Quick Peek is the easy organizing, storage, and inventory app that helps you find what you want, when you want it. A home organizing tool perfect for spring-cleaning, allowing you to easily organize everything. Rate us If you have any questions, problems, or feedback, please open a support ticket here: https://support.bluelounge.com


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StickyQ: Personal Inventory
Spring Cleaning 2
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Quick Peek alternatives

Autotext Text Expander PhraseExpress

This Text Expander Autotext App puts an end to tedious touch-typing: Expand autotext abbreviations into longer phrases. Insert frequently used text from a multi-level snippet menu. Privacy policy: http://privacy.bartelsmedia.com

  • size 6.4 MB

StOr - Stuff Organizer

Are you able to find things when you need them the most Just think about it. If you have enjoyed any feature of the StOr - Stuff Organizer app, do not forget to rate us on App Store and share this useful app with your friends.

  • size 26.4 MB


SnipNotes is your always accessible notebook. Quickly save and use notes from any app with the powerful notification center widget. SnipNotes is also on Twitter (twitter.com/SnipNotesApp).

  • rating 4.59999
  • size 60.6 MB

StoFlex Storage Organizer

Your stuff, organized. Make the most of your space, your stuff, and your time with StoFlex Storage Organizer application. Send us feedback on how you use StoFlex to solve your storage problems.

  • size 28.0 MB

Audio spectrum analyzer and dB (decibel) meter

Spectrum Analyzer is a powerful real-time audio analysis app. Ideal for room tuning or speaker tuning, this app provides precision audio measurement and visualization that fits in your pocket Spectrum Analyzer has many advanced features which are normally only found in much more expensive sound analysis software. Contact us at [email protected]

  • rating 4.86957
  • size 62.3 MB

More Information About alternatives

StickyQ: Personal Inventory

Personal inventory made simple StickyQ is data collection app that stores inventory information in association with QR Codes for easy look up in the future. Whether you are trying to manage that cluttered storage closet at home or you just want to organize your business a little better, StickyQ is the personal inventory app for you How it works:- Print out your StickyQ QR Note Codes from your phone (AirPrint compatible printer required). The possibilities are endless

  • size 8.7 MB
  • version 1.0.10

Spring Cleaning 2

Spring Cleaning 2 was built by Sam Warfield, graduate of Newton Academy a revolutionary school that trains software developers. Spring Cleaning 2 makes it easy to delete multiple contacts from your address book. Features include:- Quickly and easily select and delete multiple contacts- Restore or permanently delete contacts in the Trash- View a contacts details by tapping on their name- Search Contacts or Trash- Toggle filter to show All or just Selected- All/None button de/selects all contacts at once (for the very bold: remove everything and start fresh, or work backwards, sparing only those you want to keep)- Free updates as we add more functionality

  • rating 2.8
  • size 0.8 MB
  • version 1.0.1

HutQA: Home Improvement Calculator

HutQA: Home Improvement CalculatorA simple and handy application helps to calculate the amount of building materials for your home renovations. HutQA Calculator gives you quick answers to all remodeling and decoration questions. HutQA application is very simple and easy to use, but if you come across any difficulties, feel free to contact us: [email protected] leave feedback, rate the application and check for updates: we are going to upgrade the next version with new useful features

  • size 3.6 MB
  • version 4.0

Food Buddy - Food Expiration Reminders

Food Buddy is a simple food expiration manager app that helps you remember when your food is going to expire soon so that you can use it before it goes bad. It also has a built in shopping list so you can easily add food to the shopping list as it is going bad or you use it up You can share your data with an unlimited number of people and you will all sync and share the same shopping list and food inventory so youre all on the same page. Features: Add and organize storage areas the you put food in Add food to your storage areas and set expiration dates so that you can get reminders well before your food expires Set quantities on your food inventory and shopping list so that you know how much you have and how much you need of each item Set tags on your food items so you can filter and search tags to get an easy to view list of what youre looking for Share your inventory and shopping list with an unlimited number of people Notifications when someone sharing your data makes a change or adds something to the shopping list Search your entire food inventory quickly and easily, search / filter by name, tags, or expiration dates Quick actions let you hold down on an item and quickly take action on it with a simple flick Home screen calendar lets you see the days that your food is expiring on a calendar, also lets you filter out what youre viewing based on the day that you tap on Customizable alert times for how soon you want to be reminded of an expiring food Sort food in your inventory based on expiration date or name

  • size 45.6 MB
  • version 1.2.1

Date Recorder

Date Recorder is a simple tool that helps you record all kinds of small things that just happened, and you do not want to forget it. such as feed the cat, walk the dog,friends party, meet/dinner with somebody, and so on. Highlight features:-Quick record all kinds of small things with date anytime-Tags helps you organize things-Calendar helps you check date-Add/Modify/Delete things easily

  • size 2.2 MB
  • version 1.3


Bitbook is a great tool for stand up comedians to organize their material. You can:* Write down your bits* Create audio and video recordings (great for recording your sets to study them)* Set duration goals on your sets to track your progress* Use Siri to add and search* Add tags (can be used to organize your sets)* Add notes/comments* Add location* Search* Share to Notes, Twitter, Facebook, or EvernoteWhen you become a hot shot comedian, you can thank me.Any questions, problems, or feedback?Reach out to me at [email protected]

  • size 20.4 MB
  • version 1.1.0

Labeek - Services on demand

Labeek makes your life easy. We offer wash and iron, Dry cleaning and Iron only services in few clikat .Home Maintenance Painting: How about a colorful Look for your house We have super house painting service providers in City Events & Occasions: Cake Pastries Delivery: Happy Birthday Happy Anniversary or just HAPPY Time to celebrate with joy. We not only provide verified and reliable service providers to fix your problems or deliver the service you need but also ensure the job is carried out properly and everything was up to satisfactory results.DubaiAbu DhabiSharjahAjmanFujairahUmm al-QuwainRas Al KhaimahIf you are having technical issues or have any questions, write to us atEmail : [email protected] https://www.labeek.comFacebook https://www.facebook.com/labeekofficialTwitter https://twitter.com/labeekofficialInstagram https://www.instagram.com/labeekofficial

  • size 57.1 MB
  • version 1.11

OTB Student Notebook

An easy to use and quick to learn tool for the student to: Efficiently take class notes Organize schedules and assignments Updates via direct email to teachers Cloud storage organizes the complete academic experience Unique simultaneous dual page, just like a book, note takingWith the OTBapps student notebook for the IPAD, Notetaking is simple and organized for the student by allowing teachers information to be programmed with emailing capabilities. Schedule programming and viewing. The Class schedule gets you organized by easily viewing in COLOR your daily schedule on one screen with programmable times and locations, accessible by a simple swipe of your finger.

  • size 2.7 MB
  • version 2.0

Show On The Cloud

Show On The Cloud is a project management and collaboration tool that lets you easily exchange files between clients and team members. Create Shows with files of all kinds, including documents, PDFs, pictures & videos, and share them seamlessly with all your contacts. Features include: Download files for offline viewing Multimedia player that presents the files beautifully in sequencePlease rate and comment on the app with your valuable feedback Your feedback helps us improve our app to better suit your needs

  • size 2.6 MB
  • version 1.2

In Home Estimate

Moving Pro In-Home Estimate Tool is your one stop shop for everything needed to do on-site moving estimates quick and easily from within your customers home. This tool allows you to take a full list of all client inventory, and when finished, clients can review and electronically sign to confirm accuracy. - Add pictures to the clients file to document anything special or out of the ordinary.- Create custom items on the fly by adding your own details (Item Name, Weight, Volume)- Easy route navigation using Apple Maps integration- Client E-signature tool which allows you to verify all items with the client and confirm all information between the customer, movers, and your office.

  • size 7.1 MB
  • version 1.0.34