Turn your panorama photo to video in 2 clicks and upload it to Instagram PNGRM does a very straightforward job and does it amazingly clean. All you need to do is just to choose a panoramic photo you want to share. Easy Steps:- Choose a panorama- Choose background and direction of view- App automatically converts it to video and saves back to camera roll- Open Instagram and share your panorama photo as a short videoFEATURES:- Colorful UI- Absolutely easy to use- Preview and have your video saved to camera roll while being previewedNote: Your panorama can be created with any photo panorama app, or with a camera to get much better quality.

PNGRM - Panorama to Instagram alternatives

PanoSelfie: panorama selfie & wide angle group photo for free by front facing camera

PanoraView (Panorama photo viewer)

The panoramic photograph taken with the iPhone is displayed like AR.If the iPhone is held up and it moves to right and left, the panoramic photograph of a screen will synchronize and move.- Panoramic photos will be searched from the Photos app on the iPhone.- If the panoramic photograph is chosen, it will hold up facing iPhone and will move to right and left.- Please take the panoramic photo by the Camera app, etc. of the iPhone.- It can use landscape mode for the iPhone. - The photograph is indicated by expansion with 2 fingers.

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Swipeable - Instagram Panorama

Instagram supports panorama and 360 photo Make awesome panoramas swipeable on Instagram Just pick up a panorama and the app does the rest. Swipeable automatically divides your panorama into square pieces. No signup or account requiredand no clutter breaking up your flow.

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Double Wide - Post panoramic photos to Instagram

FexyPano - Panorama Wallpapers

Worlds Best Pano Wallpaper App Looking for the best Panoroma Wallpapers for your iOS devices? Features: Superb Pano images - an incredible visual feast Compatible with latest iOS Optimal for all iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad) User friendly interface Quick & responsive navigation Super fast loading with faster cloud servers near you Auto clearance of cached data Direct-to-developer support Get regular content updates automatically The Latest Trends and Styles Released Straight to your iOS deviceCategories:1. Beach WallpapersMore coming soon For More Updates & Promotional Offers:Follow us on: http://www.twitter.com/HDWallpaperFreeFind us on: http://www.facebook.com/HDWallpapersFree Thank you for the feedback and support that help us make this app better.

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