One of the primary reasons people go to festivals is for the community, and thats what Radiate provides. -InsomniacMeet new friends, ask questions, check set times and maps, find a rave bae, or anything else you want. Just be polite while youre on here :)Oh, and we have a sweet multi-colored rhino.


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300+ Super Sound Box

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Music Unites us All. Never Party Alone.RollRandom is an exclusive invite-only community of chill people looking to meet up and party at music events around the world. *You can access the global directory of music events & festivals without having to create an account :)

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DoStuff - The Best Events In Your City Tonight

DoStuff is the best way to find awesome events in your city. From concerts to comedy and happy hours to dance parties, we list all of the best stuff going on, every night of the year. DoStuff features 20 cities and counting:Austin (Do512)Boston (Do617)Chicago (Do312)Dallas / Ft. Worth (Do214)Indianapolis (Do317)Kansas City (Do816)Los Angeles (DoLA)Louisville (Do502)New York City (doNYC)Nashville (Do615) Portland (Do503) San Antonio (Do210) San Diego (DoSD) San Francisco / The Bay Area (DoTheBay)Seattle (Do206) St. Louis (Do314) Tijuana (HazTJ) Toronto (Do416) Vancouver (Do604) Victoria (Do250)

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Congratulations for being invited to SocialLadderUse your private invite code to join one of our communities and then use your social currency how active you are on social media - to unlock access to exclusive experiences and products This app will never post without your permission. Enter your invite code Connect your social media accounts and get a score- Browse rewards,Compete in daily challenges to increase your score- Top scores unlock once-in-a-lifetime experiences

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TomorrowWorld Community

Get recognized for being active in the TomorrowWorld Community Use your social media skills to unlock rewards that include: TomorrowWorld 2015 Tickets TomorrowWorld Fashion Exclusive On-Site Experiences (backstage tours, helicopter rides) & More Nothing will ever get posted without your approval. Here are some tips for getting started: Connect your social media accounts to get your base score. Top scores unlock once-in-a-lifetime experiences that magically come to life at TomorrowWorld.

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Show of Hands: Ask & Answer Polls, Politics & More

Addicted Its the only app I constantly use. Anonymous Show of HanderShow of Hands is a smart and fun community polling platform for people who love burning questions Answer new questions daily and see instant, real-time, anonymous results from fellow brilliant minds around the country. Build an anonymous Show of Hands following and publish your own polls to test if your opinion is in the majority Ask your own questions about politics, ethics, pop-culture, humor, sports, health, election 2016, news or anything else your brain can think of We challenge you to question everything Questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected]

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  • version 5.5.0

Event Live - Discover Local Events

Discover local events With Event Live, you can browse through great events happening near you and check in to the events you like. Browse events in categories like: Food & Wine Live Music / Concerts Festivals Seminars and Conferences 20+ moreYou can also share photos and updates at each event and ask questions from other people who are going. Email us if you want your city added: [email protected] Tampa, FL St. Petersberg, FL Destin, FL Pensacola, FL Orlando, FL Atlanta, GA New Orleans, LA Miami, FL More Cities Coming Soon Many events include information that will help you while youre at the event: Artist / Guest Speaker profiles Full schedule of activities (great at festivals and conferences) Site maps Downloadable files from guest speakers / event organizers

Wheretoget - Fashion shopping

Say hello to Wheretoget: #1 Fashion App for stylish people Find where to get clothing you have seen on Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Available for iPhone and iPad, it is already used by millions of fashionistas Wheretoget on Twitter:Every girl should download & have the wheretoget app <3 @chelseaairbyI am obsessed with the app omg @rachelbarborekMy latest addiction has been the Wheretoget app & website. People post outfits and clothes and then people tell you where you can buy it @foxtrot44Our community of fashionistas helps you get inspired and find all the fashion items you want but dont know where to find: millions of items to browse and buy, hundreds of thousands of brands, e-shops and looks It will become for sure your favorite fashion assistant for three reasons:- You can ASK ANYTHING YOU WANT to the community: if youre dying to know where to get this dress you fell in love with, post its picture on Wheretoget and get the answer - You can PERSONALIZE YOUR FEED: follow the celebs, trends, tv shows, bloggers, accessories and clothes you like in order to get inspired and buy your favorite looks - And of course you can HAVE FUN: help other fellow fashionistas find the newest trends and share your fashion tips Now get on board too and join our addicted members Wheretogets team <3

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  • version 3.1.0

300+ Super Sound Box

The ultimate sound app Play 300 awesome HIGH quality sound effects with big buttons Annoy your family, scare your friends, confuse your pets NOBODY has as many high quality sounds as us Dont be fooled by low quality imitators who have less than half of our selection. Update 1.2 includes these great additions:Helicopter, Thunder, Rooster, Hey Baby, Countdown, Grenade Launcher, Rain, Harp, Boing, Power Down, Thats What She Said, Game Over.1.3 Includes:Punch, Snore, Come On, Shiver Me Timbers, Aye Matey, Aargh , Bummer, Booyah, Captain Speaking, Youre Fired, Yeehaw, Greetings.1.4 Includes 36 new sounds Air Raid, Alarm 3, Ambulance, Backup Beep, Buzzer, Car Alarm, Scifi Alarm 2-4, Sonar, Train Horn, Amen, Awesome, Badum Pssshh, Bingo, Bowling Strike, Strike 3, Ful of Lead, Oh Yeah, Charge, Guitar Riff 1, Guitar Riff 2, Jackpot, Antique Phone Dream, Electric Drill, Magic Blast 2, Cat Call, Cell Phone, Referee Whistle, Store Closing, System Online, Turn It Up, Whip, Who Me?1.6 IS OUR BIGGEST UPDATE EVER 60 NEW SOUNDS Air Horn, Alien Giggle, Toy Siren, Alarm Clock 1-3, Yelp Siren, Fog Horn, Fog Horn 2, Bike Horn, Clown Horn, Dentist Drill, Powerup, Coin Collect, Slurp, Evil Toy, I Love You, Gimme a Kiss, Flies Eat Poop, MMM-HMMM, Aw Gross, Goodbye, You Got To Be Kidding, Excellent, Rattlesnake, Jaguar, Jungle Bird, Pig, Leopard, Seal, Mouse, Moose, Sheep, Chimp, Parakeet, Chicken, Wolf Howl, Owl, Tiger, Wolf Snarl, Frog, Chainsaw, Bell Toll, Old Car Horn, Put Your Hands Up , Villain Piano, Truth Shall Set You Free, You Ugly, Freeze, Whats The Big Idea, Cartoon Twinkle, Speak Up, Yahoo, Kiss My Butt, Yodel, Blah Blah, Oooh Boogers, Ruuuun, You Suck, Ready Set Go.1.7 has 24 New SFX bringing our grand total to 204 All Aboard, Loud Eating, Crunch, Arcade Death, Epic Fail, Monster Kill, Game Show Lose, Door Knock, Im Sorry, Metal Bang, What Is That Velvet?, Toilet Flush, Going To The Super Bowl, I Think Hes Gonna Go, Its Good, Touchdown, Yeeeaah , TPS Report, That Would Be Great, Did You Get The Memo, Weekend, What Do Ya Do Here, I Have People Skills, Need You To Come In Sunday. Update 1.9 has: Youre an Idiot, Silence Earthling, Huge Nerd, Diiiieeeeeee, Spicy Meatball, Pathetic Loser, Finish Him, Falcon Punch, Imma Firin My Lazar, Psycho Laugh, Super Serial, Masked Breathing.

  • size 42.8 MB
  • version 1.16