Pavlov Dog Monitor!

NOW YOUR DOG CAN FACEBOOK MESSAGE YOU The Pavlov Dog Monitor - an Ipad App that your pet uses to train themselves * Technology Advanced science and design tools behind the Pavlov Dog Monitor help train and reward your dog, when youre away. First, the owner sets up custom videos for their dog with a short Good Dog and Bad Dog message. Thanks for joining the Pavlov Dog Monitor community

Pavlov Dog Monitor alternatives

Ruler 2: mm Measuring Tape

Do you think that using only your device, you can precisely know the lengths of objects all around you such as pens, tables, pictures, windows,? Ruler 2 is just a tool for that question. Then, move the slide to be aligned with the objects edge and read the resultVisit for more information and products SPECIAL NOTE Ruler 2nd is the 2nd tool among other professional tools in our flagship Multi Measures - The all-in-1 measuring toolkit

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Dog Monitor : watch your dog while away !

Turn instantly your device into a real wireless CCTV system to monitor your dog while away Universal app supports both iPhone and iPad. Works on Wifi Networks and on 3G/4G networks too. The publisher can not be held liable for misuse of this application.

  • size 57.0 MB

Dog Whistle - Dog Training Device

Dog Whistle generates ultrasonic sounds that can help you train your dog

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iCam - Webcam Video Streaming

ytools-flashlight,ruler,spirit level,protractor and sound level meter

Fixed ruler bug for iPhone6s and iPhone6s plus.Including five tools:Flashlight(only for iPhone) with brightness adjustment, and morse code. Protractor featured camera and gravity. Special thanks to Icons8.

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  • size 2.2 MB

More alternatives

Dog Tones

Have you ever wanted to train your pet with simple sounds. What about teaching them when they do something good or bad. If you wish, you can also use Dog Tones to perform clicker training.

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  • version 1.0

LogoMetric - Logo Maker

- Launch Promotion - $ 2.99 For a Limited Time -LogoMetric is a powerful logo design studio inspired by geometric design that will help you visualize and communicate the value and reason behind your brand without the need of prior design experience.- Fully editable & custom made Logo Templates.- Advanced artwork recoloring and editing tools.- 120 hand-picked fonts supported by revolutionary typographic features.- Export for Digital or Print uses.

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  • version 1.0.2

Chiip Dog

The CHIIP DOG is a beacon device that can be detected by smartphones with bluetooth 4.0 technology, which uniquely identifies the animal in our database and allows other users of the application through a collaborative network notify the owner in case of loss of the animal. In partnership with CHIIP CLOUD, the CHIIP DOG allows the owner to monitor the activities of your dog or cat in your home: sleeping, resting or playing. This information is important to any owner who loves his or her pet.

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  • version 1.1.2

Dog Sounds Pro - Dog whistle & translator

50% Off For The Last Day Get It Now Support iOS10Dog Sounds is the best pet dog sound app to konw what your dog want to tell you from his barking. Just listen to different dog barks then you will get the meaning. He must love it Key Features- 10 more different dog sounds and barks with corresponding feelings- 20 more different clicker to train your dog- Fast konw your dogs meaning by the dog sounds- Simple interface design- Funny and usefulDownload right now for your pet He will thank you for this gift

  • size 9.5 MB
  • version 1.0

iCamSource Pro Mobile

iCamSource Pro Mobile allows you to stream live audio and video from your iOS devices microphone and camera to another mobile device running the iCam Pro app: original iCam app has been featured on the Today Show, CNN, and Good Morning America in addition to the Dog Lover iPhone TV Ad - addition to streaming live audio and video, iCamSource Pro Mobile supports the sending of notifications and recording of video events whenever motion or sound is detected. Popular uses include baby monitor, pet cam, nanny cam, spy cam, and security camera. Thanks

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  • version 1.1

Puppy Training

A collection of 65 instructional and informative videos on how to prepare for, care for and train a puppy. There are also some good search and rescue videos included. Videos include:Teach a Puppy to Sit Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellLoose-Leash Walking Inside Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellLoose-Leash Walking Outside Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellCome When Called 1 Puppy Basics Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellCome When Called 2 Back and Forth Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellCome When Called 3 Inside Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellCome When Called 4 Outside Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellTeaching the Leave It Cue Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellHeeling Outside Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellDiscipline for Your Dog Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellRewarding a Dog With Food Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellDog Training With Positive Reinforcement Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellTeach a Puppy to Lie Down Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellTraining a Dog to Heel Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellPuppy Mouthing Training Basics Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellFamiliarizing Your Puppy to Touch Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellFamiliarizing a Puppy to Surfaces Heights Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellFamiliarizing a Puppy to Human Hands Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellPositive Early Learning for a Puppy Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellFacts About Spaying and Neutering Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellPotty Training a Puppy Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellPositive House Training With a Crate Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellTeach Your Puppy to Go to Bed on Cue Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellSocializing a Puppy 1 Meeting Other Pups Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellSocializing a Puppy 2 Meeting Adult Dogs Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellSocializing a Puppy 3 Meeting People Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellTeach Your Dog to Stay at the Door Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellChoosing an Effective and Humane Collar Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellLearning the Stay Cue Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellMental Enrichment With Toys and Games Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellPrevent Your Dog From Food Guarding Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellImpulse Control With Games Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellImpulse Control With Food Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellImpulse Control With Toys Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellMental Enrichment With Hide and Seek Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellTeach a Dog to Take It and Drop It Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellTeach Your Dog Proper Tug of War Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellClicker Training Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellHalloween Safety Tips for Dogs Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellTaking Treats Gently Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellKeep a Dog Calm During Thunderstorms Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellResults of Positive Training Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellCanine Assistants Follow-Up Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellPositive vs Punitive Dog Training Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellTips for Preparing Your Dog for a Hurricane With Victoria StilwellCats in Slow Motion Behind the Scenes Slow Motion Cats Phantom Camera SeriesBlack Leopard Slow Motion Cats Phantom Camera SeriesHow to Stop Your Dog From Begging Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellHow to Combat Your Dogs Boredom Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellExercising Your Dog Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellMassaging Your Dog Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellIntroducing Dogs to Each Other Teachers Pet With Victoria StilwellHow To Train Puppy To Stop BitingDog Training Tutorial Building Eye Contact AttentionHow To Train A Dog To Settle Down RelaxHow to train a dog to Leave itHow to train any puppyDog training tip connecting with your dogHow to teach ANY dog the perfect STAY part 1and more

  • size 15.5 MB
  • version 3.6

Science Bowl

Train your brain Prepare for the National Science Bowl An app like no otherThis app uses questions from the National Science Bowl website to help prepare teams for practice, let individuals practice questions of a specific subject or difficulty, and just to let people learn science In Reader Mode, tossups and bonuses will all appear at once. This is ideal for coaches reading questions to different teams during actual rounds at practice or tournaments. This is good for players who are practicing questions by themselves, as you can select by category or by difficulty.

  • size 17.0 MB
  • version 1.2.0

How To Train Your Dog

Get off to right start with your dog or puppy with this collection of 164 tuitional and easy to follow dog training videos. If you know the secrets its easy to make your dog come when called and to be a well mannered dog. Tutorials include:New Dog Watch This FIRSTThe Dominance Myth in Dog Training ExplainedHow to Stop Puppy Biting and Dont Do These 5 Things When Training Your PuppyHow to Potty Train Crate Train a Puppy OR Dog HUMANELY and EFFECTIVELYHow to Train a Puppy NOT to BITEHow to Teach Your Puppy or Dog to Stop ChewingHow to Introduce a NEW DOG to Your Other PetsHow to Socialize your PuppyHow to CLICKER TRAIN Your Dog The FASTEST WAY to Teach your Dog to be AWESOMEVERY IMPORTANT How to Teach Look at me and the Training Bubble ExplainedHow to Teach ANY Dog to Leave something aloneHow to Get Your UNFOCUSED Dog to LISTEN to You RIGHT NOW Leave itLook at Me ComboHow to Teach Your Dog Sit Down Up and Stand in MINUTESDog Training 101 How to Train ANY DOG the BasicsHow To Stop PUPPY BITING on a LeashHow to Train Your Puppy 8 Things in 7 Days STOP Puppy Biting Come Stay How to Teach Your Dog Not to Bark Humanely and Effectively 3 Things You Can Do Right NowCome when Called The FASTEST Way to Teach YOUR DOG to COME WHEN CALLED ANYWHEREThe Secret to Teaching Your Dog COME and STAYHow to STOP Your Dog From Running Out of the Front Door Stay while DistractedHow to Train your DOG NOT to JUMPEverything You Need to Know to STOP Your Dog From JUMPINGHow to train your dog to stop stealing Teach Your Dog to LEAVE ANYTHING ALONE Counter SurfingHow to Get your Dog to Listen Without TreatsDo this ONE THING to ELIMINATE 90 of Behavior ProblemsHow to Reward your Dog with TOYS Instead of FoodHow to STOP Leash Pulling TEACH Your DOG To WALK PERFECT on a LeashEverything YOU NEED to KNOW to TEACH your DOG a PERFECT FETCHHow to Train Your Dog to NOT PULL on the LeashHow to Train Your Dog to NOT PULL on the Leash Chloe the pit bullHow to Train your Dog to Stop Pulling on Leash Without Force and Without Treats Zeus the GSDHow to Train your Dog to NOT PULL on a Leash EXTREME LEASH PULLING BARKING LUNGING and JUMPINGHow to Teach your Dog to Listen TO YOU Around other DogsHow to Train your Dog to Listen to You OFF LEASH and with DistanceTeach YOUR Dog to LOVE Getting a BathHow to Teach Your Dog to Love WATER SWIMMING5 Strangest Dog Training MythsSeparation Anxiety Does your dog go crazy when you leave Heres what to doCooper puppy out for a walkAgitating the puppy to build play-driveObedience work with German Shepherd - 14wks oldBack-chaining 6-month old puppySearch and Rescue Dog Training - 6mo oldstep back in dog training15 - Search Rescue dog training - bark indication25 - Search Rescue dog training - bark indication35 - Search Rescue dog training - bark indication45 - Search Rescue dog training - bark indication55 - Search Rescue dog training - bark indicationExample of Good HelperPlayerSAR dog - short blind search trainingAgitating CooperLearning to Agitate a Working DogShutzhund Trainer gets Barking RhythmStrong Barks after Agitation 13Coopers first time swimmingSearch Dog TrainingSAR dog in-training - exposed to empty scent poolSearch and Rescue Dog Indicates with a BarkAgitating SAR dogSAR Dog trains on buried personPlatz down on Recall training in the SnowThe Game - short Fun training session with German ShepherdSearch rescue dog gets motivational runawaySAR dog Finds IndicatesSAR K9 demonstrates recall-refind with a barkSAR Dog works along a cornfield - with NotesCooper motivational runawaySAR Dog searches buildingBuilding Search with search and rescue dogBark Indication - Live FindHow to Play with a Working Puppy - In the BeginningSearch Dog Cooper Doing an Easy Field Problemand more

  • size 16.3 MB
  • version 1.0

Custom Alarm Clock: Large, Tiny, Any Color & Font!

Features:- Colours that change over time Choose two colours for the clock and/or background, and choose how long it takes for them to fade from one to the other - Show next alarm See when the next alarm will be, and/or how much time is remaining until it happens - Choose from over 20 fonts - Set the font size as big or small as you want - Choose from 9 preset colour themes - Create up to 3 custom colour themes of your own - Set up to 5 alarms and choose from 10 alert sounds - Set a custom title and message for your alarm notifications If you find a problem with Custom Alarm Clock, dont hesitate to let us know in an App Store review or by sending us a message at want a stopwatch or timer? How about that one that shows a different pet photo every second? Pet Timer comes in Cat, Bunny and Dog varieties and is available now

  • size 65.3 MB
  • version 1.2

Pet Age Counter

Keep track of the age of all your pets in human years Pet Age Counter will count the ages of multiple pets including; dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, horses, turtles, and more Packed with tons of great features MULTIPLE THEMES Pet Age Counter comes with 11 different design themes for whatever animal you own ADD A PHOTO Add a photo of each one of your pets with the cute photo frame SHARING Now you can share your pets age and photo with all your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Email, & Text Message CUSTOMIZE APP Add your pets name and photo to the app CUSTOM ALERTS Create custom reminders to be alerted at various stages of the year with updates on your pets age NOTE: This app only counts in HUMAN YEARS. There is no calculation for dog years, etc. Coming soon

  • rating 3.42857
  • size 30.3 MB
  • version 1.0.0

Pure Chess

Pure Chess puts other games in checkmate Are you a Grandmaster in the making?The game combines superb production values, excellent AI and a robust multiplayer experience and amazingly, DLC chess sets that look so good I actually paid for them Digitally DownloadedPure chess is the best looking chess game to ever hit iPhone and iPad. Get ready to be blown away by the games visuals Play BuzzExperience one of the oldest known boardgames on the advanced technology of today. Your move Pure Chess is currently best played on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 upwards.

  • rating 3.72727
  • size 263 MB
  • version 1.4


TagFinderApp smart tags are simply amazing and offer incredible value to those want smart tags attached to their car keys, luggage or anything else you want back, should you ever lose it or accidently leave it behind somewhere Should they ever become lost, anyone anywhere in the world can now Instant Message you by entering your smart code at so can reply back Imagine having smart tags on your car keys, pets or luggage now and receiving a private instant message in real-time on your smart phone and email as youre about to leave the airport without your luggage Hello, we just found your luggage, please reply back ASAP airport baggage claims Or Hello, we just noticed your car keys left on the counter and would like to help, please reply back John & Nancy. We even have matching smart pet tags for smart pet owners, should your pet ever become lost and found they will be able to instant message you right away

  • size 6.6 MB
  • version 1.3

Color Springboard

Color Springboard provides a simple set of tools for finding the perfect color for your design projects. With 1100+ colors broken up into easily navigated sets, it doesnt take long to find the exact shade youre looking for. Features: Take a picture or select one from your photos to generate a beautiful set of colors Random Color Generator that produces unique names for each color 1200+ colors with unique and easily identified names 12 Sets of colors that make it easy to find the perfect shade of each color Every color is easily edited and adjustable Share Colors by text or by email Write and send emails with custom colored text Save colors and sets of colors Add an unlimited number of colors to a set and easily share them with others

  • size 18.8 MB
  • version 1.3


SpaBeeD is a promotional and marketing tool designed to connect distributors and salon owners into a niche social network using advanced Mobile Technology and Push Notifications. Manage your items, create promotional campaigns, and build salon owner relationship with the worlds #1 distributor management app. With SpaBeeD App, distributors can: Easily create and launch new promotional campaigns using in-app tools Quickly alert salon owners of new deals and discounts Stay in-touch with loyal salon owners via in-app calls and messaging services Design and update distributors items Manage multiple distributors via smartphone or tablet

  • size 23.1 MB
  • version 1.4

Cheat! for Draw Something

#1 Cheat app for Draw Something Auto-Scan your screenshot for letters Auto-Update words list daily Search for pictures to draw 100% compatible with the latest Draw something Tons of new words (30+) are released by Draw Something weekly Cheat for Draw Something automatically update the built-in word list for you Best Auto-Scan technology out of all the draw cheat apps, 100% Accuracy so far - GamePlanetZDefinitely the best cheat app for draw something - Pocket Games OnlineThis app takes the frustration away from guessing really bad drawings of my good friends - App Catalog Plus 100% Accuracy Ultra fast launch Universal - iPhone and iPad supported Great Support How To Use:1. Select screenshot of Draw Something2. Draw Something is a registered trademark of OMGPOP Inc.

  • rating 3.83636
  • size 7.3 MB
  • version 2.1