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Oxford Handbook of Neurology, 2nd edition alternatives

MDCalc Medical Calculators

Join the 1 million+ medical professionals who use MDCalc daily to support clinical decision making at the bedside. Since 2005, MDCalc has been the leading medical reference for the most relevant, up-to-date and widely-used clinical calculators that support evidence-based patient care. - iMedicalApps MDCalc app, the best online medical calculator is now an appMDCalc clinical decision tools support 35+ specialties including cardiology, critical care/ICU, emergency medicine, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology, hepatology, infectious disease, internal medicine, nephrology, neurology, obstetrics, oncology, orthopedics, pediatrics, primary care, psychiatry, pulmonology, surgery, urology, and more Here are some examples of the tools: CHA2DS2-VASc Score for Atrial Fibrillation Stroke Risk Creatinine Clearance (Cockcroft-Gault Equation) Wells Criteria for Pulmonary Embolism MELD Score (Model For End-Stage Liver Disease) (12 and older) Calcium Correction for Hypoalbuminemia SIRS, Sepsis, and Septic Shock Criteria Fractional Excretion of Sodium (FENa) Maintenance Fluids Calculations Corrected QT Interval (QTc) HAS-BLED Score for Major Bleeding Risk CHADS2 Score for Atrial Fibrillation Stroke Risk Child-Pugh Score for Cirrhosis Mortality TIMI Risk Score for UA/NSTEMI PERC Rule for Pulmonary Embolism Wells Criteria for DVT Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP) Centor Score (Modified) for Strep Pharyngitis Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) Glasgow Coma Scale/Score (GCS) CURB-65 Severity Score ABCD2 Score for TIA Anion Gap NIH Stroke Scale/Score (NIHSS) HEART Score for Major Cardiac Events GRACE ACS Risk and Mortality Calculator ASCVD Risk Algorithm Ottawa Ankle and Knee Rules

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Featured in Apples 2010 essential apps for medical students. Dermatomes is a handy reference map of which spinal nerve roots relay sensation from particular areas of the skin along with a cutaneous nerve distribution. Dermatomes comes with lifetime email support.

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The Radiopaedia app is the most beautiful and intuitive way to explore high quality medical imaging material anytime, anywhere. FEATURES: Universal: one app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. * *

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Multiple Sclerosis Dx & Mgmt.

The Multiple Sclerosis - Clinical Care App contains current information on the diagnosis, classification, and management of multiple sclerosis (MS), concisely presented for use at the point of care. The content has been developed by Borm Bruckmeier Publishing in collaboration with the National MS Society, and is intended for practicing neurologists, resident physicians and other healthcare professionals involved in the management of patients with multiple sclerosis. Highlights include: Signs and symptoms characteristic of MS Four disease courses 2010 Revised McDonald Diagnostic Criteria for Multiple Sclerosis Differential diagnoses Elements of the diagnostic workup, including typical findings on brain and spinal MRI, and cerebrospinal fluid analysis Common clinically-isolated syndrome presentations Extensive symptom management including impact on quality of life, additional resources, and patient education material Treatment strategies including disease-modifying medications and relapse and symptom management Assessment scales including the Kurtzke Functional Systems Scores, Kurtzke Expanded Disability Status Scale, Bladder Control Scale, and Two-Question Screening Tool for Depression National MS Society resources for clinicians and their patients

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