Best new apps AppStore app featured in 17 countries, on iOS8 launch day, and now, featuring Apple Watch support featured on Yahoo Tech, AppAdvice, BGR, AppPicker, iPhon.frImportant noticeAs the Apple Watch has not a built in compass, this app cannot show magnetic information in the watch, but by means of computing microvariatons of GPS coordinates, it is possible to calculate the heading of your current direction when in movement. This app does it for you. Contact:web: [email protected]: @quickgets


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OkMap Mobile, an off road GPS navigator for your sport activities
Places Extreme - Watch and Augmented Reality
HOS Smart Home for HomeKit MP
BringMeHome - The compass needle to YOUR destination
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Quickgets Geo - compass, altimeter, GPS and speedometer app and widgets alternatives

Metropolitan HD

Thanks to the excellent slideshow and classical music you are losing yourself in this wonderful digital art gallery. - The iPhone App ReviewYou will see, that the graphics of the works come to life on your device. KEY FEATURES- 1500 paintings of more than 500 masters of painting- Separation of paintings by genres and authors- Access to the HD version of works, Paintings Saving in the Photo Album- Email paintings to your friends - Publication of paintings on Facebook- Convenient search for paintings- Adding paintings to My favorites- Custom works filter- Slideshow Mode- Download paintings for the offline viewing- Zoom of PaintingsEnjoy your viewing Follow us on Twitter for app sales & updates:

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Super Powers For Your Eyes Lumin is an electronic magnifying glass for your iPhone or iPod. Not only does it magnify items, it can also keep a running history of images and can save or share these images with your friends via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Locking gets you even more magnification

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Wants & Thanks Journal Gratitude

A new way to journal your gratitude. Track Goals (Wants & Needs) and your Thanks (gratitude in your life). Features Efficiently track your progress with charts and graphs: Bar, Pie, and Line Add a photo to personalize each entry Easily reorder entry lists by priority Secure Passcode and Touch ID (depending device) Convenient Weekly Reminder Share to Social Media or by email Export to PDF Print Today Widget iCloud Sync

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Magnifier Flash - A magnifying glass with light

Did you forget to take your reading glasses or need a magnifier to read small text ? Just pick your iPhone to transform it instantly into a magnifying glass with flash light, that comes in Full screen with light and NO wasted screen space. STAY UPDATED -Website - http://orderly.tektontek.comTwitter - @AppLifeStyleFacebook -

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Weve learned that smartphone customers check their device over 180 times per day. This is a growing problem that can lead to digital addiction and mental health issues. Available to use on Apple Watch.

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OkMap Mobile, an off road GPS navigator for your sport activities

OkMap Mobile is easy to use and its capabilities are similar to those of the best known handhelds GPS.Draw your path on the map OkMap will calculate for you the altitude differences and travel times producing also statistics and graphs. A compass will show you the direction to follow along the path. FEATURES Maps- Offline custom map in KMZ format- Online map from various TMS and WMS web servers (Apple, OpenStreetMap, Nokia, ESRI, ecc)- Adding new web services- Tiles caching- From 0 to 4 customizable navigation and status indicators (among about 60)- Coordinates in different datum and in UTM, GeoRef, USNG, BNG, IG format- Mode: 3D map, follow user, distance computing- Find: waypoint, track, route, address, coordinates, geocaches- Zoom on: GPX data, copied coordinates- Reverse geocoding- Create tracks with autorouting- Create and modify waypoints, tracks and routes on the map- Download and manage altrimetric data (DEM) from SRTM project Navigation- Start, pause and stop recording of current track- Save waypoint in current position (with photo also) - Go to a waypoint and navigation along a track or route- Trip computer with about 60 navigation and status indicators- Reset and send values via email- Proximity waypoint feature- Anchor alarm- Send position to OkMap remote server Compass- 4 customizable navigation and status indicators (among about 60)- Graphic compass with north and target direction- True or magnetic compass- Vocal syntethizer when you are pointing your deviceAugmented reality- Augmented reality to show your waypoints - Manual aligment of waypoints dragging on the screen - Set the view ray (minimum and maximum)- Take high resolution pictures with superimposed information - Waypoints search featureWaypoints- List of waypoints- Modify and delete functions- Sort and filters features- Waypoint detailsTracks- List of tracks and track points - Modify and delete functions- Sort and filters features- Track details- Track graphs- Track statistics- Invert track- Estimate travel time featureRoutes- List of routes and route waypoints- Modify and delete functions- Sort and filters features- Route details- Invert routeUtilities- List GPX files- Send GPX files by email- List custom maps files (KMZ)- Download and upload your GPX and KMZ file from/to iCloud drive- Archive current GPX file- Send my position via email- Customizable preferences- Delete cache and restore factory settings- Information and links

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Places Extreme - Watch and Augmented Reality

Places Extreme is the most advanced yet easiest to use application for discovering and finding information about the places around you; now with Apple Watch support Simply find a Place near you, Tag the Place, and the Place will show you Distance and Direction to the Place on your wrist as well as our Augmented Reality display. Places Extreme not only has the most advanced Augmented Reality feature, but also features Aerial views, incredibly advanced Search features, quickly find places by Category; complete with location based Autosuggest and Autocomplete. And with over 100,000 Places indexed (and counting), Places Extreme has more data than anything out there today And best of all, Places Extreme is free High Tech Features - Apple Watch Support: Simply find a Place by Search or Category, Tag the Place, and the Place will show up on your Wrist; informing you of current Distance, Direction, Address and more also includes Glance Interface- Augmented reality; simply point your device at a place or object and the place will magically appear on your screen- Touch a place to get more information about it; see Reviews, Opening/Closing hours, Photos, Address, Ratings, even go to a Places Website, get Directions, or Call a Place- Tag your Current Location for Apple Watch and Augmented Reality so youll never be lost again- When in Augmented Reality mode, touch the compass to expand to Aerial view to get a real-time 360 view of everything around you- Easy to use Search Interface of all the places around you, complete with location based Autosuggest and Autocomplete- Detailed information on over 100,000 places, with new places constantly being added; Places Extreme even has all the roads and ATMs around you indexed, nearly anything you can think of, its indexed- Quickly find restaurants, bars, clubs, lodgings, government buildings, stores, gas stations, religious institutions, and much much more with a single touch- Settings allows you to customize places by Type, as well as set Distance on Search, Maps, and Nearby, and set Distance separately for Augmented Reality and Aerial View

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HOS Smart Home for HomeKit MP

House Operating System (HOS) for Apple HomeKit [MP] is a full-featured home automation software with support for Apple HomeKit smart home devices and protocols. The [MP] edition is designed to control multiple properties and houses at the same time. Main Features:- Controls light, wall / inline switches, thermostats, door locks, garage doors, water valves, energy monitors, environmental sensors, cameras and more - Runs Apple HomeKit devices and protocols.- Can issue spoken messages for alerts, announcement and reminders thru internal Device Speaker .- Multi profiles allowing you to control as many houses as you wish from the same iOS/TvOS device.- Backup and Restore your houses profiles on your personal computer and on iCloud.- WYSIWYG (what you see is what you got) technology allow you to use your iPhone/iPad camera to add real rooms/devices photos / skins to be controlled by a simple touch.- User friendly customized on screen switches using VR (virtual reality) technology simulate the exact actions of the real push button wall / in-line switches with a set-up easier than setting a channel on your conventional TV.- Dedicated library of rooms profiles and remote controls skins professionally designed to meet most modern houses rooms and devices.- Advanced monitor / control view checks indoor / outdoor temperature, humidity, and electricity consumption.- Custom Icons Allow You To Choose The Desired Icon For Each Button You Create.- Apple Watch total control of Presets and monitor your day / night, sunlight / darkness, twilight, and holidays as well as nature actions like wind, rain, hail, and frost (currently for digitalSTROM devices, meters and protocols only).- This is an all devices App (iPhone/iPad, Apple Watch, and AppleTV) which means you can pay for one device and download the app for all other devices for free.

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BringMeHome - The compass needle to YOUR destination

The compass that guides you to every place on earthNo internet connection neededSmall download sizeNot everybody needs a big navigation systemNot everybody wants a dominant voice to keep him on trackBut if you exit a pub after one pint too much if you are riding your mountain bike aside of the roads if you are walking through nature if you are on a lake or on the sea without nautic high tech if you are on your camel in the desert then sometimes you need someone to point to the right direction The good news:Thats exactly what BringMeHome does. Just store your favorite places in the waypoint list and you always know which direction you have to take. So let me give you a brief overview shows the direction to any destination in the world Pick any place worldwide from a map or search addresses or points of interest or landmarks displays the distance in m and km as well as in feet and miles and nautic miles (nm) displays the speed in km/h mph and nautic knots displays time and average speed in total AND in motion Share your position on facebook and twitter or by iMessage with other BringMeHome users, who can automatically navigate to you by tapping the message-link All information is available on the iPhone as well as on the Apple watch and the iPad Distance to the destination, the direction and the speed are also shown in the TODAY screen that you can access without unlocking your phone OK, there might be some more stuff but I keep the ball flat (a german figure of speech, which means I dont want to tell you more than you want to know)Happy BringMeHome-ing# Differences of the Full versionThe free version contains all functionality of the full version, but only the first two last waypoints can be used for navigation only the first 5 search results can be used for navigation only the topmost 5 Point of Interest (POI) results can be used for navigation and of course in the full version there are no ads ;-)

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  • version 1.3

U.S. Survival Tools Pro

BETTER UI & NAVIGATION (New to Apple - Please Review ) U.S. Survival Tools Pro has:* U.S. Military Bases, which are Potential FEMA Camp locations. You bet they are:* U.S. Population Breakdown & Density by State & County (GO WHERE THEY AINT)* U.S. Army Survival Manual FM 3-05.70 of May 2002 (THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SURVIVAL)Chapter 1 - INTRODUCTIONSurvival ActionsPattern for SurvivalChapter 2 - PSYCHOLOGY OF SURVIVALA Look at StressNatural ReactionsPreparing YourselfChapter 3 - SURVIVAL PLANNING & SURVIVAL KITSImportance of PlanningSurvival KitsChapter 4 - BASIC SURVIVAL MEDICINERequirements for Maintenance of HealthMedical EmergenciesLifesaving StepsBone & Joint InjuryBites & StingsWoundsEnvironmental InjuriesHerbal MedicinesChapter 5 - SHELTERSPrimary ShelterUniformShelter Site SelectionTypes of SheltersChapter 6 - WATER PROCUREMENTWater SourcesStill ConstructionWater PurificationWater Filtration DevicesChapter 7 - FIRECRAFTBasic Fire PrinciplesSite Selection & PreparationFire Material SelectionHow to Build a FireHow to Light a FireChapter 8 - FOOD PROCUREMENTAnimals for FoodTraps & SnaresKilling DevicesFishing DevicesCooking & Storage of Fish & GameChapter 9 - SURVIVAL USE OF PLANTSEdibility of PlantsPlants for MedicineMiscellaneous Uses of PlantsChapter 10 - POISONOUS PLANTSHow Plants PoisonAll About PlantsRules for Avoiding Poisonous PlantsContact DermatitisIngestion PoisoningChapter 11 - DANGEROUS ANIMALSInsects & ArachnidsLeechesBatsVenomous SnakesSnake-Free AreasDangerous LizardsDangers in RiversDangers in Bays and EstuariesSaltwater DangersOther Dangerous Sea CreaturesChapter 12 - FIELD-EXPEDIENT WEAPONS, TOOLS, & EQUIPMENTStaffsClubsEdged WeaponsOther Expedient WeaponsCordage and LashingRucksack ConstructionClothing & InsulationCooking & Eating UtensilsChapter 13 - DESERT SURVIVALTerrainEnvironmental FactorsNeed for WaterHeat CasualtiesPrecautionsDesert HazardsChapter 14 - TROPICAL SURVIVALTropical WeatherJungle TypesTravel Through Jungle AreasImmediate ConsiderationsWater ProcurementFoodPoisonous PlantsChapter 15 - COLD WEATHER SURVIVALCold Regions & LocationsWindchillBasic Principles of Cold Weather SurvivalHygieneMedical AspectsCold InjuriesSheltersFireWaterFoodTravelWeather SignsChapter 16 - SEA SURVIVALThe Open SeaSeashoresChapter 17 - EXPEDIENT WATER CROSSINGSRivers & StreamsRapidsRaftsFlotation DevicesOther Water ObstaclesVegetation ObstaclesChapter 18 - FIELD-EXPEDIENT DIRECTION FINDINGUsing the Sun & ShadowsUsing the MoonUsing the StarsMaking Improvised CompassesOther Means of Determining DirectionChapter 19 - SIGNALING TECHNIQUESApplicationMeans for SignalingCodes & SignalsAircraft Vectoring ProceduresChapter 20 - SURVIVAL MOVEMENT IN HOSTILE AREASPhases of PlanningExecutionReturn to Friendly ControlChapter 21 - CAMOUFLAGEPersonal CamouflageMethods of StalkingChapter 22 - CONTACT WITH PEOPLEContact With Local PeopleSurvival BehaviorChanges to Political AllegianceChapter 23 - SURVIVAL IN MAN-MADE HAZARDSThe Nuclear EnvironmentBiological EnvironmentsChemical EnvironmentsAppendix A: Survival KitsAppendix B: Edible & Medicinal PlantsAppendix C: Poisonous PlantsAppendix D: Dangerous Insects & ArachnidsAppendix E: Venomous Snakes & MollusksAppendix F: Dangerous Fish & MollusksAppendix G: Ropes & KnotsAppendix H: Clouds Foretellers of WeatherAppendix I: Evasion of Action FormatGlossaryBibliographyAuthentication* walking dead shtf hunting camping hiking skiing biking backpacking wilderness first aid zombie apocalypse disaster guide economy crash depression police state marshal law commie communist outdoors fishing bugout nwo military crackdown chaos swat posse comitatus gun assault weapon shotgun handgun rifle sniper confiscation outlaw

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