Photon Chat is a secure messaging application that facilitates HIPAA-compliant communication between all members of the continuum of care, clinical or otherwise. In addition, Chat acts as a companion app to Photon, our popular medical consulting application.


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Vinitial Nextgen
Vocera Secure Texting
MD Claim
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CAST Secure text messaging for healthcare

Photon Chat alternatives

Simply Sayin' - Medical Jargon for Families

The award-winning Simply Sayin app uses pictures, sounds and a family-friendly glossary of terms to facilitate clear conversations between the healthcare provider, child, and family. Used by Child Life Specialists in hospitals around the world, parents can also use this information to promote positive health care experiences for their children before heading to see the doctor. For over 15 years, MediaKube has helped companies of all sizes use technology to communicate effectively with their target audience.

  • size 43.0 MB


View, print and electronically sign your MedTek transcription reports anywhere with MedTek Mobile.

  • size 3.6 MB

ICD-10 Virtual Code Book

Developed by the leading ICD-10 educator in the United States, the Precyse University ICD-10 Virtual Code Book app allows the user to enter clinical terms and/or disease/condition names to search for correct and specific ICD-10-CM codes without the use of a code book or encoder. The app allows the user to enter additional clinical words and modifiers to refine searches and drive to a more specific code especially for conditions offering hundreds of code choices. Intended For: Physicians who code Non-credentialed individuals who code Professional and hospital coders Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists Professional Billers Quality Assurance/Compliance/UR Review Any healthcare professional coding or looking up codes Key Features: Includes every ICD-10-CM code with guidelines and conventions Easy-to-use functionality allowing search of codes using clinical/condition terminology as well as entering in codes directly Provides documentation tips for many of the diseases and codes to drive more specific documentation and severity of illness Allows saving of Favorites to enable creation of quick reference code lists and quasi-Super Bills Built to be easy for non-coders or physicians to use in searching for codes without the need of books or encoders Frequent updates to enhance the app through new features and changes made by CMS

  • size 46.8 MB

MediMobile Charge Capture

MediMobile can be downloaded for free and is for distribution purposes only. MediMobile offers an industry leading point-of-care charge capture solution using a suite of designed products to enhance medical provider revenue streams. - Training offered at no cost.- Scheduled on-line training with MediMobile Trainer- Knowledge Base / Frequently Asked Questions- Online Training Videos covering all platformsAPP PREVIEWApp preview background music is provided by Royalty Free Music from Bensound

  • size 96.1 MB

More Information About alternatives

Vinitial Nextgen

Secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging application for healthcare communication between providers and patients, as well as between two or more providers.

  • size 33.0 MB
  • version 1.1.3


QUARC is a secure communication solution that was built to fit seamlessly with healthcare workflows and to support the needs of clinicians and providers, with an aim to help improve efficiency and decrease errors related to breakdowns in communication. The QUARC mobile and desktop applications enable HIPAA compliant, secure communications between individual members of your organization or among a patients care team by way of direct and patient centric messaging.

  • size 95.5 MB
  • version 1.5.10

Vocera Secure Texting

Secure, Integrated, Intelligent Communication Vocera Secure Texting provides a secure, easy to use, HIPAA-compliant alternative to SMS that leverages the Vocera platform to allow secure texting and voice communication between physicians and care teams. It uses Voceras synchronized clinical directory, powerful call routing, and workflow capabilities to enable physicians to securely communicate with the extended care team, empowering hospitals to manage and improve overall patient experience and help reduce costs. Key features: Secure, traceable, HIPAA compliant texting between Vocera Secure Texting and Vocera Collaboration Suite users Access to a hospital controlled directory of clinical users Seamless communication to Vocera wearable Badges including call by name and call by role capabilities Ability to set communication preferences and availability Vocera System Requirements Vocera System software 4.4.3 or higher Vocera Messaging software 5.2 or higher for communication with Vocera Collaboration Suite Vocera Secure Texting 2.1 Synch Connector Service Vocera SIP Telephony Gateway

  • size 99.4 MB
  • version


MD ICU provides authorized clinical users of the MDCloud ecosystem with secure access to daily schedule, quality and billing data capture entry platform. MD Cloud practice solutions products are designed to help medical-related entities manage their practices and their data in a HIPAA/HITECH compliant manner while increasing productivity, improving communication between personnel and reducing costs utilizing a variety of innovative and proprietary products. HIPAA and HITECH compliant.

  • size 24.5 MB
  • version 2.0.2

MD Claim

MDClaim provides authorized clinical users of the MDCloud ecosystem with secure access to daily schedule, quality and billing data capture entry platform. MD Cloud practice solutions products are designed to help medical-related entities manage their practices and their data in a HIPAA/HITECH compliant manner while increasing productivity, improving communication between personnel and reducing costs utilizing a variety of innovative and proprietary products. HIPAA and HITECH compliant.

  • size 54.2 MB
  • version 3.1.7


To use this application, you must be affiliated with a supported Hospital, Health System, or Medical School. Cureatr is a HIPAA-compliant care collaboration and communication platform for physicians, nurses, and other members of the care team. FEATURES1) Real-time 1-to-1 and group messaging that is encrypted and HIPAA-compliant2) Time-stamped read receipts show when messages are received by each user3) Collaborative checklists and workflows for true collaboration on critical processes4) Patient-centric messaging to provide a patient context to messages5) Care Transition Notifications that alert the care team of patient location and diagnoses

  • size 9.5 MB
  • version 2.15.1

Spectra Care

Secure, private care communication thats HIPAA-compliant for your entire team. Invite health care providers, patients, and family members to share updates on care, and put an end to the game of telephone often played when trying to get treatment information in real-time. Features:- HIPAA-compliant group communication for clinical teams, patients, and families- Communicate with caregivers regardless of organization- Enhance clinical team productivity with notifications and photo sharing- Reference all conversations at a later datevaluable health data is never deleted- Securely access Spectra wherever you goFor Professional Users:- Verified badges for everyone on your clinical team- Communicate securely with patients and their family members- Team management capabilities- Prioritized support- Complimentary BAA for HIPAA-compliance

  • size 26.7 MB
  • version 1.2.0


qliqSOFTs HIPAA and HITECH compliant secure messaging platform closes the information loop between hospitals, primary care providers, pharmacies, ancillary service providers, and patients.qliqConnect is our Free Application which has all of the functionality you need to begin communicating Protected Health Information (PHI) from your smartphone or tablet in minutes, not months.qliqSOFTs platform currently supports:Secure messaging and file transferSecure email Secure mobile charge capture and delivery

  • size 66.9 MB
  • version 2.5.5

MD Text

MD Cloud practice solutions products are designed to help medical-related entities manage their practices and their data in a HIPPA/HITECH compliant manner while increasing productivity, improving communication between personnel and reducing costs utilizing a variety of innovative and proprietary products. Secure and reliable communication of PHI Secure attachment of documents and photos HIPAA and HITECH compliant BENEFITS: Reduce HIPAA liability Communication tracking ability Audit trail and time stamp for supervisors

  • size 8.1 MB
  • version 1.2.4

Akario Backline

Akario Backline is a feature-rich, secure texting application that is purpose-built for healthcare. Backline delivers a cutting-edge secure messaging platform that significantly improves productivity and patient outcomes while protecting PHI. Key Features: Patient-Centered Chat for care teams, created and updated through an ADT/HL7 interface with your EMR/EHR/HIS system Secure text messaging to support HIPAA-compliant communications Secure one-on-one or group chats Online availability displayed Push message notifications Message status indicating read receipts, acknowledgements and timestamps Rich Media attachments up to 20MB such as photos, lab results, audio or video files

  • size 14.7 MB
  • version 5.6.2

Health Gorilla

Doctors and patients can now get a complete look into their personal and their patients health records across any medical facilities. You can now collect and store your electronic medical records, including vitals, allergies, immunizations, prescribed medications, hospital admissions, transfers and discharges, diagnostic labs, and even radiology imaging. Health Gorilla is a HIPAA-compliant and certified Meaning Use Stage 2 Clinical Network, designed to aggregate entire patient medical history across providers, while enabling secure, HIPAA-compliant communications and medical data exchange.

  • rating 4.47619
  • size 54.5 MB
  • version 2.20


DocbookMD is a HIPAA-secure messaging application for healthcare providers who are members of an enterprise or medical society that has contracted with Scrypt, Inc. Learn more at Learn more at

  • size 49.4 MB
  • version 6.1.7


Imprivata Cortext is the secure communication platform for healthcare that enables hospitals to replace pagers for improved care coordination, patient safety and patient satisfaction. Imprivata Cortext enables healthcare organizations to: - Replace pagers and improve care coordination- Optimize clinical communication workflows- Improve patient safety and satisfaction scores- Secure patient information with a HIPAA-verified solutionKey Clinical Features:- Secure text, photo & group messaging- Multi-site communication with Tenant Federation- Multi-device with real-time message sync- Delivery and read receipts - User-set customizable Availability Status- Speech-to-text support for dictation- Quick responses and callback requests- Out-of-Network messaging to affiliated providers- Clinical system integration - Distinguish urgent notifications from non-urgent notifications through new audio and visual treatments. Key Administrative & Security Features:- Active Directory authentication- Single Sign-On integration- Verified for HIPAA compliance by 3rd party - 256-bit Encryption in transit and rest- Remote Wipe & App PIN enforcement

  • size 110 MB
  • version


MEDNAX is designed to provide a next-generation communication tool used for medical staff collaboration. This application has the ability to directly impact Referrals, Care, Outcomes, and the ability to operate at the highest level of productivity through the use of key features such as secure messaging (including images and videos), advanced directories for full team collaboration, secure image libraries to ensure HIPAA compliance, and much more.

  • size 68.2 MB
  • version 5.6.3

CAST Secure text messaging for healthcare

Critical Alert Secure Text (CAST) is a smartphone app enabling two-way encrypted, HIPAA-compliant communication between web-enabled iOS devices.256-bit encryption ensures the protection of text & paging messages in transit & storage, allowing caregivers to rapidly and securely communicate critical patient care data to other CAST users. Features HIPAA & HITECH compliant End-to-end encryption Remote wipe Pin lock Configurable message lifespan Send pictures & voice memos securely Do not disturb Read Receipts Audit trail Group Chat SMS or Email backup alert of undelivered messages Supports shared devices Desktop client Customizable organization settings Text & Paging in separate in-boxes Use your existing paging system Keep your current Critical Alert pager number

  • size 42.2 MB
  • version 2.1.3


HIPAA compliant secure scheduling and messaging network of verified physicians, and other medical professionals. DocSpera - Built for doctors by doctors The HIPAA compliant platform for physicians and healthcare professionals allows you to securely communicate with other colleagues, collaborate and learn about new medical breakthroughs, and become more efficient in managing your day. Supports full view rotations from landscape to portrait, making efficient use of your onscreen real-estate.

  • size 82.5 MB
  • version 3.50.975