U-Light control is a scenario for U-Light Bluetooth lamp lights APP, user control over a Bluetooth connection, access to the lamp, easy to access a greater variety of light color and brightness of the lights of different operating scenarios and game modes. U-Light designed to allow users to interact with the scene of the lamp process, can have simple and comfortable lighting control experience. With this app, you can experience our interesting features a variety of powerful bulbs:- Colorful bubbles color selection, so that the toner is more fun - Very interesting interactive games, can dance, play games, teach children know the color, can shake, to monitor the heart rate (and let your light bulb sync pulse) - A variety of breathing patterns, you can make life more colorful - Continuous tuning of the music mode, the microphone mode that allows you to light bulbs, the atmosphere became king, let everything follow the rhythm of moving - Cool and easy to use camera to take color photographs take color, the color of nature brought home - More use scenarios and group mode, the lamp can be home more easily manipulated - More exciting play, download App experience it