CREATE, PLAY AND DOWNLOAD MULTIPLE CHOICE QUIZZES TO SHARE WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS The fun and unique way to make and play a quiz with text, sound and images on any subject. Quiz Maker is great entertainment for all ages and can be used as a fun interactive learning tool. SPORTS - FOOTBALL - FILM & TV - HOMEWORK TEST - MUSIC - HOLIDAY QUIZ - HISTORY - GENERAL TRIVIA - ROCKET SCIENCE - JUSTIN BIEBER it can be whatever you want


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Quiz Maker - Create quizzes with photos and sound. alternatives

Good Luck!

A fun, useful, and original application that allows you to make a draw through original mini-games. And Its that simple The luck and the random more fun than ever through mini-games: classic, absurd, fast, slow you get tto draw to 99,000 options, and rename to 50.Good luck ;-)Languages:English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Italian+30000 downloads on the AppStore

  • size 71.4 MB

Roundom: Decision Maker

Life is full of decisions, spin the wheel to point you in the right direction Preloaded with a selection of spinners:+ Weekend Activities+ Takeaway Food+ Wheel of Fortune+ Magic 8 Ball+ 6-Sided Die+ Gift Ideas+ Much moreCreate your own spinners by entering words or choosing an icon for each possibility. Possible custom spinners include:+ Name Picker+ Team Chooser+ Local Cafe PickerAlter the fraction of any option to change its likelihood. Have fun :)

  • rating 3.0
  • size 10.3 MB

Spin the bottle (original)

The famous spin the bottle game on the iphone. Here without the chance to trick or need to discuss who the bottle is pointing to Still designed to be thrilling. Plus you can define the probability that everybody has the turn between 5 to 50%.Have fun, and please dont complain you could use any other bottle too This electronic bottle is environment friendly, portable and lasts long :-)-> Check out all our products on

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QuizMaster Pro - General Knowledge Master with Best GK Quiz Trivia App

Welcome to the world of Quiz Master Pro, a series of fun filled Quiz games where you can learn and improve or test your knowledge. Quiz Master Pro has thousands of trivia / quiz questions in over 15 categories. CATEGORIES- History- Sports- Plants & Animals- Information Technology- Film- Science- Gadgets- Geography- Human Body- Literature- National Flags (pictures)- General- Funny- Woman- Computer

  • size 9.3 MB
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Quiz 4 Justin Bieber!

THE QUIZ 4 JUSTIN BIEBER HAS BEEN ENJOYED BY OVER 100,000 PLAYERS WORLDWIDE The Justin Bieber Quiz is for the Justin Bieber fans and true Beliebers With over 100 questions, you will have hours of entertainment completing this quiz Test your skills against your friends with the Justin Bieber Quiz developed for Apple devices We present you with a fun, interactive, and feature rich quiz game. Our quiz about the Beibs, includes the following features:- Over 100 questions about Justin Bieber - Play against your friends with full GameCenter integration.- User friendly interface.- Simple yet stunning graphics. All related rights and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

  • rating 4.83333
  • size 15.0 MB
  • version 1.5


Troop Trax Military History Quiz & ChallengesJoin the ULTIMATE military game and trivia app: TroopTrax Play an interactive military trivia game across 20+ categories such as geography, entertainment and ASVAB. Create your civilian avatar and start earning promotions through the ranks of your branch of choice as you tackle our quizzes, campaigns, challenges, battlefield calculus, combat camera missions and more. Features:- Conquer 1000 Military Trivia Quizzes - Earn Rank - Customize Your Avatar- Find Your Match in Military History and Share on Social- Unlock TroopTrax cards with additional facts on important people in Military history.

  • size 72.1 MB
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Big Pub Quiz 2

Big Pub Quiz 2 is the perfect app for challenging yourself and your friends in the comfort of a pub environment. Pub Quiz has a wide variety of professionally written questions from such classic categories as: General Knowledge Food & Drink Language Literature Music Sport TV & Film Geography History Science Entertainment Play alone or pass it among your friends to see whos got the biggest brain.

  • size 116 MB
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UberFacts - Free

Ever been bored? Join the world of UberFacts and discover thousands of ferociously fun new facts that will transform you from socially awkward to mildly interesting 11+ Million Twitter followers cant be wrong. Whatever.- Saves kittensCATEGORIES- Sex & Love- Celebrities- Science & Tech- Life & Death- Wildlife- History- The Internet- Film & TV- Everything Else

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IntelliQuiz Trivia

Play fun, free trivia quizzes and share with your friends From the creators of, the original personality quiz website for Facebook, IntelliQuiz Trivia offers original trivia quizzes that test your mind and challenge your memory on any topic Updated daily with new quizzes. Enable notifications to get the latest trivia delivered straight to you. FEATURES: Original, fact-checked trivia quizzes updated daily Easy one-tap sharing of your results with your friends on Facebook Test your knowledge on topics like Movies, Music, Pop Culture, History, Geography, Science, Technology, Art, Literature and more Pull down within the home screen or any category and load a random quiz Get push notifications for trending and new quizzes so youre always informedIf you run into any issues with the app please email us at [email protected] and were happy to helpDont forget to check out when youre on your computer

  • size 10.6 MB
  • version 1.2.10

Millionaire Game IQ

Millionaire Game IQ is a unique, fun, excellent and addictive game, developed to deliver the experience of a famous TV game show TV-Millionaire on mobile devices. This unique quiz Game offers fun and exciting quiz questions that will keep you entertained and test your general knowledge with history, science, culture, sports, fun facts, word puzzles and many more. Millionaire Game IQ is the real TV-Millionaire game show experience you want Download Millionaire Game IQ now and Join the league of TV-Millionaire game show lovers FREE Entertaining game-play and unlimited fun guaranteed

  • rating 4.46512
  • size 21.3 MB
  • version 3.3

Trivia Night - a Party TV Quiz Game

Trivia Night is a multiplayer quiz game for your Apple TV.Players all use their own iOS devices (iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads are all supported) to take part in the quiz, answering questions from categories such as Film & TV, Sports, Literature and General Knowledge. Just start up the Apple TV app, get your friends to download the free iOS app, then find out who knows the most trivia

  • size 16.7 MB
  • version 2.0.1

Trivia Quiz Plus

Trivia Quiz is a trivia game with 6 different categories: geography, history, music & literature, science, sports and entertainment. The more questions you answer correctly, the higher your score. Answer 5 questions correctly in the same category and get 10,000 bonus points.- How many frogs does the average Frenchmen eat a year?- How many ghosts visit Scrooge in A Christmas Carol?- Who sang the Bond theme song For Your Eyes Only?- Which team won the UEFA Champions League in the season 200506?- Which planet has the most moons?Test your knowledge and have fun with this challenging multiple choice quiz

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  • version 1.7.3

Big Bad Quiz

If you like TV quiz shows, you will love Big Bad Quiz. Its a fast, fun and furious trivia game hosted by the one and only Bag Man. * Tons of Topics - sports, celebs, tv, music, movies, places, people, history, technology, geography, dates, science, nature, numbers, fashion, media and lots moreThe Bag Man challenges you to take on The Big Bad Quiz Game features:- Fast, fun & furious trivia- 1000s of great questions - More than 150 levels- Immediate play, no waiting for others- Online highscore table and ranking- 5 types of bonus points- Correct answers provided- BFactor showing speed & accuracy- Online connection not needed- Hall of Fame- Extra lives by sharing- Report a question or answer- Funky soundtrack and effects

  • size 40.9 MB
  • version 2.3