Play the drums anytime, anywhere with Pocket Drums Free Featuring 33 high-quality stereo drum kits, recording, ability to share and export your recordings (optional in-app purchase), 14 unique drum loops to play along to, variable pitch control, drum rolls, double bass drumming, play to your favorite iPod music from within Pocket Drums Free, variable metronome with half a dozen unique sounds, and lefty mode. Sticktecks DRUMMERZ tablet drumsticks makes playing Pocket Drums Free even that more fun and realistic. Take a look and start jamming today FEATURES: 33 6-piece drum kits all professionally recorded in high-quality 16-bit stereo: Arena, Bebop, Birch, Classic, Country, Delay, Electronic, Funk, Fusion, Garage, Indian, Japan Vintage, Jazz, Latin, Liverpool, Lo-Fi, Marching, Melodic, Natural, Old Skool, Pop, Phat, Punk, Reggae, Retro, Reverb, Rock, Rocket, Tribal, Vintage, Weird, Wood, and World Recorder that allows you to save, load, loop, and play recorded tracks Share your recordings through email, Facebook, and Twitter Export your recordings to your computer (optional in-app purchase) Metronome with 8 sounds to choose from and variable speed switch (BPM) 14 Pocket Beats/Loops PlayAlong Beats: 16 new loops with basic bass drum, hi-hat or snare beats, to play along for added rhythmic expression Slide your finger between drums Shake your device to play sounds to your favorite music Repeated cymbal and drum taps blend in like real drums Play multiple drum heads and cymbals simultaneously Visual feedback when tapping drums and cymbals Two Real Drums themes Lefty Mode - reverse the layout Play along with your favorite music by easily accessing your iPod music right from within Pocket Drums Free Volume controls for both the drum sounds and music Pitch control allows for unlimited drum sounds Rolls on all drums with variable speed adjustment (BPM) Double bass drumming with variable speed adjustment (BPM) Runs on both the iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad Bass drum featured is a rare Ludwig 1960s psychedelic red finish Fun and easy to play for the drummer in all of us IN-APP PURCHASE TO UPGRADE: Multi-track recording Record and play on top of loaded/saved tracks 15 additional metronome sounds 25 additional beats/loops 3 additional layouts: Drum Machine, Basic, and Toms 2 additional Real Drums themes Ads removedUse headphones when possible to fully hear and enjoy the high quality sounds of Pocket Drums Free.

Pocket Drums Classic alternatives

Drums with Beats

Now you can rock the beat anytime and anywhere on your iphone or ipad Ever wonder what it would be like to play drums live on stage at a rock concert? In no time youll sound like a pro with the free drum beats included in this amazing app. Silde your finger across the screen for easy drum rolls, or jam away with all five fingers at once Features:Full drum kit - includes drums, cymbals, and cowbell Only drum app to include sidesticking technique for snare Rich high quality professionally recorded drum soundsAmazing response time and multitouch supportHit harder for loud beats, softer for quiet beatsRecord and save your own beatsFree drum lessons included ( Choose from Rock, Latin, Swing, and more )Compete with friends for high scoresand many, many more features included free Get it now and start banging the beat

  • rating 4.4
  • size 37.0 MB

Bongos - Dynamic Bongo Drums

The ultimate Bongos for your iPhone and iPad 18 with professionally recorded and mastered sounds: Depending where you hit the bongos sounds varies It doesnt matter if you are a professional musician, want to become a bongocero or just want to drum for fun - you should get this app Features: 18 high quality bongo samples More percussion: Cowbell and sticks 3D-Touch-Support, hit harder, play louder Professionally recorded & mastered sounds No latency for fast and exact playing Optimized for iPhone / iPad speakers, headphones and external speakers Supports multitasking: Play along with your own music (>iOS 4.0) HD Retina Graphics for iPhone, iPod touch and the new iPad 2 Apps in 1: Universal App for iPhone AND iPad To play along with your own music, start the music on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and start the app. Important: If you cant hear anything on your device, please make sure, you turned up the ringtone volume and enabled application sounds in the iPhone settings menu.Make sure to leave a comment with ideas and wishes for future versions in your review Visit our homepage: http://www.skunkbrothers.comFollow us on Twitter:

  • rating 3.95455
  • size 14.9 MB

Taiko Drums Free

Universal Taiko Drumms using Ratatap Drums cutting edge engine The harder you hit the drums, the louder they sound. Swirl your finger around for slower or faster rolls. - Review (Ratatap Drums)

  • rating 4.66667
  • size 8.8 MB

Paper Jamz Drums

The already ultra-portable Paper Jamz drums are now small enough to fit in your pocket. Perform concerts on the go with your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and become an instant rock star.- Freestyle play with real drum sounds- Select your favorite Paper Jamz drum style to play on- Jam along to songs from your media library- Record your jam session and email it to friendsVisit www. for videos, games and more

  • rating 3.6875
  • size 19.0 MB

Ratatap Drums Free

Ratatap Drums: fastest response, best playability, 15 drum kits, editable drums. WOW. - Review (full version)

  • size 71.8 MB