* Photomatic is a powerful photo editor with many amazing effects, filters and collage maker * A very comprehensive photo editor and pretty much everything you could ever want to do on your phone * There are so many effects, stickers and features to apply to your photos * Photomatic will give you the look you want for your photos in seconds. * Photomatic is a fun editor that lets you quickly be pro, even if youve never edited a photo beforePhoto Editing Tools like Filters, Effects, Adjustment, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness, Blur & Focus, Rotate, Crop, Resize, ToneCurve, Splash, Text (different Fonts available) and Stickers, Frames Capture images from your camera or your album. Use simple, yet powerful, photo editing tools to apply filters, adjust colors, and more

Photomatic | Photo Editor Pro alternatives

NhacCuaTui Lite

NhacCuaTui Lite l ng dng nghe nhc trc tuyn hon ton min ph trn thit b di ng dnh ring cho th trng VIT NAM. Vi ng dng NhacCuaTui Lite c ty chnh thit k cho mi dng in thoi di ng, mang bn n th gii tuyt vi ca m nhc mi lc, mi ni. Nhng c im ni bt ca ng dng :- Thit k phng thn thin, trc quan v d s dng cho tt c mi ngi, tch hp vi iPhone 6 v iPhone 6 plus- ng dng nghe nhc u tin ti Vit Nam kt hp li bi ht chy ch KARAOKE- Kho nhc cht lng cao vi hn 2 triu bi ht trong v ngoi nc- Nhc phn loi theo Ch , Ca s, Th loi, Bng xp hng chn lc c cp nht, gip bn d dng tm kim nhng bi ht m mnh yu thch- NhacCuaTui (Cloud Music): ch cn mt ti khon bn c th lu li nhng bi ht, playlist yu thch d dng, thun tin v ng b nghe khi khng c kt ni mng- PowerUser : ng k m rng kho nhc cloud ca mnh, tt qung co v nhn nhiu u i khc, - Hn gi tt nhc, xem li lch s nghe nhc, ty chnh cht lng nghe nhc mang li tri nghim tt nht cho bn- Chia s nhc yu thch qua Facebook, E-mail, SMS- Hnh ca s, hnh playlist cht lng cao: em li cho bn tri nghim v th gic tuyt vi nhtMi kin, ng gp cho ng dng, cc bn c th lin lc a ch email [email protected], rt mong nhn c nhiu phn hi ca cc bn ng dng My Music ngy mt tt hn.

  • rating 4.63793
  • size 43.7 MB


Vi ng dng di ng 123Phim, bn s s hu th gii in nh TT C TRONG MT:- Cp nht lch chiu ca mi rp chiu phim trn ton quc chnh xc, nhanh chng.- t v xem phim v mua combo bp nc d dng mi lc, mi ni.- Tin tc in nh HOT, review phim, tin khuyn mi hp dn mi ngy.- nh gi chn thc, ng tin cy t Cng ng in nh Vit v cc blogger chuyn nghip.

  • rating 3.09091
  • size 53.2 MB

Onet Puzzle Free - Picachu edition

Lunar new year themes The best design for mobile - Easy look & Touch with out eyestrainGreat puzzle game to entertain in free time This version is optimized with cool graphics and effects and makes you crazy all the time. Main Features:+ Classic interface with better animation+ Bigger cards with better quality design+ 4 themes: Animal, New Year, Fruit & Animal 2+ 99 levels, with many kinds of gameplay from increase different pairs and movable cards+ Time Attack and Hints+ All screen types are supportedHOW TO PLAY ONET?+ The main objective of this game is to remove all icon tiles.+ Tap the icon tiles to select it.+ You have to find two identical icon tiles that can be connected with up to 3 straight lines where there is no other tiles blocking on the connecting line path. Lets play and challenge your friends and family

  • rating 3.91254
  • size 20.8 MB