Have you ever had difficulty naming a NPC in a role playing game? This app solves the NPC naming problem by providing a random name generator based on character class. An awesome dice roller was added as of version 1.3 This app is a handy tool for game masters and dungeon masters alike.

RPG Kit alternatives

Dice Arena

Roll any combination of dice from D3s to D20s in a beautifully realistic 3d dice simulation Great for your favorite role playing games, board games, or just for fun. Dice Arena features super-realistic physics so you dont have to worry about the chance factor - these dice mimic real life Some of Dice Arenas great features: - Change the style and size of your dice- Use 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 20 sided dice- Add any number of dice to the arena with a quick tap- Save and name your favorites- Save plus or minus modifiers to your favorites so your dexterity saving throw is one tap awayPlease email feedback to [email protected] before leaving negative reviews We will fix bugs and update features to provide the best experience possible. Thanks

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DnD Initiative Tracker

A simple intuitive initiative tracker for Dungeons and Dragons. No bells, no whistles. Track PC and NPC conditions easily.

  • size 8.1 MB

Dungeon Roller - RPG Campaign Generator & Random Story Creator

Dungeon Roller is a random generator for Game Masters, DMs, and RPG players of all types, specializing in automatically creating worlds, settings, and story elements from a huge database. Use our powerful generator to create literally quadrillions of characters, creatures, encounters and locations With generator topics from sci-fi to fantasy to westerns, weve got you covered no matter what campaign youre running. Try it FREE today and create your story And be sure to check out Characterize, the character generator, available now on the App Store

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Helix Dice

Presenting Helix Dice Now integrated with Discord The fastest, easiest and simplest way to roll dice, without any dice Have you ever found yourself sitting down to play a round of your favorite table top game only to find that youve forgotten your majestic bag of dice? With Helix Dice that will never be a problem again We cant and wont ever try to replace the feeling of that D20 rolling out of your fingers. DiscordUsing the Discord integration is easy and allows you to play games with friends online easier than ever Simply add the HelixDice Discord bot to your Discord server and then complete the two step process to link your HelixDice app to the bot and youre ready to play

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ProD&D Dungeon Generator

Welcome to ProD&D, the app that helps you generate random maps on the go Watch out ProDnD is NOT for people who like to play everything by the rulebook but for people who like to make their own content. To see the full update log and more information, please visit our blog (just google ProDnD).What is ProD&D?- Generates random dungeons- Generates random names- Has a paint tool to edit those dungeons (more brushes coming soon)- Lets you share those dungeons with everyone and upload shared dungeons by others- You can place and manage your own (or other peoples) events on the map- Has lots of props to place on your maps.- Has AI critters that dig into your dungeon in real time (experimental)- Lets you print your dungeons at any size (football field to single A4 paper)- And a lot more coming.

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