Download your photos from other social Albums(Flickr, Picasa,Facebook, Instagram) Sync your photos/videos between iPhone, iPad, iMac, or your other Desktop computer over i_Cloud and Dropbox PhotoGoGo - A Must-Have universal App(iPhone/iPad) to your photos/videos/Albums. Retrieve your photos from Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, Photos. Unlimited photos/videos support(Lite version only support 40 photos/videos and 4 Albums) Create/edit/manage your Albums Classify your Albums via tags Search your Albums smartly Massively sync/transfer/share your photos/videos is supported Elegant and Unique design Shake to switch Film view with Album view Swipe to quick review Shake to switch photo Choppy view with Tile view Share/Transfer your photos WIFI transfer your photos/videos to your Desktop computer Share/transfer your multiple photos to Facebook/Twitter/Picasa Email your photos Print your photo Secure/Lock/Hide your secret Album Lock your secret Album Decoy password to hide your secret Album Photo Stream is supported( iOS 5 only ) Take photo and video in App

PhotoGoGo Lite - Album Super-keeper alternatives

Slidy Pro - The most effective way to delete and manage your photos, free storage space

Photo Sharp (Free Version)

Photo Sharp is a photos/video management app,can manage your photos/video into folders and subfolders, Compress photos/folders into zip file and extract photos from a compressed (zip/rar), Use password protect your files, and transfer photos/(zip/rar) between computer and your devices *Password protect Password lock entire app Password lock wifi Password lock individual folder *View Photos Photo gallery Slide show Thumbnail preview View Photos app *File Sharing USB File Sharing via iTunes Http File Sharing via WiFi, Support Safari, chrome, firefox and IE6/7/8/9 (Slide show ) Chrome and Firefox Supported upload multiple files Email multiple files, folder Supported *Archives Extract photos from a compressed zip/rar file Compression files/folders to zip file Archives rename, email, batch *other copy, move, delete, rename files/folders Import photos from the Photos app copy, email, zip files from Photos app unzip and paste files into Photos app Assign to Contact select all and cancel all open files from other app Sort the images in the folders by date , Size In Edit,press on an image (A), then long press another image (B) , it will select all the images between (the range A-B) In the browser client, support long press Shift and click on the checkbox multiple choice pictures. Open email attachments supported Support all orientations Universal app

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iAlbum - Private Photos Vault Safe Apps

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Private Album - Free Private Photo Video Keep Lock


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