Pico Digital Film brings what we love about analog film to digital cameras. Now you can select a film and shoot your photos however you see the world, not just how the camera sees the world. As you use Pico Digital Film, youll see how were Capturing Color Differently.

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Create & share your own photo filters. Light A Smart layer that makes it super simple and easy to brighten/darken the environment. Gradient Create a custom gradient layer with custom colors, transparency, angle and blend mode.

Exify - Tools for Photos

Exify is a collection of tools for people who take their iPhone photography seriously. The app gives you quick access to: Exposure and lens information Image size and color space Magnifier for pixel-level details Color sampling and layout proportions RGB and luminosity histograms Photo location, elevation and maps Capture time in local time and UTC Camera model and manufacturer Copyright and other IPTC informationiOS action extensions provide the following tools in Photos, Messages and any other app that supports the action sheet for images: Show Image Information Magnify Image Duplicate ImageFinally, an iOS editing extension lets you perform the following directly from your Photo library: Add a watermark to your photo Set a copyright, image description, and artist Remove location information for privacy Add GPS metadata from another imageEvery photographer needs a copy of Exify in their pocket

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Halide - RAW Manual Camera

RNI Flashback

This app is a pretty scientific experiment in photo processing. At RNI we wanted to make our photos look more special with less effort and more fun. To find out more about RNI products please visitreallyniceimages.com

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