NOW YOUR DOG CAN FACEBOOK MESSAGE YOU The Pavlov Dog Monitor - an Ipad App that your pet uses to train themselves * Technology Advanced science and design tools behind the Pavlov Dog Monitor help train and reward your dog, when youre away. First, the owner sets up custom videos for their dog with a short Good Dog and Bad Dog message. Thanks for joining the Pavlov Dog Monitor community


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Pavlov Dog Monitor alternatives

Ruler 2: mm Measuring Tape

Do you think that using only your device, you can precisely know the lengths of objects all around you such as pens, tables, pictures, windows,? Ruler 2 is just a tool for that question. Then, move the slide to be aligned with the objects edge and read the resultVisit for more information and products SPECIAL NOTE Ruler 2nd is the 2nd tool among other professional tools in our flagship Multi Measures - The all-in-1 measuring toolkit

  • size 19.4 MB

Dog Monitor : watch your dog while away !

Turn instantly your device into a real wireless CCTV system to monitor your dog while away Universal app supports both iPhone and iPad. Works on Wifi Networks and on 3G/4G networks too. The publisher can not be held liable for misuse of this application.

  • size 57.0 MB

Dog Whistle - Dog Training Device

Dog Whistle generates ultrasonic sounds that can help you train your dog

  • rating 3.03571
  • size 16.6 MB

iCam - Webcam Video Streaming

ytools-flashlight,ruler,spirit level,protractor and sound level meter

Fixed ruler bug for iPhone6s and iPhone6s plus.Including five tools:Flashlight(only for iPhone) with brightness adjustment, and morse code. Protractor featured camera and gravity. Special thanks to Icons8.

  • rating 4.60606
  • size 2.2 MB

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LogoMetric - Logo Maker

- Launch Promotion - $ 2.99 For a Limited Time -LogoMetric is a powerful logo design studio inspired by geometric design that will help you visualize and communicate the value and reason behind your brand without the need of prior design experience.- Fully editable & custom made Logo Templates.- Advanced artwork recoloring and editing tools.- 120 hand-picked fonts supported by revolutionary typographic features.- Export for Digital or Print uses.

  • size 96.0 MB
  • version 1.0.2

Chiip Dog

The CHIIP DOG is a beacon device that can be detected by smartphones with bluetooth 4.0 technology, which uniquely identifies the animal in our database and allows other users of the application through a collaborative network notify the owner in case of loss of the animal. In partnership with CHIIP CLOUD, the CHIIP DOG allows the owner to monitor the activities of your dog or cat in your home: sleeping, resting or playing. This information is important to any owner who loves his or her pet.

  • size 40.1 MB
  • version 1.1.2

Dog Sounds Pro - Dog whistle & translator

50% Off For The Last Day Get It Now Support iOS10Dog Sounds is the best pet dog sound app to konw what your dog want to tell you from his barking. Just listen to different dog barks then you will get the meaning. He must love it Key Features- 10 more different dog sounds and barks with corresponding feelings- 20 more different clicker to train your dog- Fast konw your dogs meaning by the dog sounds- Simple interface design- Funny and usefulDownload right now for your pet He will thank you for this gift

  • size 9.5 MB
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iCamSource Pro Mobile

iCamSource Pro Mobile allows you to stream live audio and video from your iOS devices microphone and camera to another mobile device running the iCam Pro app: original iCam app has been featured on the Today Show, CNN, and Good Morning America in addition to the Dog Lover iPhone TV Ad - addition to streaming live audio and video, iCamSource Pro Mobile supports the sending of notifications and recording of video events whenever motion or sound is detected. Popular uses include baby monitor, pet cam, nanny cam, spy cam, and security camera. Thanks

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TagFinderApp smart tags are simply amazing and offer incredible value to those want smart tags attached to their car keys, luggage or anything else you want back, should you ever lose it or accidently leave it behind somewhere Should they ever become lost, anyone anywhere in the world can now Instant Message you by entering your smart code at so can reply back Imagine having smart tags on your car keys, pets or luggage now and receiving a private instant message in real-time on your smart phone and email as youre about to leave the airport without your luggage Hello, we just found your luggage, please reply back ASAP airport baggage claims Or Hello, we just noticed your car keys left on the counter and would like to help, please reply back John & Nancy. We even have matching smart pet tags for smart pet owners, should your pet ever become lost and found they will be able to instant message you right away

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  • version 1.3

Custom Alarm Clock: Large, Tiny, Any Color & Font!

Features:- Colours that change over time Choose two colours for the clock and/or background, and choose how long it takes for them to fade from one to the other - Show next alarm See when the next alarm will be, and/or how much time is remaining until it happens - Choose from over 20 fonts - Set the font size as big or small as you want - Choose from 9 preset colour themes - Create up to 3 custom colour themes of your own - Set up to 5 alarms and choose from 10 alert sounds - Set a custom title and message for your alarm notifications If you find a problem with Custom Alarm Clock, dont hesitate to let us know in an App Store review or by sending us a message at want a stopwatch or timer? How about that one that shows a different pet photo every second? Pet Timer comes in Cat, Bunny and Dog varieties and is available now

  • size 65.3 MB
  • version 1.2

Pet Age Counter

Keep track of the age of all your pets in human years Pet Age Counter will count the ages of multiple pets including; dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, horses, turtles, and more Packed with tons of great features MULTIPLE THEMES Pet Age Counter comes with 11 different design themes for whatever animal you own ADD A PHOTO Add a photo of each one of your pets with the cute photo frame SHARING Now you can share your pets age and photo with all your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Email, & Text Message CUSTOMIZE APP Add your pets name and photo to the app CUSTOM ALERTS Create custom reminders to be alerted at various stages of the year with updates on your pets age NOTE: This app only counts in HUMAN YEARS. There is no calculation for dog years, etc. Coming soon

  • rating 3.42857
  • size 30.3 MB
  • version 1.0.0


SpaBeeD is a promotional and marketing tool designed to connect distributors and salon owners into a niche social network using advanced Mobile Technology and Push Notifications. Manage your items, create promotional campaigns, and build salon owner relationship with the worlds #1 distributor management app. With SpaBeeD App, distributors can: Easily create and launch new promotional campaigns using in-app tools Quickly alert salon owners of new deals and discounts Stay in-touch with loyal salon owners via in-app calls and messaging services Design and update distributors items Manage multiple distributors via smartphone or tablet

  • size 23.1 MB
  • version 1.4

Northern Lights Forecast & Aurora Borealis Alerts

Aurora Alerts is an app designed to monitor real-time auroral activity and push alert to let you know if there may be aurora borealis (northern lights) visible tonight. Whenever you are home or away, Aurora Alerts will notify you if the possibility of seeing the northern lights exists. Main features:- short-term aurora forecast for next hour with weather conditions and moon Illumination- long-term aurora forecast for the next 3 days with weather conditions and 27 days- show probability to see Northern Lights based on your or custom location - current auroral activity (based on observed and predicted Kp Indices from U.S. Air Force Weather Agency)- weather forecast to check visibility conditions before planning to see northern lights - solar wind data directly from the NASA satellite (wind speed, Bz, Bt and density)- unlike many other apps, it uses the local time instead of UTCAlerts: - when northern lights may be visible at current or custom location at the horizon or overhead- Kp index reaches chosen value- solar wind data reach chosen values- you can filter out alerts based on current cloud cover or time of the dayBoost your chances of viewing the northern lights

  • size 74.1 MB
  • version 1.3

Beardmoji Emoji - Beard Emojis & Emoticon Stickers

If youre a lover of smileys and emoticons for giving a personal touch to any message, from any messenger app, you have to try our cool emojis with beard Tired of searching in the biggest emoji library for some original hipster emoticon without finding anything cool enough but a common Christmas Santa? We have the biggest emogi catalog available All of them with the coolest beards, mustache, and all kind of hairy face looks From hipster emojis to homeless looking smiley; for sure you will be able to add to every single text you send your personal emoji touch We even have an adult emojis section full of funny facial hair emoticons for every expression, emotion or whatever you may want to express Become the owner of the most original and cool emoji keyboard with tons of beards, mustaches, and funny animated expressions on the smileys Download NOW Beardmoji Emoji - Beard Emojis & Emoticon Stickers & Enjoy with the new emoji dictionary included Add a personal touch on your whatsapp, messenger, SMS or any text you write on your iPhone device Send stickers and use the GIF keyboard to add reactions to your messag-es. Our predictive keyboard will help you thanks to the included tons of keyboard layouts Beardmoji Emoji - Beard Emojis & Emoticon Stickers Features:- 100% FREE - All New Content & Premium Features with no extra cost- Unique & Original Smileys always - Keyboard handy tools like emoji maker to customize everything - Low Memory Usage- Advanced Gesture Keyboard with Typing Configuration

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