Pay Buddy - Share costs & split expenses with friends!

Pay Buddy makes it easy to split and manage expenses shared with friends and family. - split rent with a roommate, or split grocery bills, concert tickets, and other expenses with family and friends.- track group expenses, such as those incurred during a road trip, or holiday. Say, if you go on a camping trip, and you split expenses amongst 3 - 4 people, you can track these easily using Pay Buddy.

Pay Buddy - Share costs & split expenses with friends alternatives

We all pay - Sharing expenses and bill splitting made easy.

Are you on a road trip with your friends and you all agreed to share the expenses? We all pay has been designed to make sharing expenses such as these as easy as possible for you. - Supports your local currency.- No login required.

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We all pay - Sharing expenses and bill splitting made easy. alternatives

Comoney Lite - split expenses

Do you need help with splitting expenses? Calculating split bills in a fair and accurate manner can be difficult So thats where the Comoney App can help. Get the Comoney App for iPhone today For additional information, visit our Website. In Lite version you can add up to 5 expenses to one event

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Comoney Lite - split expenses alternatives

BuddiesBill - settle up shared payments in group

NEW Sync events in the cloud Budget management Now you can manage and keep track of movements with a shared budget Do you find yourself paying for trip expenses and then having a difficult time collecting the money you are owed? Is it challenging settling travel expenses with your friends? Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] to and for the pictures and images

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BuddiesBill - settle up shared payments in group alternatives

Crowd Money - Organize group bills and expenses

Crowd Money is the best way to manage the expenses of your travels, events, sharing a flat, etc. With Crowd money you can:* Add people from scratch or your address book. * Sync events with our servers to keep a complete backupCheck out this amazing app and start managing events today If you have any doubt, problem or you want to suggest any feature, contact us at [email protected]

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Crowd Money - Organize group bills and expenses alternatives

Equal - Your group expense manager and tracker

Equal is the best solution to manage group expenses, split bills and keep track of your debts. Easily share your expenses, e.g. for household bills, on vacation or at the restaurant Stay in sync with everyone involved and get notified of new expenses and changes Track expenses with people that dont use Equal, we will automatically notify them Add annotations and locations to expenses to help you remember what they were forNobody wants to be that picky guy who always insists on every penny. You dont have to be the only one paying for olive oil and toilet paper.

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Equal - Your group expense manager and tracker alternatives

More alternatives


Group vacations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, roommate interactions life gets complicated when you cant pay for things separately. SPLRG is the most straightforward way to split expenses amongst a group of friends. Use our Side Share feature to link expenses to any variation of your group.-Settle debts outside our app.

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  • version 1.2
SPLRG alternatives


Payn makes it simple to split bills and track your expenses with all your friends. You can now keep track of how much you owe or need to collect from ALL your friends. - Keep track of restaurant bills, household bills, group trips and random loans - Everyone can login and see their balances and add new expenses (also fully functional when offline)- Get push notifications with every updateTracking spending amongst your friends is now Paynless

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  • version 1.0.1
Payn alternatives

Split Expenses

Split Expenses lets your track, share & split expenses with your friends, roommates and family. Whether it is a trip or party, Split expenses make life easier. Duplicate an existing event with same or almost same members.

  • size 0.9 MB
  • version 3.0
Split Expenses alternatives

Group Expense

GroupXpense is the easiest way to split and keep track of shared expenses with friends, family, roommates and colleagues. With Group Expense you can:- share events with your friends to collaborate- see a summary of the final amount owed - add custom splits - group bills and track them via events- email a summary report of final balances.- use it even when you are offline- support multiple currency conversions

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  • version 5.14
Group Expense alternatives

Billsup - split group expenses

Track debts & manage group expenses easily: perfect tool for trips & roommates* Track personal debts and split group expenses for rent, events and trips* Manage IOUs and see who owes how much instantly* Add bills and settle up on the go* Remind your friends without the awkwardness* Perfect for roommates, coworkers, and friendsApp Features:* Supports over 100 currencies* Works online and offline* Bills automatically syncs with billsup.comFeel free to visit for more details.

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  • version 2.0.2
Billsup - split group expenses alternatives


You no longer need to deal with the tedious tasks of tracking IOUs. Split household bills with roommates and organize all the expenses. Its that simple, use it with your friends to split the bill or family for a summer vacation - Its so easy to use - Features: Create A Group & Add Your Friends Chat with Them & Write Down Your Group Expenses Automatically Sums-Up Telling You How Much You Owe or Are Owed Choose Your Preferred Payment Methods Settle Your DebtsPaytween - Share Expenses & Split Bills is ideal for: Short Trips with Your Friends Group Wining & Dining Shared Apartments & Flats Split Household Bills Joint Presents Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties Summer Vacations Surprise Parties BBQsDownload it now and start splitting your bills.

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  • version 1.9.7
Paytween alternatives

Split : group expenses manager

Manage your group expenses with Split. Whether youre going on a holiday with a group of friends or living in a house share, Split can help manage your expenses. love it.

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  • size 17.0 MB
  • version 4.0.1
Split : group expenses manager alternatives

MessExpense - track meals & expenses @shared house

If youre staying in a mess, hostel, or sharing an apartment with few roommates, you might need to tracks all the day-to-day meals, split household bills and other miscellaneous expenses for sharing space and cooking meals. MessExpense is a wonderful app that tracks day-to-day meals and expenses, calculate cost per meal, and finally help you to split and share the expenses, within the group. Key Features:- Track each participants day-to-day meals and calculate per meal cost- Split and share the expenses amongst group participants- Access from anywhere; through website or mobile app- Log history available on website- Works offline

  • size 10.5 MB
  • version 1.5
MessExpense - track meals & expenses @shared house alternatives

Share Expense - Common Expense

Split and keep track of shared expenses with friends, family, roommates and colleagues by the easiest way. By Share Expense - Common Expense, Record, manage and split expenses of a travel which you go with your friends or cost of home shopping with your flatmate. *Works offline - no need internet connection* and completely FREE.

  • size 25.4 MB
  • version 1.1.1
Share Expense - Common Expense alternatives

GroupExpense - track, split & share your expenses

GroupExpense is a wonderful app to track, split, and share group expenses. If youre on a trip with friends or planning a picnic or party with co-workers, it is possible that someone will be paying the Uber bill while others are left paying for drinks or hotel costs. Key Features:- Track and split the expenses - Share the expenses among the group participants- Access from anywhere; through website or mobile app- Log history available on website

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  • version 1.5
GroupExpense - track, split & share your expenses alternatives

PAYables - track bills & debts

PAYables makes it easy to track subscriptions, debts and bills or expenses with roommates, family and friends Paying the rent? Managing household expenses and subscriptions? Now tracking subscriptions, bills and debts will be easy.

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  • version 1.2
PAYables - track bills & debts alternatives

Evenfy (Conta Coletiva)

Evenfy is a free tool to manage household IOUs with roommates, split bills on the next trip with friends or with business partners at the office and track group expenses so that everyone gets paid back. Besides that, all info added by you and your group always syncs between your phone, tablet and computer. Our Terms of Use: more about Evenfy at

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  • version 1.9.1
Evenfy (Conta Coletiva) alternatives

Epic Tab

EpicTab is a simple way to keep a running total of bills between you and your facebook friends. With the EpicTab app you can eliminate the fuss of messy IOUs, and easily track the amount, location, and time of bills split amongst friends. With EpicTab you can:-Have a running total of money owed between friends-Automatically start tabs with any Facebook friends-Evenly divide bills between any sized group-Create a tab with multiple people to easily share expenses for group events-Generate a location-based memory of where different tabs were created-Add a note to organize and remember previous tabs with friends-Establish Favorites for frequently tabbed friends

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  • version 1.1
Epic Tab alternatives

Share Expenses with Friends

You go on holidays, abroad, with friends, in family, and you should share the rent of the house, the gas, the food, the visits, ?You go to a restaurant with friends and you should split the bill?Your are co-renter, and you should share the rent, the charges, the food, ?This app. is for you Download-it And enjoy fully all the features that you will not find elsewhere, assembled in one single app - Secured Account- Multi-language (currently English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian, but soon more )- Create any type of event where you have expenses that should be shared between participants.- Add your expenses in any currency- Add also any income to share- Define your own split rules applicable after on the various expenses, depending on different criterias (number of people, number of children, duration, ad-hoc split, )- Be notified of others expenses registered.- Let the app. And all changes are instantaneously visible from any participant.

  • size 44.2 MB
  • version 1.4.4
Share Expenses with Friends alternatives

Slice by bunq

Manage group expenses with ease, for free Create a Slice group with your friends, housemates, or student group to keep track of shared expenses. Time to settle the balance? Go to

  • size 61.9 MB
  • version 1.1.3
Slice by bunq alternatives