A simple, beautiful, random number generator.


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Pretty Random - Random Number Generator alternatives

RandomName - The Random Name Generator with Diversity

Have you ever struggled to come up with original, imaginative names for your story or book? Have ever you been unsatisfied with traditional name generators for their lack of cultural diversity? Features include:-The ability to set the nationality of either part of the characters name-A Favorites feature that allows you to save and export a list of your favorite names as they come up-A social sharing feature that allows you to share clever, funny, or interesting names with your friends -Attractive, functional graphics-Best of all, its Free Last Name Options Include:-USA-Hispanic-UK-Chinese-Czech-German-French-Russian-Italian-Irish-Dutch-PolishTotal number of first names available:-22,420Total number of last names available:-169,725Thats a whole lot of inspiration, just waiting for you to download Name list credit goes to Erik Norvelle and his wonderful GitHub library.

  • rating 3.0
  • size 11.4 MB

The Random Number Generator

Make sure you have The Random Number Generator for those inevitable times when you urgently need a random number Features:- Utilises superior algorithms for a unique sequence of random numbers every time.- A customisable appearance.- Speech Synthesis to read out your number.- Options to choose both a minimum and maximum number to limit the result to the random number you really need.- An option to show a history of generated numbers.- The ability to only generate unique numbers.- A clean, minimalistic layout with no clutter.- Support for second screens using AirPlay or wired connections.- Ideal for a lottery.- Designed to fully support all iPhone and iPad screen sizes.- Works with iPad multi app modes. (Split-View and Slide-Over. If you have any feedback or suggestions on what you would like to see, please contact us at: [email protected]

  • size 7.7 MB

Random# Generator

Random Number GeneratorThis app will give a random number between any two numbers. It is really as easy as pressing a button Even displays a history of already picked random numbers Just press a button and a random number appears

  • rating 5.0
  • size 5.1 MB

Random: All Things Generator

Features:- Number Generator (from a range 0 - 999999999)- Letter Generator- Dice Roller (roll up to 4 regular dices in one go)- YES or NO- Coin Flipper- Card Generator- Map Point Generator- Custom Item Generator- Rock-Paper-Scissors- Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-SpockGenerate a new random number simply by tapping randomize button or by touching the Apple Watch screen. For those who want a bit of additional exercise, shaking your iOS device will also result in a new random response. Same for the number of dices or cards.

  • rating 4.675
  • size 40.6 MB


All randomness wasnt created equal. This app offers certified true randomness, generated with atmospheric noise and independently approved by several testing labs. Our mission is the generate the highest quality true randomness and make it available to the world in useful forms.

  • rating 4.24348
  • size 23.9 MB

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Pretty Random Premium - Random Number Generator

A simple, beautiful, random number generator now without ads.

  • size 3.9 MB
  • version 1.1

Random All Numbers - the random number generator

A beautiful, simple, all type random number generator. Contains numbers and lottery. Have many nice special effects when generate random numbers.

  • size 24.2 MB
  • version 1.0

Random Number (FREE)

Random Number is a simple random number generator for when you need a quick random number for any purpose. Random Number is the quickest way to generate a random number on the iPhone. Simply set the max limit and tap the Generate button.

  • rating 2.89952
  • size 0.6 MB
  • version 1.0

Random - Random number generator

Random is a simple random number generator. Just set the minimum and maximum numbers and press the Generate button.

  • size 3.2 MB
  • version 1.4


There are random number generator apps out there, and then there is RANDOM. Simple to use, no fuss, random number generation happiness You set the max value and RANDOM will do the rest. Need a response right away, RANDOM can give it to you

  • size 4.8 MB
  • version 1.2

NumberGeneratorApp - a Random Number Generator

NumberGeneratorApp is a random number generator. It has extremely simple clean UI. NumberGeneratorApp serves you whenever you need random numbers Send feedback and questions to [email protected]

  • size 8.7 MB
  • version 1.0

Random Number Generator Plus

Do you find it hard to make a decision? Ever needed a random number, coin to flip, dice to roll, or simply wanted your questions answered? Features: Random Number Generator Coin Flip Dice Roll Rock, Paper, Scissors Questions Answered Beautiful Retina Graphics

  • size 17.9 MB
  • version 1.01


rand+ is a simple random number generator for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. In-App purchase to Remove Ads, and allow Custom Number ranges.iOS 4+ required

  • size 0.9 MB
  • version v1.2

Random number - The custom interface generator

Random number generator, Do not repeat numbers. Random number, custom yourself interface. All random logs can save and export Pretty Random, no ads.

  • size 14.1 MB
  • version 1.2

Lottery Number Generator

Lottery Number Generator generates random lottery numbers.

  • size 19.8 MB
  • version 2.0.2