Quanter is a quick and easy to use mobile analytics system for team sports *Helps to reduce the risk of injury/illness to players *Supports coaches in optimising team/individual training programmes. Quanter automatically collects daily training load and recovery data, provides simple visualisations and advice, and integrates with a range of external technologies. Download and try out for free Quanters comprehensive player/team monitoring system includes the following features:Team Dynamic (players, coaches, staff)Team Scheduling & AttendancesTraining Load MonitoringRecovery Cycle ManagementInjury/Illness & Diagnosis ReportingImmediate FeedbackExpert Sport Science SupportAdvanced service packages are available, including:External Technology Integrations e.g. Heart Rate monitors, GPS trackers, Contact matsBespoke Data Collection & AnalysisPhysical Testing ProgrammesSports Nutrition CoachingMatch & Performance Analysis

Quanter alternatives

Technica Football

Technica Football - The Youth Football Exercise App (Football Exercises Everywhere)Using a brand new setup, Select Technica Football has created a revolutionary app with more than 230 structured training videos along with more than 30 exclusive self-training videos from MuninSports. Using a high level of football-professionalism, Select Technica Football provides inspiration and more know-how to everybody involved in childrens- and youth football. In the News-section you can keep up-to-date on the latest football news in Select Technicas unique football universe.

Football (Soccer) Board Free

This is the simple strategy board for Football (Soccer).The difference with paid app is only the start window, And paid apps startup is high speed. You can make strategy and share with team mates I hope this application will help your team. If you want to delete record, Shake

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