Little Pre-Bot is a friendly robot whos just learning how to behave With a wide array of games, activities, read-along stories, puzzles and crush-style match-three challenges, children will have lots of fun learning along with Pre-Bot Its Pre-Bot Hes the cute, curious little robot toy and companion who (like his fellow Pre-Bots) must learn good behavior through his owners example. Timmy, Pre-Bots owner, learns a lot about right and wrong while trying to teach his futuristic little friend about common sense, kindness and good judgment. The rest of the app can be unlocked for $1.99.- The payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase- Our Terms of Use: - Our Privacy Policy:

Pre-Bot - Learning Robot Friend for Children alternatives

Vet Island - Little Pet Animal Doctor Adventure

Trick or Treat Ill give you free coins if you send me an email - [email protected] an unusual set of islands in the middle of the ocean, youll find a friendly Cheetah that needs a band-aid. In a nearby neighborhood a Mouse needs help with some pesky insects. Ellie is very happy with the game and I hope your little one is too Visit for more info.

  • rating 5.0
  • size 189 MB

Duckie Deck With Teeth

I watched a 4 year old and 6 year old play it together the first time they saw it and they giggled while they learned that brushing teeth can be fun - Karen N. Nemeth, early childhood education expert and author Explaining the importance of dental care can be a tricky task with a rambunctious or sleepy toddler, especially when its time to wash up for bed. With Teeth not only makes brushing a lot more fun, it also shows a fun variation on tooth growth and development. DuckieDeck.comFollow us on Twitter: @DuckieDeckLike us on Facebook:

  • rating 3.2
  • size 39.8 MB

Sharing with Duckie Deck

This app is one parents and teachers should have as it will soon become a family favorite- 5/5 BestAppsForKids.comSharing with Duckie Deck is a significant app. 4.5/5 - SmartAppsForKids.comUnlike most educational apps, the games are so genuinely fun 86/100 - AppoLearning.comPlay, learn and smile together Sharing with Duckie Deck is a beautiful and upbeat six-game collection geared towards children aged 2-5 years. DuckieDeck.comFollow us on Twitter: @DuckieDeckLike us on Facebook:

  • size 130 MB

Duckie Deck Monsters

Demystify the secrets behind dark shadows - GeeksWithJuniors.comStop hiding under those covers, come out and meet your new Monster friends At first glance they may seem like creepy dark shadows, but switch on the lights and youll uncover a bunch of cuddly creatures who are ready to play Each monster has a unique personality and voice, as well as interactive features and accessories. Tickle its belly to make it laugh, or see what happens when you try to swipe that funny hat. Find out more at knowwhatsinside.comSee our apps: us on Twitter: @DuckieDeckLike us on Facebook:

  • size 30.4 MB

Gro Memo

* 5/5 rating -* Editors Choice -* Recommended - pappasappar.seThe app is easy to play, has a simple user interface, and the characters are just adorable Overall, a great app - Famigo.comPlay for a BETTER PLANET Help the cute animals clear up their polluted homes. Pair up the beautifully animated cards showing animals in harmony with nature, and make the nasty trash disappear, bit by bit - but avoid the bad cards. GRO PLAY is a proud winner of the Swedish Living Green Award 2012.

  • size 104 MB