Pana, the 2016 Winner of the TUMIxWired Innovation in Travel Awards, gives you unlimited, 24/7 access to a world-class team of personal travel assistants. Our human agents work with you 1-on-1 and fulfill travel-related requests like researching and booking flights, hotels, car rentals, restaurants and more based upon your unique preferences. AUTOMATIC FLIGHT CHECK-IN Have Pana automatically check-in for a flight on your behalf.

Pana - Travel Assistant alternatives

Service - get compensated for flight delays

Service gets you paid anytime your flight is delayed or cancelled. Using our proprietary technology, sync your inbox and we automatically find past flight delays and file claims to get you compensation (over $300 for the average inbox on first connection ). Contact us at [email protected]

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  • size 36.3 MB

Drift- Travel / Trip / Weekend Itinerary Planner

Putting together your itinerary cannot be any easier Drift is a simple, elegant, and beautifully designed trip planner that is solely focused on the places you plan to visit. It is perfect for a vacation itinerary and everyday to-do / to-go agenda. Use the app outdoor for the optimal user experience.

  • size 40.4 MB

Our Itinerary Viewer

Our Itinerary Viewer is your lightweight mobile companion for your Travefy trip First, build your trip on, then you can quickly browse all the details of the itineraries youve put together here. * See all your trip details at a high-level and in detail* Discuss trip details with your fellow travelers* Quickly pull up contact information for places and venues* Navigate to places and venues in one tap* Offline access to your trip information

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  • size 84.9 MB

Custom Travel Planning & Concierge w/ Offline Maps

Have a trip coming up that you dont have time to plan?Journy creates fully custom travel plans and gets you set up with restaurant reservations, as well as hotel and activity bookings. Get paired 1-on-1 with an expert concierge (a human, not a bot) who will put together a custom travel plan based on your unique preferences. Best of all, recommendations come from chefs and in-the-know experts, so you know youre not missing out on the best and most authentic things to do while traveling.

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Mezi - Your Personal Travel and Booking Assistant

Mezi is a personal assistant for all things related to travel, flights & hotels. We provide seamless travel experiences for busy professionals & frequent travelers. We look forward to planning and traveling with you

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  • size 62.1 MB