Phyzit TCM \fiz-it\ (short for physician visit) is an app designed to improve communication between providers and their patients. Phyzit TCM enables provider practices utilizing Transitions of Care Management to manage patients needs during the critical 30 day period immediately following discharge from the hospital, helping ensure they transition to home without being readmitted unnecessarily. Phyzit TCM offers the following:Intuitive tracking and management of patients during the TCM periodManages confusing requirements to meet TCM billingIdentifies sensitive communication and face-to-face visit deadlinesDetermines appropriate CPT billing code and summarizes in useful reportsCaptures necessary supporting documentation for TCM billingHIPPA secure instant messagingHIPPA secure video conferencingCustomizable, external notification and redirectable communicationSimplifies workflow and saves precious staff timeDemonstrated results:Practices earn additional revenue for service they may already be providingReduced readmission rates (over 50 percent in beta trials)Reduced cost to insurance providers (over 23 percent in beta trials)Improved patient outcomes and faster healingReduced workload for clinic staff managing the TCM process

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Your single source of reliable and current drug coverage and restriction information. Need to know if that drug is covered? Plan Features Over 6,500 health plans representing over 98% of U.S. insured lives Search commercial, Medicare Part D, State & Managed Medicaid and health exchange plans Includes comprehensive set of Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM) and health plans Drill down to the plan level to view detailed coverage information Review in-depth restriction criteria for an initial group of Payers and PBMs that are working with MMIT View differences in coverage across various forms and strengths of drugs Save frequently accessed plans to your Favorites listDrug Features View drug access across location and channel by percent of covered lives Search coverage information by various forms of a drug Quickly lookup alternative drugs coverage information Save frequently accessed products to your Favorites listSearch Features Enable Location Services to populate your plan list automatically Quickly search by health plan or PBM name Sort results by health plan name, covered lives, or formulary status

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Use your existing MyChart account to manage your health information and communicate with your doctor on your mobile devices, including Apple Watch. With MyChart you can: Review test results, medications, immunization history, and more Stay in touch with your physician Manage your appointments Upload health and fitness data, including data from the Apple Health app, when enrolled in self-tracking programs View and pay your bill Access your familys health informationYou must first create an account through your healthcare providers MyChart website. Email us at [email protected]

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