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SYS Pro - A perfect design realtime system monitor

SYS Pro is a system data real-time monitoring application with a perfect design , which can add the monitoring data plug-in to the notification center, so you can keep abreast of the data of the equipment. SYS Pro supports monitoring of multiple system data:* Hardware data* Battery data* Disk data* Memory data* Network data* Carrier data* Localization dataSYS Pro Widget supports real-time monitoring of multiple system data:* Network upload / download speed* Disk usage* Memory usageYou can enable the SYS Pro Widget in the Today page of the Notification Center for easy access to device data.

  • rating 4.55471
  • size 14.8 MB

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Qzone HD

QQ QQ(Qzone)QQiPad - - - QQiPad- - - - QQ

  • size 30.0 MB
  • version

Romance of Star

turn-based strategy 302017turn-based strategyQQ Romance of Star 3V3 5V5 PK Romance of Star PK PK 1V1 3V3 5V5 PK Avtar Facebook

  • size 179 MB
  • version 1.0.6

ArtPage for iPad

ArtPage , IPADArtPage1. ArtPage2. -: [email protected]: 2757388400

  • size 3.2 MB
  • version 1.1.1

Photo GPS Location Changer

100%QQ,,FB 1. 2. ~

  • size 19.6 MB
  • version 1.1


KPPWKPPWkeke produced professional witkeyC2CKPPW KPPW iOSIM WAPAPP QQ

  • size 25.3 MB
  • version 1.1.1

ArtPage for iPhone

ArtPage , IPHONEArtPage1. ArtPage2. -: [email protected]: 2757388400

  • size 4.8 MB
  • version 1.4


HEADSHOT + PK Real Time PK + MISSION + Challenge + CO-OP 4 + M4A1, AK47, M249, XM1014, M249, AWM + HEADSHOT HEADSHOT

  • rating 3.8932
  • size 1.36 GB
  • version 2.9.6

Hype Official

Listen to Hype Offifical 24/7, where ever you are. Playing all the hit music. This application is the official, exclusive application for Hype Official under an agreement between Hype Official and Nobex Technologies.

  • size 24.1 MB
  • version 4.7.3

Pump Calcs

Pump Calcs is a bundle of 30 useful calculators developed specifically for fluid machinery professionals. Pump Calcs equations can be used for the design and selection of centrifugal pumps, positive displacement pumps, electric motors, and machinery components. Here is a complete listing of the Pump Calcs calculators included in the app: Acceleration in Gs to Displacement in mils pk-pk Belt-Drive Pulleys Brake Horsepower Control Valve Equation for Liquids Converting Fluid Velocity to Velocity Head Converting Pressure to Head Converting Velocity to Flow Horsepower - AC Single Phase Power Supply Horsepower - AC Three Phase Power Supply System Kilowatt - AC Three Phase Power Supply System Kilowatt - AC Single Phase Power System Linear Thermal Expansion Mean Time Between Repairs Payback Time Peripheral Velocity of an Impeller Pipe Hoop Stress Piping Fitting and Valve Losses Power Pump Horsepower Pump Efficiency with Electric Motor Driver Reynolds Number Shaft Shear Stress Single Acting Pump Displacement Specific Speed (US) Suction Specific Speed (US) Temperature - Celsius or Fahrenheit Throat Bushing Flush Velocity Torque with Horsepower and Speed Known Velocity in in/sec pk to Acceleration in gs Velocity in in/sec pk to Displacement in mils pk - pk Volume of a Cylindrical Container

  • size 5.3 MB
  • version 1.0


HYPE. began in Summer of 2011, when the UK weather, for once, was good HYPE Taiwan .*-. *-. HypeTaiwan FB

  • size 43.5 MB
  • version 2.23.0


QQ90% QQ-HealthKitPKQQ189 QQ -> QQ -> - 0755 -837633338:00 - 23:00QQ//1QQ 12/130/360/6118/1225/160/3118/6238/1210/12QQ//iTunes3244245QQ/*GPS

  • size 250 MB
  • version 7.2.5

Brain PK

BrainPK PK

  • size 194 MB
  • version 1.6.1


iOS8~GigoAppNO.1TOP 5appsolution~QQ app19QQ919Cool 9Cut9Cut9119/QQ 9331231234app: [email protected]: @9Cut9Cut*appsolution~

  • rating 4.32742


PK 11m Penalty area 16.5m

Hype Magazine

Hype is the essential nightlife and music guide, available free, fortnightly, throughout the emirate. Even with the busiest of social lives, with Hype you are never far away from the latest goings on in town. Not only this, but Hype encompasses different lifestyle trends including fashion and technology.

KICKSTER - Hype Culture Community, Shop & Releases

Download the #1 Hype Culture App Worldwide.- Best Sneaker Release Dates on the App Store.- Curated Shop of Hype Streetwear Clothing & Accessories- 24/7 Insider Sneaker & Hype Culture News before it hits the press.- Post up your own content alongside the next generation of urban culture. Kickster is the fastest, most well designed and technologically advanced Hype Culture app in the world, independently built for the community, by the community in New York City.

  • rating 3.33333
  • size 77.5 MB
  • version 3.3


CHINABANG awards 2016 2.3.0 - - - - MOZIKCutoArtand NEXTDAY - QQ QQ QZone - - MOZIK iOS 10, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPad iPad Pro

  • size 57.8 MB
  • version 2.3.1

PK Tax Services

This powerful new free Finance & Tax App has been developed by the team at PK Tax Services to give you key financial and tax information, tools, features and news at your fingertips, 24/7. The PK Tax Services App is designed to be a helpful place to get critical information whenever you need it. Enjoy the PK Tax Services App with our compliments

  • size 69.5 MB
  • version 4.0.50

PK Run

PK RUN is a personalized music workout App with the specialized PK competition feature that you can compete with your friends. The features of PK Run App includes, (1) MD: Every move you make will increase your workout MD. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

  • size 28.9 MB
  • version 1.0.4