This Application contains the full Arabic text of Quran with an easy to read Font customized to five different sizes, as well as individual Audio Interpretation of all 6236 verses both in Complete and Summary (excerpt) versions in Farsi. It also contains Persian written translation of all Quran chapters with footnotes. It also offers 22 online Arabic recitations to choose from, for those who like to listen to Arabic recitations along with translations of Quran.


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Quran Hakim Farsi Translation by Abdolali Bazargan alternatives

Saba Islamic Center - Shia Association of Bay Area

It helps Bay Area community members to keep up-to date for programs happening at SABA. 1- View weekly programs, and refresh them as needed. Currently, Urdu and English live stream is available.

  • size 8.9 MB


Hafez () features all of Hafezs ghazals in a simple and easy to use program. Browse, search and share all of Hafezs ghazal with this free app. Some of these features are:-Poems are indexed alphabetically and can be easily navigated through the index screen.-Intelligent search engine that guesses which ghazal is being searched based on few keywords.-Smooth page curl effect to navigate from one poem to the next.-Ability to copy and paste poems or send by email.-Hafez fortune telling with original interpretations.-This app is and forever will be free.

  • size 24.7 MB

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Partovee az Quran

This Application contains the full Arabic text of Quran with an easy to read Font customized to five different sizes, as well as individual Audio Interpretation of all 6236 verses both in complete and summary (excerpt) versions in Farsi. It also contains Persian written translation of all Quran chapters with footnotes. It also offers 22 online Arabic recitations to choose from, for those who like to listen to Arabic recitations along with translations of Quran.

  • size 45.1 MB
  • version 6.0

Allah's Quran Free (Islam)

* This is the FREE versionRead the Noble Quran in Arabic with Transliteration and Translations in English, Urdu and Hindi Languages Free App Features:* Read the Quran in Arabic (Optimised font for the iOS)* Browse the Quran chapter wise, Juz wise or Sajda wise* Transliteration in English script (helps the non-arabic readers read the Quran with Arabic pronunciation)* Translations available in: English, Urdu and Hindi (get the Pro version to have 40+ Translations)* Powerful search engine: Lets you search the Quran in English and almost all other Languages* Share Quran verses using: Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS and COPY feature* Bookmarks: Add a bookmark (1 Bookmark allowed in Free version)* Tags: Create a tag and add verses to the created Tag (1 Tag allowed in Free version)* Notes: Add notes to a verse for youre personal comments or references (1 Note allowed in Free version)* Jump to verse feature to allow you to quickly go to any verse of the chapter youre reading* Quick tap to scroll button allows you to easily scroll while reading with minimum effort* Adjustable font sizes (both arabic and translation)* Intelligently designed interface to give you more space to read* Landscape mode activated for the Quran reading pageGet the PRO version and get Features like:* Get over 40+ translations in various major languages of the world* Listen to Audio recitations in Arabic, English and Urdu languages* Advanced audio controls: Lets you Play, Stop, Forward and Rewind the verse by verse recitation* Create un-limited: Bookmarks, Tags and Notes* Retina display support* Universal app - one app works with iPhone, iPod and iPadDownload it today its FREE

  • size 25.9 MB
  • version 1.1

Quran Notes

Read the Quran from multiple translations, add notes to verses or group related verses with a tag. Features- 30+ translations in 3 languages: English, Turkish, Arabic (original text)- Add individual notes to verses.- Group multiple verses from different chapters with a tag.- Bookmark verses or chapters. Only when you sort them chronologically you can see the progress of the message in the Quran from normal to discouraging and then finally strictly forbidding in this revelation order 16.67, 2.219, 4.43, 5.90.

  • rating 4.76849
  • size 104 MB
  • version 1.4.2

Quran Commentary - English Tafsir Uthmani

Latest Quran software with complete English Tafsir/commentary for iPhone and iPad Complete Arabic text, English and Urdu translations, proof read by a Muslim scholar (alim). Elegant Uthmanic script; combination of featurestranslation, recitation, indexing, and much more Free version features: Complete Quran Arabic text Option to display side by side English translation of Tafsir Uthmani Beautiful Uthmanic script font Optimized for iPhone 5 screen size Hi-resolution retina graphics Ability to share selected ayah via email, twitter & facebook (iOS6) Advanced audio options (repetition of aya, interval, recitation speed, AirPlay) Audio recitations Bookmarking (upto 3 bookmarks) Bulk download (for last ten sura only) Portrait and landscape mode Scalable font sizes Sura and Juz index High quality audio recitation with ayah highlighting Pinch/zoom feature for changing font size Fast audio playback through robust download method with progress icon Colored ayah marking to show downloaded audio Contextual toolbar on double tap Goto aya featureQuran Commentary free version has complete scalable Quran Text in Uthmanic font with all diacritical marks. Also check our app Quran Pak on App Store that contains Quran font for non-Arabs and Urdu tafsir

  • rating 4.85714
  • size 67.2 MB
  • version 4.2

Noble Quran with Audio (Holy Koran in English)

The Noble Quran, also informally known as the Hilali-Khan translationInterpretation of the Meanings of the Noble Quran (1999) by Darussalam (first published 1977) is translated by Muhammad Muhsin Khan and Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din al-Hilali. This translation is among the most widely read translations in the world, primarily because it is the officially promoted translation of the Saudi Government. Quranic chapters are called suras and verses are called ayahs.

  • rating 2.2
  • size 8.7 MB
  • version 2.0

Quran Persian

Ready For iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad with The Best Arabic font to render Quran Quran Persian the ultimate translations of Quran in Persian language and audio recitation from trusted sources. One application after which you do not need to download any other Quran App for Persian translation. Complete list of reciters is Hedayatfar, Kabiri, Ibrahim Walk, Shamshad Ali Khan, Abdul Basit Murattal n Mujawwad, Abu Bakr Ash Shaatree, Sheikh Mishary bin Rashid Alafasy, Ibrahim Aldosary, Yasser Ad Dussary, Muhammad Jibreel, Muhsin Al Qasim, Shahriar Parhizgar, Salaah Abdul Rahman Bukhatir, Salah Al Budair, Saood ash Shuraym, Warsh Yassin al Jazaery, Abdullah Basfar, Ahmed Neana, Abdur Rahmaan As Sudais and more.

  • rating 4.4
  • size 149 MB
  • version 1.2


AlBayan is a Quran Translation App. It comes with Full Quran Arabic Text and malayalam translation. There is also a word by word translation option.v1.4 features a number of bug fixes, corrections and new features- Corrected Malayalam meaning in surah anaam and ankabooth- Added feature for Quick online content update- Added font resize feature - change font size from the settings screen

  • size 40.2 MB
  • version 1.4.1

Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais

Muslim apps to hear a best reciter Al-Quran, Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais . This apps has 114 chapters of Al-Quran. Indonesia Depag, English Saheeh Inter, English Yusuf Ali, Malaysia Abdullah Basmeih, Urdu Abu Aala Maududi, Arabic King Fahad, Japanese, Chinese, France, Dutch, German, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Persian, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Uyghur, Uzbek, Sindhi, Somali, Spanish, Swedish, Romania, Polish, Portuguese, Albanian, Azerbaijani, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Bengali, Czech These are the function that include in this apps.- Able to download and remove the data- Able to change the font size- Able to change the background- Has 28 language translations- Able to choose showing a translation or not- Jump easily to pointed verse- Slide menu easy for sharing apps- Sharing apps- Play sound looping- Alert after finishing downloading

  • size 73.8 MB
  • version 1.0.1

iFarsi: Persian (Farsi) Dictionary

You can also try the bundled database version of this App at: Persian (Farsi) Dictionary for iPhone and iPod Touch. - English to Farsi and Farsi to English translations.- More than 100,000 words.- Fast access to a local database of words even if there is no internet connection available.- New database with more than 100k words in each language. All information is provided on an as-is basis.

  • rating 1.93939
  • size 19.1 MB
  • version 3.0

Asan Quran

Asan Quran is Quran with Urdu translation as prepared by our synergy partner Quran Asan Tehrik has, compiled translation of Quran-e-Hakim in two colors, the Arabic word written in a colour bears its meaning in the same colour, the text and the translation go side-by-side together on a page, making it extremely easy to ascertain which Arabic word means what. This method provides the reader an easy understanding of the Arabic as a language and also builds up potential of the reader to comprehend Quran-e-Hakim directly without the aid of any exterior help.

  • size 134 MB
  • version 2.3.3