ADVENTUREWith Picabu Vacation, youll start your adventure on the beach Have fun with so many awesome locations and so many characters. You have many choices for activites that play at the beach and surf in the ocean and make a reservation for restaurant. PICABU VACATION FEATURES:-Explore two locations: beach, resaurant-10 characters you are absolutely going to love-Play on the beach and surf above the ocean animals-No high scores - play for as long as you like-Discover the tresure box and find the key -Make a reservation for restaurantSound by

Picabu Vacation : Summer & Beach alternatives

Candy's Camping Day

Spring is coming See~ it softly greens the grass and nourishes the flowers. And now is the best time to go outside and join Candys Camping Day From the fresh air to the beauty of nature, everything outside seems great for the outing and loads of fun outdoors will surely make it more exciting. Thanks.

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Fuzzy House Lite

Fuzzy House is an imaginative doll house app that brings together digital and physical play. It is a playground where kids can be kids Fuzzy House Lite gives your kids a taste of the app Fuzzy house. Appsplayground.comLove using open exploration apps like this in OMazing Kids speech therapy So many great opportunities for vocabulary, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, spatial concepts, storytelling, sequencing, turn taking and more.omazingkidsllc.comwww.fuzzyhouse.com

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My Town : Home Doll House

Every thing is possible when you play the new My-Town : Home game. With lots of rooms to explore and a huge family to play with each game is a different adventure Latest NEW update now lets you connect this game to My Town : Museum and My Town : Haunted house so you can bring all your favorite character and move them around between these games. Pure imagination and fun: Play as you wish, do what ever you want, interact with what you love.- Party and Play everywhere : Use the kitchen to make a birthday party or go outside with your helicopter, today is your special day.- Easy to enough for 2 years old to play, Exciting enough for 9 years old to enjoy- No In-App purchases- No third party adsWe love making children games, if you like what we do and want to join us you can do so here:Facebook - -

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My Girl's Town - Design Your Own Girl House

Decorate beautiful houses for all the girls in My Girls Town Design the perfect neighborhood and grow it into the most incredible town of all times the best place for a girl to live in Also play cool mini games and complete exciting missions to meet new characters and earn cute decoration items You will learn all the steps in becoming an incredible decorator. From adding a cute sofa to make the living room more cozy, to placing a comfy bed for a nice bedroom and even designing kitchens, bathrooms and gardens. Like our page on Facebook and be the first to know about our upcoming games and updates

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Bamba Airport (Free) - Wacky air travel for kids, get on the airplane off to a holiday