Only administrators that are set up on the Paychex Flex Time, Paychex Flex Time Essentials, or stratustime products should download the Paychex Time Kiosk App. Users without the appropriate administrator credentials will be unable to access the app. Clients can enable an optional image-capture setting during the time of a punch.


Similar Apps

Nettime Kiosk
BBSI Kiosk
Paychex Time
Access Passport - E-Signature
Visual Kiosk (Free)
Geist Mobile
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ACCEDE Defect Management System
SA-Announce Dispatcher

Paychex Time Kiosk alternatives

Time Clock Wizard

WHY US Simple and easy to use dashboard. Employees can clock in and out, add time sheet changes, and view their work schedule on-the-go. Phone: (866) 208-7618Email: [email protected] PLUS, using the Time Clock Wizard Web dashboard, managers can: See whos working and view their location in real time Manage paid time off, holiday, and vacation time Download, Print, Email and Export Reports into many types of formats for use with Quickbooks, Freshbooks and many other accounting systems Assign individual tasks for employees and monitor their progress Manage shifts and send employee schedules via email and SMS notification (text message)

  • rating 4.47368
  • size 29.6 MB Mobile

Access your employment information anytime, anywhere with the mobile app. The latest release allows you to edit your direct deposits, send financial information securely to your lender, receive the latest news and alerts from your employer, view important employment policy documents, and earn big bucks for referrals to Its all right here.

  • size 50.9 MB

Time Clock: Track Employee Attendance

#1 Employee Time Clock AppGet the most from your workforce with this simple app to track and verify employee attendance. Set your account up in minutes and say goodbye to paper timesheets and manual paperwork. - Rachael, Payroll Officer at Fonebox

  • size 25.5 MB

Veloxy for Salesforce CRM

User quotes: Couldnt live without it in my job. Super useful IMPROVE KNOWLEDGE 1. Managers also receive real-time notifications about team members for:Note: The App is completely free, the service is free for the first 15 days

  • size 43.2 MB


With this new, powerful app, Sonitrol now provides users the capability to remotely and securely search for their facilities via map or text, manage system arming status, view and filter historical events, manage system users, and view live video. Whether you are a regional manager for a retail chain and want to verify what time this evening all your systems armed, as well as check video to verify that all new sales displays have been set up properly, or you are the principal of the local elementary school and want to create a new system user for a recently-hired maintenance supervisor starting next week. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

  • size 49.8 MB

More Information About alternatives

Nettime Kiosk

Only Nettime administrators should download the Nettime Kiosk app. Users without the appropriate administrator credentials will be unable to access the app. Clients can enable an optional image-capture setting during the time of a punch.

  • size 33.6 MB
  • version 1.0.2

BBSI Kiosk

Only BBSI administrators should download the BBSI Kiosk app. Users without the appropriate administrator credentials will be unable to access the app. Clients can enable an optional image-capture setting during the time of a punch.

  • size 33.6 MB
  • version 1.0.2

Paychex Time

Paychex Time can be used by previously registered Paychex Flex ( or users. Users can sign into this application if their employer:- Subscribes to Paychex Flex Time or Flex Time and Labor Online.- Has granted them access to punch from a mobile device. See the log in page for more details.

  • rating 1
  • size 27.5 MB
  • version 2.0.2

Access Passport - E-Signature

IMPORTANT NOTE: This app requires an active, licensed deployment of Access Passport and other applicable Enterprise Forms Management software from Access. Users must have the appropriate security credentials and authorization to access functionality. With Access Passport, users can: > Access the e-forms they need easily from virtually any device and location > Collect information in e-forms and add attachments in record time > Capture electronic signatures directly on forms without paper and inkOnce an e-form is complete, Access Passport can: > Automate workflow dynamically using data captured in e-forms > Deliver completed forms and data to the people and systems that need it > Track forms throughout their life cycle and perform many other valuable tasks

  • size 11.7 MB
  • version 1.0.14

Visual Kiosk (Free)

(Free Version)Stop wasting money on ineffective tradeshow lead capture Instead of designing, printing, and shipping marketing collateral for one tradeshow after another, IntelliTouch Digital Solutions eLeads Contact and eLiterature Management technology lets potential clients interact directly with your business. Turn your iOS device into a fully customizable kiosk with features like quizzes, surveys, contests, drawings, and games. Templates are instantly and automatically switched over on-site, without down time or the need for a reset.

  • size 24.6 MB
  • version 2.54


Please kindly recognize that the so called vMEyeHD,ASeePro,ASeeProHD MEyeProV3 and MEyeProV4 are not our products. They are fake and of poor quality, please do not watse your money on them. Support DVRs or IPCameras of different manufactures.v2.2.0Support iphone5Support for the six screen playbackSupport setting only allows wifi watchSupport to set the type of smoothSupport to set up real-time preview aspect ratioSupport setting password protection

  • size 31.1 MB
  • version 2.3.0

Geist Mobile

Geist App with VLC technology to enable the capture of Power data from Monitored and Locally Metered Geist Upgradeable PDUs through the iPhone/Pod/Pad camera. Create a database of all your Geist GU products and securely read the units Power data without the need for network connectivity or physical contact Securely capture PDU Power data in seconds through the GU LCD. The benefit of being able to populate a racks power consumption and sensor data at a quick scan is enjoyed by all who have physical access to the rack and want a quick summary of the unit, whether it be an IT manager, systems administrator, installers, commissioners, data center customers, etc.

  • size 45.3 MB
  • version 1.0

ClickTime Mobile

ClickTime Mobile is the perfect companion application for current ClickTime users to track their time, expenses, and receipts easily. Track your time on the go, track expenses, create expense sheets, and snap copies of your receipts on the go. FEATURES Capture your time against your clients, projects, and tasks while on the go Track expenses and create expense sheets Upload receipts from your iPhone directly from your smartphone camera Submit both time and expense for supervisor approval without needing a PC Managers and administrators can review and approve or reject submitted timesheets Track your time off (sick, vacation, etc) Keep track of your reimbursable totals while on the roadClickTime has been developing timesheet and expense software for thousands of companies worldwide since 1999, earning high praise from large enterprises, small businesses, and nonprofits.

  • size 40.1 MB
  • version 1.3.373

ACCEDE Defect Management System

The ACCEDE Defect Management System is an on-site defect management system that lets users quickly capture quality information in the field. Mark-up, annotate or highlight photos taken in the field with your iPads integrated camera. With ACCEDE you can: reduce the time and cost of recording field data improve the quality of data recorded quickly produce well organised punch lists or snag lists and checklists or inspection test plans speed up communication and collaboration with project stakeholders reduce time spent administering quality assurance create a more professional image

  • size 7.5 MB
  • version 3.7

SA-Announce Dispatcher

SA-Announce Dispatcher provides authorized users the ability to activate emergency and non-emergency alerts to SA-Announce notification groups directly from the mobile app. Whether informing thousands of people, or ensuring one person receives a critical message, SA-Announce Dispatcher streamlines communication and reduces activation delays by enabling users to dispatch alerts regardless of their physical location. Deliver text, audio, and visual notifications to devices such as: IP Phones and Speakers Mobile devices Analog devices Email clients DesktopsActivate devices such as: Beacons Strobes Contact Closures and Sense PortsSA-Announce Dispatcher is a free application available to Syn-Apps SA-Announce customers Features include: Enables users located both on and off-premise to remotely activate SA-Announce notification groups Launch on-the-fly alerts to pre-defined notification groups Optional text, icons, and audio clips can be included in notifications Optional Security Codes for secure communication Requirements: Organization must be running licensed SA-Announce software Users must have authorized SA-Announce credentials provided by System Administrators to access the app IP connectivity to the SA-Announce server is required Supports iPhones running iOS 7 and above

  • size 2.5 MB
  • version 8.1