month Drop-down panel for easy access to edit or reschedule any reminder quickly Easy one tap to turn individual reminders on or off Option to pause all reminders when you dont want to be disturbed Wake-up alarm with custom snooze time See your past reminders on the History tab Sort reminders by Priority or Due Date Backup and restore reminders on the same device or multiple devices Auto-delete your completed reminders More than 110 built-in images 45 built-in alarm soundsGENERAL VoiceOver accessibility support Notifications are local, you dont require internet App doesnt need to be open to receive notifications Universal App, full native support for iPhone, iPad and iPod TouchFREE VERSION In the free version you can only add 1 hourly, daily and weekly reminder Full version with unlimited reminders is available as an In-App Purchase

  • rating 4.5
  • size 21.4 MB