ROLLER CamView App application software connected with the endoscope camera ROLLERS CamView Wi-Fi for real time monitoring of the inspection results on the high resolution display of a Smartphone/Tablet-PC.ROLLERS CamView Wi-Fi. Mobile, handy endoscope camera with Wi-Fi radio standard for low cost inspection and damage analysis of places with difficult access such as cavities, shafts, pipes


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REMS CamScope
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ROLLER CamView alternatives

Foscam Camera Viewer by OWLR

FASTEST GROWING FOSCAM VIEWER IN THREE YEARS RUNNING Are you looking for a better mobile Foscam app thats easy to use, consistantly stable and designed to respect and maintain your privacy?We developed the Foscam IP Camera Viewer for (almost) the entire Foscam Family of cameras with this focus in mind. Foscam cameras are used in your home as a baby monitor, front and back door monitor, home security and store and small business surveillance - and you should be safe and secure using them. All other company or product names mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

  • rating 4.38462
  • size 62.6 MB

mCamView for plug n play IP cameras

mCamView is the innovative software for viewing the video of plug n play IP Cameras on iPhone/iPod touch/iPad. No public IP address is needed for the IP camera, no port mapping or DDNS is needed for router configuration. Push notification is supported as well to get you notified immediately if anything abnormal is happened.

  • size 36.2 MB

WiFi Camera -Wireless Remote Camera

WiFi Camera makes a great remote-photography tool Set up one device to take a group photo, even can be used on computer Use the other one device as a remote WiFi Camera will allow you to connect two iOS devices or other smart phones,even with your computer wirelessly. You will be able to receive and transmit the camera view with another device, in addition to sending photo capture requests, which will take a full-resolution photo on the receiving device, transfer it to the requesting device, and save the photo on the device. Works on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Even other smart phone Fast image streaming Easy to use Picture-in-picture view of what is being transmitted Beautiful, intuitive interface Interface rotates with the device No extra setup required iPhone-to-iPhone, iPad-to-iPad, iPhone-to-iPad, iPhone-to-smartPhone, smartPhone-to-iPhone, etc.

  • rating 3.77778
  • size 19.3 MB

CamViewer for IP Webcams, with Audio purchase!

Really simple viewer for Foscam, Tenvis and similar IP webcams with lots of features and iCloud syncing.2-way audio support available for some non-HD cameras. In-app purchase for audio support varies in quality depending on camera. CamViewer uses Flurry Analytics for anonymous usage statistics.

  • size 28.3 MB

Grundfos GO Remote

Grundfos GO is a comprehensive platform for remote product control, product selection and product information. It offers intuitive, handheld assistance and access to Grundfos online tools, and it saves valuable time for reporting and data collection. To connect to a Grundfos product, a separate mobile interface accessory must be purchased: MI 201, complete solution including iPod touch 4 th GenerationMI 202 for iPhone (4 and 4s), iPad (1 st, 2 nd and 3 rd generation).MI 204 for iPhone 5 and iPad 4th generationMI 301 for all versions, connecting via BluetoothMain features in Grundfos GO Remote product control:Product Dashboard gives a quick overview of the connected productStatus data - monitor status data from the Grundfos productAlarms and warning - detailed alarm information with timestamps Configuration/commissioning Create installation report in pdf formatRead / write settings - copy configuration from one product to anotherProduct selection:Search by name or numberProduct replacementComplete product cataloguePump sizingProduct information:SpecificationsCurves and drawingsDocumentationService videosService parts

  • size 53.2 MB

More Information About alternatives

REMS CamScope

REMS CamScope App application software for real time viewing of the inspection result in connection with the REMS CamScope camera endoscope on the high-resolution display of a Smartphone/tablet PC.REMS CamScope Wi-Fi. Mobile, handy camera endoscope with Wi-Fi radio standard for inexpensive inspection and damage analysis of places with difficult access such as cavities, shafts, pipes, etc.

  • size 8.8 MB
  • version 1.0.1

Closeli Camera

The Closeli Camera mobile app is designed for Closeli camera powered by Closeli: the smartest and easiest to use home monitoring Wi-Fi video camera that sets up easily on your smartphone. With Closeli camera, you can view your live video feed from anywhere by logging into the free Closeli Camera mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, or on your computer at Yearly subscriptions cost between $49.99 and $229.99 per camera depending on the recording duration.

  • size 76.6 MB
  • version 2.21.574

AceLinkView II

The AcelinkView II is an easy-to-use and handy network camera app, ideal for monitoring your home or office from any 3G or Wi-FI connection. With Acelink innovative Plug-n-View technology, you can say goodbye to inconvenient and complicated setting procedures. IC-5040LUT

  • size 18.4 MB
  • version 1.0.10

EdiView II

EdiView II is an easy-to-use and handy network camera app, ideal for monitoring your home or office from any 3G or Wi-FI connection. With Edimaxs innovative Plug-n-View technology, you can say goodbye to inconvenient and complicated setting procedures. IC-9110WFor more information, please go to

  • size 12.3 MB
  • version 1.0.12


The EdiView is an easy-to-use and handy network camera app, ideal for monitoring your home or office from any 3G or Wi-FI connection. With Edimax innovative Plug-n-View technology, you can say goodbye to inconvenient and complicated setting procedures. For more information, please go to

  • size 14.2 MB
  • version 2.0.3

SuperLive IP

The SuperLive IP is an easy-to-use and handy network camera app, ideal for monitoring your home or office from any 3G or Wi-FI connection. With Provision innovative Plug-n-View technology, you can say goodbye to inconvenient and complicated setting procedures. For more information, please go to

  • size 9.0 MB
  • version 1.02.11


GosBell is a smart Internet doorbell camera, easy to use APP, using Wi-Fi connection, built-in battery-powered to save 4 to 6 months of battery life, 100% without cable, no complicated installation, and expensive Of the installation service costs, 10 minutes to complete the installation, whether you can communicate with visitors around the world video connection, or playback access to the event audio and video playback. Equipped with a very compact trunk base station, can be connected to the home of the wireless network connection, and supports up to 6GB TF card for storage access video records, without expensive cloud storage service fee, when there is a request to access it The Can support four doorbell cameras connected together to meet your front door, back door, garage, garden and other areas of security monitoring. It is equipped with intelligent human sensor, when someone appears at your door, even if not click on the request, it will automatically start the video, and through the APP to inform you and your family in a timely manner, you do not have to worry about the doorbell was malicious damage or Theft, because the complete video recording is stored at the home relay base station.

  • size 72.6 MB
  • version 1.0.0

Bookstore Inventory Manager

This is the ultimate Book Inventory app for the iPad. It is for book sellers, book collectors and book buyers. These are some of the functions in this app:- ability to share the database between other iPads using the same iCloud credentials- ability to share database information between selected iPads connected to the same iCloud account- ability to scan the ISBN using the rear camera, and automatically places the ISBN in the correct box so book detail information and pricing can be obtained.- prices can be automatically obtained if Wi-Fi or an internet connection is available while browsing book sales; they are aggregated and given as high, low and average for new and used books- all data is kept in a database which can be backed up and restored at the tap of a button- the book list can be sorted by ISBN, Title and SKU in either ascending or descending sequence- a search capability is provided to do an incremental search on ISBN, SKU, Title or Author- quantity can be controlled by a tap of a button (zero quantity indicates the book has been Sold)- books can be exported and uploaded to 12 sites; in addition, the export file can be emailed to allow importing into a desktop inventory program if needed, or manual uploading to other venues.- accounting is provided on a quarterly basis for Sales and Purchases.- database statistics are provided giving books For Sale, Sold, in inventory, total cost and inventory value- old export and backup files can be automatically purged based on number of days since being createdVisit our website ( to view the Help files for more information.

  • size 6.1 MB
  • version 2.3.2

Mixfader dj app

Discover the first app fully optimized for scratching Conected to Mixfader - the worlds first wireless portable fader - Mixfader dj lets you scratch on your smartphone or tablet with the quality and reactivity of a professional DJ setup. Together, Mixfader dj and Mixfader provide you with the complete functionality of physical turntables to produce high quality scratching on the go. ACCESS THE MUSIC YOU NEED- Loops Packs store: access special scratch Loops created by pro scratchers such as LostTonePros, Ugly Mac Beer, Fong Fong or Weezmatic (in-app purchases)- FREE loops and smaples provided on the app- iTunes local tracks and iTunes folders access- Soundcloud integration- Deezer integration- Possibility to create your own playlists- Easily sort your tracks by BPM- Possibility to convert your recorded routine to .mp3 and share it to your communityFEATURE HIGHLIGHTS- 8 cue points available on each deck- 5 audio effects: Phaser, Flanger, Echo, Reverb, and Filter- automated audio effects sync on the BPM (loops and seek)- real time audio analysis- crossfader curves adjustment: scratch cut, slow cut, dipped- instant doubles feature: simply long press the library icon on the deck of your choice to activate it- Mixfaders cut-in point adjustment- Vinyls inertia adjustment- Hamster switch- Automatic detection of your tracks BPM- Assign your Mixfader to any role (Crossfader, Volume or Pitch fader, audio effect)- HD recording feature for you to easily save your workSPECIALLY DESIGNED SINGLE VINYL INTERFACE- one big scratching vinyl with a marker displayed to provide a large control surface- easily switch from deck A to deck B- central spectrum: follows the vinyls movemoents and offers a real-time graphic representation of the sound- all the essential tools a click-away: pitch know, volume fader, hot cues, audio FX- physical turntables dedicated interface that allows direct access to colored cue points pads on each deckPORTABLE SCRATCHING COMPATIBILITY- Mixfader and Mixfader dj can be connected to portable scratching turntables- Use your Timecode or Standard audio vinyls to scratch with Mixfader and Mixfader dj- scratch on portable turntables such as: vestax handy trax and Numark pt01- compatible timecode vinyls so far: Serato CV02 A-side and B-side ; Serato Control CD ; Traktor MK1 A-side and B-side ; MixVibes 7 and MixVibes V2- supports audio devices with multiple audio inputs: possibility of connecting two physical turntables to your deviceMIDI SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY- choose your MIDI mode and assign the control change number of your choice- compatible software so far: GarageBand ; Serato ; Virtual DJ ; Ableton Live 9 ; TraktorMIXFADER SETTINGS- update your Mixfader directly from the app- possibility to assign a color to your Mixfader- calibrate or re-calibrate your MixfaderABOUT MIXFADER DJ- Facebook: YouTube: customer support: [email protected] dj is optimized for iPhone 5 onwards, Retina displays, iOS 9 onwards

  • size 135 MB
  • version 1.9.4