Easily detect power lines hidden in your walls Power Line Detector is making use of the Magnetometer, that is built in every iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. As you may know, every power line is emitting a magnetic field. Computer and electronic devices are not the best choice to test the fundtion of the app, they are often heavily shielded against magnetic and electric fields (which denies a proper reading since a shielding alwaysx works both ways).Have fun with this handy tool


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Magnetic Field Detector. Magnetometer and Teslameter
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Power Line Detector alternatives

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ytools-flashlight,ruler,spirit level,protractor and sound level meter

Fixed ruler bug for iPhone6s and iPhone6s plus.Including five tools:Flashlight(only for iPhone) with brightness adjustment, and morse code. Protractor featured camera and gravity. Special thanks to Icons8.

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Reported by BGRThe Best & Most Convenient Password Manager Have you ever forgotten a password? Do you reuse the same password? We would very happy to answer any question in your email E-mail: [email protected]

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Metal Detector PRO - magnetic field finder

Find magnetic field generating objects with your device The app works thanks to devices built-in magnetometer The sensor allows you to detect objects generating a magnetic & electromagnetic field like electronic devices (phones, wiretaps), sharp objects, metal screws, wires and much more The app is perfect for construction workers & handymen:- to find where in the walls are hidden wires- to determine the location of metal framing studsStudents:- for educational purposes like school projects and experimentsPlease note that Metal Detector PRO is not a replacement for professional metal detector devices and it should be used for private/entertainment purposes only.

  • size 45.3 MB
  • version 1.2

Magnetic Field Detector. Magnetometer and Teslameter

Magnetometer is a simple application that can detect and dynamically display nearby magnetic fields. You can measure the strength of magnetic field (magnitude) or use this app as a basic metal detector. If your device doesnt have compass, you cant use this application.

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  • version 1.0

Magnetometer Free - Teslameter and EMF Detector Tool

Magnetometer is a simple application that can detect and dynamically display nearby magnetic fields. You can measure the strength of magnetic field (magnitude) or use this app as a basic metal detector. If your device doesnt have compass, you cant use this application.

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  • version 1.1

Tesla - Metal detector and Magnetic field recorder

Detect, measure and record magnetic fields and metal objects An Electromagnetic Field is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects, including those which contain a high degree of iron (Fe) and therefore are considered as magnetic. This free app relies on the magnetometer sensor of your mobile device to transform your phone or tablet into a fun and easy to use metal detector / electromagnetic scanner. The reason that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this app, is that the measurements are fully dependent on the hardware sensor provided by your mobile device.

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  • version 2.1

MagnetMeter - 3D Vector Magnetometer & Accelmeter

The first and only Vector Magnetometer on the iPhone - Visualize the hidden world of magnetism around you in 3 dimensions (3GS or later ) It can be perfectly used to explore and measure the direction and strength of the magnetic field of random objects around you (which can be quite fascinating ). With limitations (see docs) it can be used as a metal detector to find electric lines or pipes in walls (always good to check a wall before drilling in, at least better with this than not to check at all). However, tell us your experience

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  • size 10.3 MB
  • version 1.6

Teslameter 11 - Metal Detector

Teslameter 11 takes advantage of the built in magnetometer in your iPhone/iPad, allows you to monitor the strength of magnetic field all around. There are a range of real-life applications for this useful item, such as: metal detector, AC magnetic fields, or finding low-magnetic places for sleeping (especially for babies) and of course, why not fun as well?Features:- Display the raw 3 axes x, y and z magnetometer values and a nice analog meter to display the magnitude - Display the graphical history of magnitude (size, strength) of the magnetic field- Support multiple units: tesla and gauss- Record and export the data to email for further analysis- Define your own threshold alert with audible alarm when it encounters a field (metal, speakers, etc. )- Sensitivity customizable- Start or stop the teslameter at any time- Enable/disable auto-lock screen

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  • version 4.5.2


Have you ever wondered how strong magnetic fields are around you?Have you ever wondered how strong magentic fields are in objects you use every day?Magneto is an app that allows you to discover the power of any magnetic field, simply by using your iPhone o iPad. FEATURES Dead simple design*Open Magneto. We are a Digital Company which love the creation of delightful digital projects on Web, Social and Mobile.

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EMF Hunter

EMF HunterThis app is intended for entertainment purposes only. This app supports devices with an internal compass. This is perfect for people looking to detect magnetic fields: teachers, students, technophiles, and even Ghost hunters This app is not intended to be a scientific instrument, and its readings are subject to external conditions and the accuracy of the devices internal compass.Features* Detects the strength of magnetic fields in all three dimensions* Easy to read meter lets you gauge with a simple look the strength of fields in different directions* Light up LED icons display showing field strength, the more LED icons that light up, the more force there is* Graph view shows the changing values of the field from all three dimensions * Line Graph * Bar Graph * Polar Graph * Pie Graph* Particle Mode - the more magnetic force the more particles* Ability to start and pause detection* Magnetic force is calculated in microteslas

  • size 6.5 MB
  • version 1.3

DontSpy-Micro spy, microphone& spy camera Detector

Dontspy is an app that can detect cell phone, spy bug and other devices, even if they are hidden under clothes, wood, in a pocket, bags and more This is possibile because dontspy detect the magnetic field emitted by those devices, captured by the magnetometer present in the iPhone, that normally is used for the compass. The operation is simple, you have only to press start and the app will tell you if you are near or if you have found the object you are searching for The application identifies the devices even when switched off, because the speaker or microphone present in spy bug, cellphone, cameras and similar devices emit the magnetic field even when they turned off Perform this detection taking away the phone from any metals or magnets, otherwise the returned data may be distorted. Impress everyone with dontspy

  • rating 2.85714
  • size 0.6 MB
  • version 1.3.3


NO IN-APP PURCHASING, NO ADVERTISING Every day, without knowing it, we are surrounded by electromagnetic radiation harmful to our health: now we can get to know them The first app that turn your iPhone into a real Electrosmog Detector using the magnetometer sensor of the iphones compass. Flat graphical interface (iOS 7 style), immediate operation, you can check at any time of the day the electromagnetic fields to which you are subjected: railways, electrical wire, antennas, electronic appliances emit radiation that damage our organism, with this app you can learn about them and make prevention Developed in collaboration with a team of engineers, it calculates the natural electromagnetic field emitted by the Earth and the electromagnetic fields of the phone for excluding them from the survey. Not compatible with iPhone 2g and 3g because they not have a compass.

  • size 13.5 MB
  • version 2.0