Cloud based Point of Sale SystemiConnect is a simple, intuitive iPad POS (point of sale) app for retail shops, delis, kiosks, salons, mechanics, mobile salespeople & more. This revolutionary app can be customized to be as simple or sophisticated as you need it, making it the first iPad POS app that can truly match up to traditional point of sale systems. * Employee Management * - Assign each of your employees to their own login - Limit employee access to only certain features - Create employee schedules and replicate them until a certain date - Allow employee access to the app only during their scheduled shift times * Booking * - Book appointments and view them on calendar - Book multiple appointments at a time - Move appointments with touch and drag feature - Check-out takes you directly to register, automatically adding all services to the ticket * Marketing & Promotions * - Create as many discounts as you like - Assign discounts codes, dollar or percentage amount, & expiration date - Offer a loyalty program to your customers - Loyalty program gives customers a point amount for each dollar spent - Each point that a customer accumulates translates to a certain amount that they can spend on products & services * Back Office Management * - Add products/service- Add employee- Multi-store businesses are supported - Add as many store locations to your account as you like (each store requires a separate iConnect POS subscription) - Import Product, Service, Employee, and Customer data from your old system using a simple - Export data to QuickBooks for seamless accounting - Upgrade, downgrade, or close your iConnect POS account at any time from within the app * Reports * - View & export 55 different reports, including Sales, Inventory Valuation, Payroll, Weekly Balance, and many more 7 -Days trial

iConnect POS - Point of Sale System alternatives

Ring It Up Universal: Point of Sale

Ring up your sales, expenses, and accept payment right on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Instantly email your receipts or invoices directly to your customers. (Separate purchase required)* Credit Card Reader -* Credit Card Terminal - Inner Fence* Swipe - AppNinjas* Redfin PocketPOS* iPay POS - TekTango* iZettle* SumUp* Paypal Here* The PDF generation maybe not work in some Asian languages

  • size 35.8 MB

Ambur - point of sale (POS)

Ambur is an easy-to-use Point of Sale that is used all over the world in restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and nightclubs. Built and tested in a live restaurant environment, Ambur is a powerful management system helping merchants of all sizes run their business with increased speed, efficiency and style. Our POS Specialists are ready to show you how Amburs features will have your business running smoothly, effectively, and successfully.

  • size 59.7 MB

POS | Point of Sale by Kounta

Kounta is a flexible cloud-based Point of Sale / POS Software System for your iPad. Designed with hospitality in mindits the ideal POS for your cafe, restaurant, or barKounta is right at home in retail settings, too. iPad POS App accessible by iPhone as well with multiple Accounting, Inventory and Loyalty Point of Sale Add-ons.

  • size 159 MB

Bindo POS | Point of Sale

Bindo POS is a point of sale system that transforms your iPad into a cash register with the ability to accept credit cards. FEATURES Cash register with payment support for credit cards, cash, checks, store credit & split tender Customizable register screen Intelligent inventory management with Simple Scan Customer profiles and CRM tools Loyalty and rewards program Purchase order generator and tracker In-depth and easy-to-understand reports Support for multiple stores & multiple employeesHARDWARE SUPPORTBindo connects with a cash drawer, receipt printer, credit card reader, barcode scanner and optional label printer. Our POS experts are always happy to help.

  • size 90.3 MB

NCR Silver | Tablet Point-of-Sale (POS)

The NCR Silver tablet point-of-sale system was built for entrepreneurs with big aspirations. YOU KNOW WHERE YOU WANT TO GOYou want more customers and help making better business decisions. If you have any questions, call 877-630-9711.

  • size 90.9 MB