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AR Ruler & Tape Measure

Trusted by thousands of people across the globe, AR Ruler is the simplest and most powerful augmented reality virtual ruler that lets you measure anything, anytime right from your phone. Youll never need to have a physical ruler or tape measure again Simply point at the object and start measuring right from your phone. AR Ruler Key Features: Accurately measure anything, anytime No additional hardware needed, just take out your phone and start measuring Save and label all of your measurements for future use VIP Product SupportSo if youre looking for a reliable measuring tool, get AR Ruler now

  • rating 4.44444
  • size 17.2 MB

TodoCal - Todo List, Task Manager, Daily Planner

Limited time offer: 50%OFF Ad Free TodoCal lets you manage, organize and control your daily tasks. Heres how it works1) Organize your tasks.- Add everything you need to work on as to-dos & sub-to-dos.- Rearrange them with a simple drag & drop.2) Plan & schedule your week.- Long press a to-do, then drag & drop to the date you are planning to work on.3) Clear todays tasks.- Tap on todays to-do and check what needs to be done by the end of the day.- Start executing. Assign it to a different day or return it back to the stack.4) Track your achievements.- Swipe through the calendar to check your daily achievements.- Keep readjusting your workload to improve work efficiency, and maximize achievements.

  • rating 4.91228
  • size 47.0 MB

Voice Recorder PRO - Voice Recording App

ClassicVintageSimplePowerfulFeatures:1, Format(MP3M4AAIFCWAV)2, Gain3, Tags4, Smart5, Playback Speed6, Repeat One7, Repeat List8, Wi-Fi File Sharing9, Folder

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  • size 35.1 MB

Shoot! - a speedy event inserter

Have you ever wished you could enter your events into the calendar more quickly with iPhone? Shoot is the solution With this event-input-only app, you can insert the event into the default calendar app more smoothly. Shoot

  • size 15.2 MB

Magic Contacts Pro with Notification Center Widget