Raise, feed, breed, play with, and sell thousands of different kinds of koi. Decorate your pond and make it beautiful Splash the interactive water and play with your new koi family, then visit your friends ponds to see what theyve named their koi Then go fishing at the Mystery Pond to catch new koi for your ponds Note: Pocket Pond 2 is totally free to play, but certain items cost real money. Features: - Thousands of koi breeds to collect - Totally interactive koi will bite your finger and swim around in response to your touch - Visit your friends ponds - Beautiful, serene ponds with relaxing ambience - Decorate your ponds any way youd like - Interactive pond creatures including * Frogs * Turtles * Hummingbirds * Dragonflies * Crabs - Name your koi, creatures, and ponds - Go fishing at the Mystery Pond with a rod and bobber - Totally free to play with NO advertisements - No Internet connection required to play Looks great on all devices, but especially good on the new iPad


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Pocket Pond 2 alternatives

Extreme Fishing 2 Free

The Greatest bestseller fishing game series returns Extreme Fishing 2 [The Ultimate Virtual Fishing] Experience the ultimate virtual fishing in your hands, in vivid HD graphic [Exotic Fishing Spots around the World] There are many beautiful fishing spots to choose from, including East sea, Yangtze, Maldives, and many more, to the End of the Earth [Absolutely Stunning Angling Experience] Compete with the worlds best anglers to catch the biggest fish. Completing the Fish Collection is yet another challenge; there are more than 180 species to collect. Follow us @twitter.com/pnj_globalJoin PNJmobile Fan [email protected]/Pnjglobal

  • rating 3.3
  • size 54.1 MB

Fish Farm

Build your Aquarium Empire with Fish Farm on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Fish Farm is an exciting 3D aquarium experience that gives you creative control - customize beautiful marine environments for saltwater or freshwater fish. With 200+ exotic 3D fish and sharks along with 85+ decorations at your fingertips, the possibilities are limitless. With Fish Farm, everything from the species of fish to the undersea home is yours to create Features: - 200+ brilliantly colored, realistic 3D fish and sharks to choose from- Customize your aquariums with 85+ different decorative items - Feed your fish, watch them play, and tap the glass to annoy them - Buy, raise, breed and sell fish to earn coins and gain experience - Care for up to 18 saltwater or freshwater aquariums - Enjoy offline play capability- Pay once, get the Exchange and access all game features

Dream Fish

Welcome to Dream Fish, the #1 aquarium / fish app in the Appstore You are taps away from owning multiple aquariums, where you can decide what fish to grow, sell, and breed PLEASE NOTE: Dream Fish is completely free to play, but some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you dont want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases. FEATURES: - Hundreds of exotic marine life including killer whales, sharks and sting rays - Buy, feed, love, sell and revive your fish to gain experience - Breed your fish to your heart content and for extra coins - Level up to 80 tanks and 80 levels - Dozens of backgrounds including Atlantis and Stonehenge FREE - Hundreds of decorations and plants: sea reefs, caves, mermaids, sunken ship and castles - Visit, clean and feed friends tanks and level up to become featured neighbor tanks

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Fish Farm 2

With dozens exotic 3D fish along with various decorations at your fingertips, the possibilities are limitless. Buy, breed, and sell exotic freshwater or saltwater fish. Feed your vibrantly colored fish, play with them even annoy them by tapping the glass With Fish Farm 2, everything from the species of fish to the undersea home is yours to create Features:- 200+ species of brilliantly colored, realistic 3D fish- Customize up to 20 aquariums with lots of decorative items and corals- Saltwater or freshwater aquariums- Crossbreed your fish for unlimited variations - Most realistic movements ever- Send and receive gifts- Acquire Skills and make the game easier to play- Play with your fish to earn additional coins- Zoom into tanks- Collect fish to earn rewards- Even play Fish Farm 2 offline

  • rating 4.625
  • size 54.1 MB

Zen Koi - A Tranquil Aquatic Journey

Zen Koi is a fun, relaxing and stylish mobile game experience from LandShark Games. Grow, breed and collect beautiful Japanese carp as they make their way to mythological dragon form. By downloading this game, you agree to our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy:http://www.landsharkgames.com/terms-of-service/http://www.landsharkgames.com/privacy-policy/

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Pocket Ponds

An interactive Zen Garden Experience. Relax. Features: * Interactive ponds * Collect thousands of rare koi * Fully customizable ponds and patios * Interactive decorations like wind chimes and sandboxes * Fish for new koi in the Mystery Pond * Visit ponds for decorating ideas

  • rating 2.82353
  • size 108 MB
  • version 1.1.3

Pocket Frogs

Discover, collect, trade, and breed over 35,000 unique frogs on your iOS device, anytime, anywhere - Trade frogs and habitat items with friends- Breed a diverse and unique collection of frogs- Play anytime, online or off- Beautiful high resolution Retina graphics- Customize and decorate each of your frog habitats- Over 60 challenging awards to earn- View your friends habitats and frogs- Different in-game items available every day- Explore the pond to find rewards and discover rare frogs

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Sea Captain 2016

Youre the proud new owner of a rusty fishing boat. Its not much right now, but at least its got a fishing rod Become a real sea captain by exploring the open and endless sea, catching fish, shrimp, and crabs. Deliver mail between ports, and find hidden treasures and artifacts Watch out for the whales - Explore a completely open world with gorgeous scenery and weather- Catch fish, shrimp, and crabs - Sell your catch to upgrade your boat, rods, nets, and crab traps- Deliver mail between ports to earn extra- Find hidden treasures and artifacts

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  • size 154 MB
  • version 1.0

Frogiz FREE

So whats Frogiz all about? Your objective is to clear the pond from frogs and leaves. The game comes with 100 high quality puzzles but you can use the Frogiz Puzzles Designer to design your own puzzles and challenge your friends and family * 12 full puzzles (Get the Premium version for 100 puzzles in 3 difficulty levels )* Two Game Modes: Arcade and Free play* Hints to help you on the go* OpenFeint Integration: Achievements, Global+Local Leaderboards and more* Premium Version ONLY: Puzzle Designer + My Puzzles* Original Music and Sound effects* Amazing hand-draw frogs, leafs, pond and the surroundings.

  • rating 3.14458
  • size 14.4 MB
  • version 1.0.1

Kuri Pets

These fluffy creatures are Kuri, and now theyre your virtual pets Feed them, take care of them, and play fun games with them so they grow up to be happy little guys. * unlock new Kuri types * there are more than 120 breeds in the game* spoil your little ones with all kinds of treats* have a great time playing mini games together* more than 50 ways to take care of your pets* collect all the breeds

  • rating 4.37736
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  • version 1.22

Kuma Fishing!

Go fishing with Captain Kuma Catch everything from well-known fish to crazy creatures Intuitive controls make this realistic fishing game a blast to play Try for the biggest fish of all Here comes a new fishing game from Kuma the Bear. Team up with Captain Kuma to travel the world in search of new fish Intuitive controls makes this easy for anyone to play No registration required, and no complicated controls. COLOPL

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Real Fishing Ace Pro : Wild Trophy Catch 3D

Fishing comes live with Real Fishing Ace Pro With 9 vivid environments, tons of collectibles and over dozens of unique species of fishes to hunt for makes it the best (free) hunting game in the App Store. Tactfully press and release the line to hook a fish. Features: - Real life like graphics and animations- Intuitive press and release controls - Play & complete quest to earn coins- Upgrade a full set of fishing equipments collectibles- Scenic themes ( like ponds, river, deep sea, lake, beach and more)So, if you like zombie duck hunting, archery, deer hunting or other shooting games, then you should try this Real Fishing Ace Pro too.

  • rating 3.36364
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Kill zombies - Free Games

kill zombies is the #1 addicting and entertaining game available on Ipad And Iphone. Get ready to defend your home as a mob of zombies is about to invade your town Those undead creatures are back, and its up to you to keep them brainless. How to Play:- Tap the zombies to kill them- Dont touch the civilian- Use the special power-ups wiselyGame Features:- 60 levels and more to come- 7 totally terrifying enemy zombie breeds- Intense zombie-blasting action game play

  • size 45.1 MB
  • version 1.0

Just A Day at the Pond

Join Little Critter in this interactive book app as he heads off for a summertime day at his grandparents farm Explore pictures, learn new vocabulary, and personalize the story with your own narration. Little Critter loves to fish the pond and collect frogs, but he doesnt really know how to swim. Contact us [email protected] Say hello to us on FB facebook.com/oceanhousemediaOfficial Mercer Mayer licensed app: www.littlecritter.com

  • size 38.2 MB
  • version 2.7.3

Penguin Village

Tend your own flock of cute, interactive penguins. Take full control of the village by adding interactive items, breeding, feeding, and trading your penguins with friends. FEATURES Free to play Take care of fully interactive, cute penguins See through your penguins eyes and tell them where to go Add interactive items to your iceberg like JETPACKS & SLIDES Visit your friends icebergs and play with their penguins Play minigames with your penguins (8 and counting ) Breed and collect the rarest penguins Celebrate by shooting off spectacular fireworks Decorate and customize your iceberg and make it totally yours

  • rating 4.35182
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  • version 1.0.2